Monday, 20 January 2020


Sunday night saw a full complement fighting a rather savage Vikings vs Saxons game.

Top photo is scenario,bottom is table lay-out. Brian and Graham were the Vikings,whilst Dave and Paul were the Saxons-I sat this one out,and acted as referee.

Graham's right flank Vikings advance on the town held by Dave.-The viking high command was given information that the archers they had could be treated as normal infantry,and not just skirmishers,because they had a shield,armour and a sword-however they chose to ignore(ie not read!) the info given,and so lost a great opportunity!!!(why do I bother?)

Dave's shield wall-come and get it Vikings!!

The protagonists!-Brian,that's not your best side!!

What's happening?? Both Paul and Brian are moving towards each other! Paul had decided to break his shield wall and take the fight to the Vikings!(note both sides are skirmishing with their archers in front). meanwhile on Graham and Dave's flank,a most vicious melee has broken out........................

Graham has tried to force the pass,but has been met by Dave's Housecarls,wielding their big choppers(now,now,I meant axes!!)-the result was a resounding defeat for the Vikings,forcing them back!!,However,Graham also put in an attack on the Town..........................

Which was also met by Dave's Housecarls wielding their big choppers(axes!), with the same result!!

Dave's troops have driven the Vikings back!! But what of Paul and Brian? are they standing about being indolent? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Paul has retired(it's good being retired!) back to the town and reformed his shield wall,Brian has pressed on up the hill,and a grand melee is developing-great stuff!

After some early success,Brian suffered a morale "situation" that required him to put his "main man" into the fray,to hold off a retirement(no,I refuse to say it!),and of course,got him killed!! which meant that his whole command had to take a morale test-and they failed it,and off they ran,back to Denmark!! With both flanks held and both towns intact,the Saxons were declared the winners-hurrah!!
Well done boys,and roll on next week-I feel a sea shanty coming on!!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

North-South divide,and conscience!

I received some bases from Pendraken yesterday,and included were the following,which nearly gave me a heart attack!!! and clearly shows the north-south divide.............................

Very reasonable,and of course we attend the show every year-if you haven't been give it a try!

OMG!!-for twenty quid I'd want a new suit and a "dirty woman"(not necessarily in that order!)-I am reliably informed that the show is very good though!

Should "veterans" like me have a conscience?-well,just before Xmas I took my little grand-daughter to a local pet store to show her the animals(bunnies,mice,gerbils etc.) and I noticed a young man using a price gun on some very nice looking "oriental-type" buildings-he was chatting/flirting with a "bonny" young girl,and obviously not paying attention to what he was doing!-I also noticed that he wasn't changing the price on his gun whilst moving from small to large buildings,so I shuffled across and had a look-he had put £4.29 on everything!! Being a "chancer",as well as a poor old pensioner(aka mean old bugger!) I grabbed an armful and proceeded to the till,and was charged the £4.29 for each item!!!!
I have been back since and the young man and "bonny" girl were nowhere to be seen-have they been sacked/eloped/day off???-oh dear me tears at bedtime and stress by the bucketful-should I have told them their mistake?
Anyway,I now have to build up a Korean-type army to take on my Mongols,to fight in among these buildings.

Tear-stained buildings(gold fish for the use of!)

Top photo shows first two completed and flocked units,bottom photo shows units 3 and 4 ready to be flocked-but there's more!!.........................

Top is next two units ready to be under-coated,bottom is the rest of them still in the box-thousands of 'em!!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Battle of Brockwell Bridge-15mm project.

My on-going 15mm project and solo wargaming brought me to play another very interesting solo game last week. I am basing my battles around the area which I am calling Brockwell.
This is the third game/battle I have fought,and with each "outing" I am learning and adapting my very simple rules to enhance my enjoyment of solo gaming.

This is the scenario,and I had decided to take the side of the Royalists on this occasion,and the plan for them was basically to defend the river and village,against any attacks from the Parliamentarians,but to allow aggressive moves by the cavalry.

