Monday, 20 March 2023

German LeFH 18 medium artillery

Last year while I was completing a german Flak 37 88mm gun and crew, 

I had also started the gun assembly and crew for the field artillery. 

This was a charitable act to save Brian from sticking his fingers together so it was bound to be easy!

The guns weren't the hard part, deciding on how to show them off was tricky. 

Since the crew have great coats on, a winter setting was in order. I though muddy ground would be versatile for scenarios so browns and puddles were the plan.

Crew are lovely figs  with ammo boxes included 

My attempt at cammo netting wasn't good enough. 
I tried to use a hair net but this has too large spacings of the holes for my liking. 
What else could I use? I didn't even know they made pony tail nets, whatever next?

Thanks to Dave for supplying the leaf effect cover for the netting. 
The kit also supplied mesh but it was a bit too stiff for my liking so step up man bun netting!! 

Meanwhile I put some tetrion on the bases and then used my 
highly expensive "water and puddle" acrylic liquid (less than £4).
Quite pleased with the pooling effect.

Once the flock was on and the tufts of autumnal grasses it started to take shape.

Only needs to cammo net now and there we go.

One battery of guns all done!


  1. It’s a great looking unit Paul. The ponytail netting (presumably also supplied by Dave!) and leaf litter makes for great camo netting. So good that you can’t see the guns ;-) cheers, Chris

  2. Very impressive, there is no end to your talent.I still have my pony tail net, I could have given you it for free.

  3. Only one word for it-CRACKING!!!