Friday, 16 November 2018

US cavalry Out-post 1876.

I consider myself to be "mean" but "enterprising"-so when I decided that I needed a cavalry out-post for my new Plains Indians War US cavalry,and I certainly couldn't afford to buy one,I had to go into "make do and mend" mode.
I had bought a walled field at Falkirk a couple of years ago,and thought that it was the right size for my project-it turned out to be perfect..........................

This is it-two openings,so one would be used for the gateway,but what of the other one??

Well,the hut I built a couple of weeks ago,had a chimney which fitted exactly into the opening!
What next?

A palisade made from lengths of bamboo table mat,stuck onto cardboard!(and carefully measured)
On to the next thing-duck boards or firing platforms....................

No sooner said than done!-card measured carefully,and reinforced in the corners and middle,in case any figures put on them bent the card(who's a clever boy then??)

"F" troop,defending the finished out-post(although I might "brown wash" the duck boards tonight!)

A "bird's eye view" of the finished article,any comments???

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Game preview for Sunday 18th November.

I am not a great fan of re-fighting actual battles,for the obvious reason that most players will know the outcome,mistakes,tactical blunders etc.etc. but on Sunday I have decided to re-fight the battle of Cheriton 1644-English Civil War. because it is not so well known as the major battles.

Scenario and terrain map.

The table as the "boys" will see it on Sunday-Royalists on the left,Parliamentarians on the right.

"Gunners Castle" on the Royalist's left flank-although the position wasn't actually a Castle,I have shown it as such to prevent any cavalry attacks on it!!

The table from the Parliamentarian's right flank,showing the "open" woods.
We will pick sides on the night,and a full report should be "blogged" on Monday-looking forward to it!!

Monday, 12 November 2018

WW2 game test.

We had another trial run-through of our game for Stockton on the 24th last night,so no photo's and I wasn't feeling 100% either due to another flare up of Diverticulitus anyway!!
The game went well,and the "lads" seem to think that we have everything covered for a  good demonstration game-we will,of course, be hoping anyone interested will come along and ask questions,and even be drawn into throwing a few dice(??)
If I feel ok we will be playing next Sunday-probably E.C.W. but who knows??

Monday, 5 November 2018

WW2 game-rules test.

Last night we had a WW2 game to test our rules,prior to putting on a game at Stockton on the 24th November. I came up with the scenario and terrain,whilst Dave organised the figures and tanks etc.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any American troops are put on it!
It all looks very peaceful-there's even a steam train...................

Carrying "broken" tanks into the town to be fixed!
Brian and Paul commanded the Americans,whilst Dave and Graham commanded the Germans.

The American troops advance-I had envisaged a rapid advance by the infantry,supported by the tanks-however my lack of knowledge of the period was put into perspective by "the lads",and a slow and cautious advance commenced!!-surely they would get shot to bits??

This shows Brian's advance being stopped by a most ferocious "gas attack"-nothing to do with the game-just a "gas attack"-we all suffered!!!!!
Paul is moving his command over the bridge,and across the stream,which prompted the German tanks to start moving-hurrah!

Paul's advance is well under way,and although he met stiff opposition from Dave's troops in the woods,he managed to keep going-what of Brian??

He has managed to knock out the FOP, and is occupying the railway bridge,and taking on the Germans in the field opposite-another hurrah!!-But,and it's a big but, the German tanks are now in a position to fire!

This shows the magnificent defence being put up by Dave-and is "hammering" the Americans crossing the open ground.At this point in the game the American Generals(?) seemed to have lost total control of their dice throwing just as the German generals gained total control of theirs!!!

A moment to reflect,by the Americans,whilst the German tanks rumble onwards.

Brian is sending his second wave into the fray-they look awfully "bunched up" to me-but what do I know??-I hope Graham doesn't throw some good dice,and knock the hell out of them.......

Oh dear-he did!!-and in the background Dave is doing the same to Paul's tanks and infantry!
All is lost and the raid has failed!
The lads seemed to enjoy the game,but to me it looks too easy to knock out a tank-maybe our universal use of "average" dice should be changed to "normal" dice(????)
Roll on next week,when we will be running through out proposed Stockton game!
A big "Happy Birthday" to Paul who was 63 years young last night-pity you couldn't celebrate your special day with a win-but there's always next week.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Fiasco 2018 show report.