Top photo is taken from the Royalist side of the table,bottom photo shows the initial advance by the Parliamentarians,with the King's men lining the river banks. Artillery fire from both sides was ineffectual,but looked good,with wisps of "smoke" placed in front of the guns!

Both sets of cavalry are rushing towards a melee on the Royalist left flank,as the infantry march to within musket range.
For this game,and probably future games,I opted for simultaneous movement,mainly to avoid losing sight of whose turn it was to move!!(must be an age thing!) Things were certainly "hotting up" now.

The cavalry on the Royalist left are now engaged,and the cavalry on the right are facing off the Parliamentarian cavalry on the river bank,whilst the infantry along most of the line are exchanging fire-wonderful stuff!(note the Church yard is now occupied!)

The cavalry battle on the left is now involving all of the cavalry,neither side gaining an advantage,this was soon to change as casualties began to tell,and the Parliamentarians were pushed back across the road.

The right flank Royalist cavalry have engaged,unwisely, and are being pushed back-the infantry brigade holding the river bank to their left have also been routed! but in other parts of the battle,the Parliamentarians are being beaten-I'm exhausted!!

Top photo shows the Royalist cavalry routing the enemy,bottom photo shows the Parliamentarian cavalry routing the Royalists!!!
The infantry battle was going the Royalist's way,and the enemy couldn't get across the river,so it was "count-up" time to see who had taken the most casualties!

You can see from the white board that the Parliamentarians have lost 7 regiments/units against the Royalist 4!! so a resounding victory for the Royalists.
I haven't planned my next battle yet,but it won't be long!!!
I hope you've enjoyed reading this "report",any comments will be welcome(good or bad!)

Egypt 47BC.

Last night the "4 Tops" donned our swords and sandals and fought a very close and exciting game pitting Romans against Egyptians.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table as the "boys" saw it on arrival!

Brian,in charge of the 10th Legion(Caesar's favourite) advances against the Egyptian centre commanded by me.

Graham,commanding the 7th Legion is pushing against Paul's right flank-and getting a bloody nose for it!!! However, the Romans are moving around the clump of Palms and will out-flank Paul if he isn't careful-grand tactics and wargaming.

Graham has now switched his attack against Paul's elite infantry,and is paying the price(for the time being!!)-all seems to be going "swimmingly" for the Egyptians-you just know what is going to happen don't you?

After an initial good start,Brian is throwing some devastating dice,and my line is crumbling before my eyes!! But what of my Left flank ?????

It was now my turn to throw some awesome dice,stopping Brian's troops in their little plastic tracks-hurrah!!!(but his second line is now advancing to support his first-oh dear!)

Now my left is crumbling,along with my centre-now I do like a crumble,but normally with custard,not blood and guts!!!-all looks lost!-come on Paul..............................

Paul is having mixed fortunes on his flank,but some excellent work with his skirmishers and chariots are playing havoc with the Romans-another hurrah!!

Caught in the flank with archery fire,and his rear threatened,Graham decided to retire (it's good being retired!) his whole Legion and reform it-good,and wise move!

Even with me putting my low-rated reserve into the fray,it was only a matter of time before the centre was in Roman hands,Graham's Legion,now reformed,attacked Paul with renewed vigour,and forced him back-things are not looking good!!

I thought the "Chuckle Brothers" were no more!!-this is a general shot down the table showing the sorry state of the Egyptians-however in a last show of defiance,we "pee'd and poo'd" in the oasis just to annoy the Romans!!
Second game of the year,and all is going well-long may it continue.

Friday, 10 January 2020

WW2 Painting update part 2

I have now completed the Africa Corps armour.

Three PzKw Mk IIIs, one PzKw MkIV and a lovely model of a Sdfz 222.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

WW2 painting update

I thought it was time to paint some support for Dave's Italian desert force.

These are intended to be very early Africa Corps armour for our planned North African games

Not finished yet but will be shortly....

Lovely models from Blitzkrieg Miniatures