Monday, 13 August 2012

Warrior Testudo,update and finished formation.

This blog is a follow-on ,showing how the painting of the Warrior Miniatures Testudo progressed.Before I start I must say that I am a fast painter of figures,the "boys" in our group keep reminding me that "fast" is an anagram of "crap",however I try my best.
The shot below shows why I am a "fast" painter.(refer to anagram!) I thought I would include this shot of a Testudo I made about 15 years ago! Now that is crap!!

The photo below shows the figures at a "finishing stage", and just about ready to be put onto their movement base.

Getting there,I had no real problems with any of the painting,all parts were accessible, and detail good.Note the shields stuck onto card ready to be super-glued onto the sides of the figures.

A front view,showing the front rankers with two shields each,one overhead and one in front.

The finished article,stuck onto its movement base,each of my Ancient units are on two bases of 3" by 3",so that in line they take up a space of 6" by 3",so that is why I have based the testudo on that size base.I will eventually need 10 testudo,5 painted with red shields and 5 painted with blue shields.

In this photo you can see I have stuck some cork "rocks" and pieces of lichen onto the base,to cover some of the bare area.

Another shot of the completed testudo,the shields stuck to the sides,probably, could have been done better,but you learn as you go.I have already received another 5 testudo from Warrior ( you order one day and seem to get them the next! very good customer service ) so I will be painting them as "fast" as I can (refer to anagram!!)

I enjoyed painting the testudo,and now it remains to somehow write a scenario where they can be used.Well done to John Holt of Warrior.

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