Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Odds and Sods(Ramblings!)

Having been at a loose end for the past few days(heavy cold-again!) I have had time to sort things out,and these are the "ramblings" of the blog title....................

I bought these "Epic" cavalry at Stockton,at a very reasonable price-64 in total,and have painted them in double quick time,using my tried and tested "essential" painting technique-ie, no detail!!!-I am pleased with the way they look,and will now feature in future "epic" games.

Three more images,featuring the "Rebs" and a one of a clash between the two sides.

Our game at Stockton was a great success,and looked spectacular,however,looking at it as a wargame,it was too big to be managablefor a night's gaming,due to the massive amount of units involved,so I have experimented with reducing the number of units by the simple expedient of "doubling up" the instead of one base equaling a regiment,I now have two bases to a regiment.........

Top image is the "new" regiment,bottom is a brigade c/wwith guns and commander-I will try a few solo games to see how it works,but I can't see any disadvantages as yet.

I ordered these "macabre" counters at Stockton,from Pendraken,to be used when we throw the requisite dice to kill an officer in our normal 25mm games-they will be placed behind a unit that has lost its officer,to indicate a morale loss-I coloured them in,they came as just a black outline!

I bought a copy of Wargames Illustrated today at Tesco! and the attached sprue of Warlord Games latest offering was given free!_WATERLOO.-the detail is utterly fantastic,and I'm sure will be a big hit.The price of the magazine shocked me (POP_Poor Old Pensioner),so it's bread and water for the next week!-The scan thingy is a bit too much for me-I must be the only person in the world who doesn't own a mobile phone,so WI have "locked" me out,and another thing-the mag. is in a plastic wrapper!!-I thought we were supposed to be saving the planet!!

When playing my solo games,I obviously have to throw dice for each side,so I have "made" this dice thrower,and now have to only throw once instead of twice!!-I know,I know,lazy bugger!! however I am saving the planet by re-cycling a plastic pot,and preventing any throws going onto the garage floor and losing the dice!!-What else can I come up with to fill in my idle time until the weather changes????


Friday, 26 November 2021

Birthday Big Boy

It goes to show how far from the Westerhope tree I’ve fallen (Yorkshire) that I dabble in sci-fi and fantasy gaming. For my 40th birthday I decided that it was a big milestone so painted a sci-fi figure to commemorate the event. I’m guessing that I painted a commemorative figure for my 50th, but can’t remember…

Today isn’t a milestone birthday, but having been introduced to Kings of War fantasy gaming rules by a friend I was gripped with enthusiasm and set myself the target of painting a fantasy figure I’d bought yonks ago as this year’s birthday commemorative figure. As it happens I had finished it last weekend since we were all stuck home as my youngest had contracted Covid. 

Then my eldest caught Covid…

And now I have Covid! 

Fortunately I can still pass the day painting etc. I’m not bed bound. 

So the giant was bought second hand and undercoated black on the sprues. The figure came with lots of options, which is always good, and a sculpted base. In Kings of War base sizes are prescriptive so I needed to build up around the plastic base. I used my usual basing material - floor tile grout.

I put the figure on a temporary painting base - something I usually do - then sprayed him with Army Painter Desert Yellow. I often use this as an undercoat. The photo shows the giant with block colours painted and the scenic base almost finished.


The figure was then given an all over wash before I detailed the figure.  

His main weapon is a tree with a grave headstone crudely attached. 

His armour is a mixture of strapped on pieces of armour and what I’ve taken to be dragon skin. Oh and he’s got field rations - a bag of halflings!

His clothing is very reminiscent of the leggings and loincloths of Woodland Indians. The leggings are roughly stitched together from a variety of pieces of fabric. Probably wagon covers and horse barding. The loincloths are flags! He clearly has an ample supply of ale in that keg. His skin looks suitable dirty. And urgh he’s just stepped in something nasty - a goblin!

It’s a lovely, detailed mini. Games Workshop at its finest. A joy to paint.

This is certainly the largest figure I’ve painted. Even hunched as he is, he is about 100mm tall. I had painted a 75mm English archer for a friend’s dad last year. Really enjoyed painting something 3 times my usual figure scale. 

I didn’t detail the giant as much, but certainly enjoyed painting such a big lad!  

Continued evidence of how far I’ve fallen from the Westerhope tree is another big guy for another fantasy ‘period’; Zeus for Greek mythological gaming. The figure is from the excellent boardgame Mythic Battles Pantheon, but will also be used in the wargame Of Gods and Mortals. 

Stay safe and hopefully my sci-fi and fantasy dabbling won’t get me barred from Westerhope Wargames Group!



Sunday, 21 November 2021

Battleground report 2021.

It's been two years since we were treated to this "cracking" show-and it did not disappoint!

Leon and his family did us proud presenting a show full of Traders,Demo. Games,Participation Games,Re-enactors and a welcome return of the "Bring and Buy". Hot food and drinks were available,and the atmosphere from the "off" was tremendous.

As we were setting up our ACW game,Leon came around issuing arm bands and free drinks vouchers-what a star!!

These two shots show us still getting ready,and the hall before any "punters" arrived-lots of room to observe "social distancing"

All set up,just in time as the doors were flung open and the big spenders descended on the traders-it was a "spendfest" led by Paul,Dave,Graham and Brian(and me to a lesser degree!)

This old man appeared asking for any old figures we could give him-bloody cheek!!

We had a steady stream of old and new faces coming to our table,asking about the figures(Warlord Games Epic Series),rules,painting techniques etc. etc. plus a few wanting to hold the assorted weapons and musket balls we had on display at the end of the table-and a big magical wish of "the shits" on a long bus journey" to the twat who stole some of the musket balls-the GIT!!!

Just three of the magnificent games on show-everyone who put on a game deserves a great big thank-you for the effort and enthusiasm shown-long may it continue!

The show is in full swing in this shot,which features the "Bring and Buy",doing a roaring trade.

One final shot of our game being fought a conclusion-Leon and his "team" deserve all the accolades they get for putting on such a magnificent show-we'll be back!!


Tuesday, 16 November 2021

"Clubhouse" Makeover.

It's been a while since I last cleaned the garage/clubhouse,so I decided that I would make it my priority this week-and what a job it turned out to be!!!-sweeping,dusting hoovering,drilling walls and re-hanging some of my many flags -it's enough to turn you to drink!!

Last cleanup date-2010!!!-dirtry boy!

Items off the walls,and flags all down-I should have counted them!

This saw alot of service today-had to clean the filters three times-dirty boy!!

Oh that's where the electric switch is!!

Some flags back up,some flags not!(stuff in foreground is the game,all packed up,for Saturday at Stockton)

I will have to finish the job tomorrow,but it's taking shape,and my eyes and nose can't take any more dust!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Preview "Battleground" game.

It's been a while since I last "blogged",mainly because I can't get this bloody computer to download any photo's without a fight,which takes about an hour,each time,and I get sick!!!! However,tonight I have managed to download some photo's which I took last Sunday when we ran through our proposed game for Battleground Stockton on the 20th November.

This is the "handout" we will be using,indicating that "Shiloh" is the battle we will be putting on(although a few "libereties" have been taken,so we can showcase our troops and rules!)

Overall view of the table,at the top,and fight at "Hornet's Nest" at bottom...............

Another view of the Peach Orchard/Hornet's Nest,just to whet the appetite!

If you visit the show,come and have a chat-that's what we do best!!