This is going to be a brief report!
Graham,Dave,Paul and I set off,in pouring rain,sleet and snow,and got to Leeds just after the event opened-it was free entry as an homage to one of the organiser's members who had died,and we were asked to donate any amount to charity on his behalf-a nice touch I thought!
We made a "bee-line" to the Last Valley stall,and bought up most of his stock in the first 10 minutes!!! we then did the usual "tour" of the hall,looking for good games and traders-traders were there in plenty,selling all manner of wargaming goodies,but alas good games on display were few and far between-a couple stood out,but in the main the majority were not to our taste,well,Emu Wars is not my favourite anyway,nor is Sci-Fi,but  I suppose it's horses for courses!!
The venue was dark,and I struggled to see alot of the items on offer from the traders who were backed against the walls-the ceiling was painted(?) black which didn't help!!
After a cup of coffee,from an inundated catering service,we did another "tour" of the hall,and decided to come home!!!-Did we get what we came for?-Yes,did we enjoy the show?-No!
The organisers of these events work damned hard to get traders and punters to attend,hand-outs printed,catering organised etc. etc. but personally I felt let down on this occasion,and wouldn't attend again-we were back in Newcastle by 2.00pm!
There was no "bring and buy" section either,which was another disappointment-moan,moan,moan!!(typical old git!!)

This was a superbly presented game-good terrain,lovely figures and info. galore-the way it should be!

Paul and Dave in a spending frenzy!!-Last Valley stand.

Three shots of the hall-the flash makes it look much lighter than it really was!!

A fantastic WW2 game staged in the entrance hall-everything a good demo game should be-and the players talked to us and shared their knowledge of terrain building,painting etc.
Roll on next Sunday-I am writing the scenario and setting up the terrain,whilst the rest of "the lads" will be providing figures,tanks etc. for a WW2 battle.

Monday, 22 October 2018

The "Out-Flanking 1710.

Another 100% turnout last night for this very interesting game/battle

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement-Brian and Paul were the allies,whilst Dave,Graham and I were the French-all was set for a great game,full of little problems.

How about this for a study in concentration???-Dave is moving the out-flanking force into position,Paul is putting pressure on Graham(in the centre) and my Irish are just about holding on in the town(some good dice from Paul-again! saw my first regiment shot to bits and on the verge of retiring(it's good being retired!)

With the out-flankers in position and advancing,Brian is awaiting the onslaught!
In the centre Graham has suffered a set-back,and his first line is beginning to "waver",however on the town flank,Paul and I are just exchanging musket fire(although I am getting the worst of it!!!)

This shows the French centre,blasting away at the British-Graham has very kindly sent me a regiment,I didn't ask for it,and really didn't need it,but this weakened his second line,which would tell later on in the game!!!

Paul was quite content to tie my troops down in the town,whilst trying to break the French in the centre-how's Dave doing??

Very well,was the answer!!-with officers falling like "nine-pins" he is advancing and giving Brian's Austrians a hard time-the cavalry battle in the middle centre is swinging back and forth-great stuff.

A general view of the game about move number 7-all action,and neither side has an overall advantage!

This shows the wide open space where the French first line should be!!!-they've all "legged it" back to Paris!!-however The British first line has also "retired" due to Graham killing their Colonel-a brigade morale test did the rest-hurrah!!

Coffee time,and this shot is taken from the British/Austrian side of the table,and clearly shows the advance of the out-flanking force giving the Austrians a hard time!-but Brian looks relaxed and chilled out!!-the centre is looking denuded of French troops,and the British look poised to strike the killing blow!

Look at these two-anybody would think they knew what they were doing!!!

One final photo,the Austrians are on the verge of collapse,and I am still holding the town(mainly because Paul is not attacking it!!),but the centre has gone-having said that,technically the french have won,because the Allies haven't achieved their objective!-hurrah!!!
This was another good game-each side had its problems to solve-well done to us all.
We won't be playing next Sunday-we are at "Fiasco" in Leeds.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Game preview for Sunday 21st October 2018.

We haven't had a "Horse and Musket" game for a while,so I thought we would do one on Sunday coming, and it would be a Marlburian game set around 1710.
If possible I like to set each side a realistic problem to solve,and this game revolves around the British trying to prevent an out-flanking move by the French,whilst attempting to out-flank the French via the town-simple?????

This is the scenario,I think I'll pick sides for this game,working on personalities!!!-should prove interesting!

A "bird's eye view " of the table,as the "boys" will see it as they arrive.

The game will start with two fire-fights already in progress,in the centre and in the town,this will ensure action from move number one!!

Top photo shows some of the Austrian troops in position,awaiting the French,bottom photo shows the French out-flanking troops marching to victory-or not!!!
Roll on Sunday.