Monday, 21 November 2022

Mongols vs Koreans.

Last night I got my Mongols out(steady!!) and pitted them against a Korean army.We hadn't played with these armies for a while,so I thought we could brush off the cobwebs and have an enjoyable game-it turned into a "cracker" of a game.Paul and Graham were the Korean commanders,whilst Brian and Dave were the Mongol commanders-it was a warm return for Brian who we haven't seen for 4 weeks-same old,same old........................

 Bloody hell man,pull yourself together-where do you think you are???!!!

Any way on with the game,

Opening/tentative moves-everything was bow-armed and fast moving-how would they cope?

Top photo shows the whole board,bottom shows Brian and Paul moving ever closer to a fight.Dave was "on fire" with his light,medium and heavy cavalry against Graham's however Dave was killing Graham's officers,and on one occasion his light cavalry commander!!

These two shots show the cavalry battle-epic stuff,with light cavalry skirmishing,medium cavalry melees and eventually heavy cavalry melees-these swung backwards and forwards with neither Graham nor Dave gaining advantage,even though Graham's officer corps was diminishing by the move!!

The inevitable infantry clash(after many bow shots!) saw Brian's troops getting well and truly "pasted"-so what does he do??-hands over the command to me!!!-thanks matey!!-I did my best but it wasn't good enough to beat Paul's push and shove-great stuff.Dave eventually got the best of Graham,who gave in,so a win on the Mongol right flank and a win on the Korean right flank meant only one result-A DRAW!!!-this was a good game considering we were not 100% au fait with the rules and odd features attached to playing with the Mongols-a few more games will sort that out I'm sure.We are going to Stockton on Saturday,so won't be playing next Sunday.


  1. Colourful stuff! Good to see Brian back in the fray. See you Saturday :-) cheers Chris

  2. Is there no end to your talents? See you at the weekend, and bring some money as I might have some stuff you will want cheap.

    1. Robbie-you,sell stuff cheap???that'll be the day!! I'm after 15mm "stuff" at the minute,see you soon.