Monday, 22 July 2019

Battle of Twin Forks.

Last night we played an "experimental" game using my Plains Indians and US cavalry figures.
We each had a command,Dave,Paul and I were the Indians,whilst Graham and Brian were the Cavalry commanders.

To test my new rules for this period,I put two Indian tribes quite close to the river,where they wouldn't get shot to pieces! and one in a position where they would !!well,you've got to test rules to their limits!!

Top photo shows the Indians and cavalry engaged in a fire-fight-bottom photo shows the end result!!-ie. the Cavalry retiring(it's good being retired!)-they should have performed their classic fire and retire(it's good...!!) tactic,as per the rules,but didn't, and paid the price!!
Note the tribe about to cross the river,as per the "normal" Indian tactic of encirclement!

That's more like it-fire and retire(it's good....!!)-this tactic eventually saw the Indians having to get back to their camp!!

These two Cavalry troops didn't retire quick enough and were caught!!
All in all,the game went quite well(if you weren't Cavalry!) but the rules still need a few "tweaks" to balance them out.
Paul and Dave have been sending figures way to Sri Lanka to be painted,and they have returned a fair few,which have been based and flagged..........................

Yes,I would call that a fair few!!-Dutch-Belgian and British infantry plus Heavy cavalry-superb,and Dave is awaiting more cavalry and infantry!!-come on lads,get them on the board!

Marvellous stuff-the painting standard is very good,and they come varnished for a hard finish-what more could you ask for??
Dave is fortunate enough to work with a chap who asked him if he wanted(for free!!) some weapons-of course Dave said yes..........................

Bayonets and two swords-we don't know anything about these,but will do some research-any help would be gratefully accepted!-but the pearl in the oyster,was this...............................

A fully de-activated,but genuine Brian-er no I mean a Martini-henry Carbine!!!
These are great and will enhance Dave's wargames room-the luck,lucky man!!
Brian has started a 15mm ACW project,and should have some figures to show us next week,and Graham is nearing completion of some Napoleonic figures,which he will also bring along next week!
I have just finished a terrain project,which I will post mid week!
Roll on next Sunday-probably at Dave's house and featuring either WW2,ACW or Napoleonics!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

No Game this Sunday!

Because I have the worst cold I have ever had,we are not playing this Sunday-everything aches,and I feel like s..t!!
Roll on next Sunday-if I survive!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Game preview for Sunday 14th July.

A few months ago I bought and painted a batch of Plains Indians and US cavalry,from Warrior Miniatures,and so far have only had two "practice" games! However,on Sunday I will be rolling them out for a full blooded game with the "boys"-we'll see how it goes!!

Top photo is the scenario,bottom photo is the table before any figures were put on it!


Top photo is the Oglala Sioux camp(the totem Pole could be a representation of my family Tree!!),and bottom photo is the camps with Indians in them,ready to do battle with the US cavalry.

Top photo is the head of the 7th's column,bottom photo is a detail of the 2nd's column-why they want an artillery piece,I don't know-after all the're just fighting savages armed with sharpened twigs,aren't they???-hmmmmm!!

I'm lucky enough to live about 300 yards from an auction house(Anderson and Garland) so get to see items like these quite alot-it's good to be able to see and handle weapons with history attached to them-pity I can't afford them!!!
Roll on Sunday!

Monday, 8 July 2019

Moravia 1760.

Thanks to Paul,we had a marvelous game last night,twelve action-packed moves,and a clear result at the end!!

The scenario was that a Prussian camp(defended by Graham) was being attacked by a Russian force(commanded by Brian)-a Prussian relief force(commanded by me) was on its way,but was met by an Austrian force(commanded by Paul)-simple but very entertaining and anybody's game until the last move!!-Top photo shows the camp,bottom photo shows the relief force being attacked by the Austrians.

This shows Brian's attack on the camp,with Infantry and cavalry(too soon!!)-Brian could only attack the town part of the camp with the bayonet,which proved costly!!-the battle swayed back and forth for most of the game,neither side gaining an initial advantage.

Paul is sending wave after wave of Austrian infantry against my Prussians,but my well placed artillery and some damned lucky dice throws(which is unusual for me!) saw them off!!-we both kept sending reserve regiments into position,and our cavalry,which had been "husbanded" for most of the game,were moving to the flank,ready for the inevitable clash!!

Early cavalry melees are wasteful(in my opinion) and this shows what can happen-both Graham and Brian have won and lost melees,and both have rears and flanks compromised!!
Back in the town,Brian has managed to get a regiment into the defenders,and things are looking bad!!-however Graham has support,and used them well,driving Brian's Russians back out again-thrilling stuff!

Austrian and Prussian cuirassiers battle it out on the flank-this looked and felt great,and again by some lucky dice throws(killing officers galore!) from me,I eventually won the melees and Paul was driven back-hurrah!!

The fire-fight on the ridge continues,I have replaced my first line with fresh troops,and Paul has done the same,but with the flank now dominated by my "heavies",the whole Austrian army looks to be in trouble! but what of the camp/town position??

Top photo shows the town has now been "stabilised" and the Russians ejaculated from it!!
Bottom photo shows the Prussian dragoons dominating the flank,and forcing Brian to form a defensive line with his remaining Infantry,so a grand Prussian victory,but well done to us all for playing this great game in great spirit-long may it continue!!
Roll on next Sunday,and we'll have to start planning for "Border Reiver" on the 7th September!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Seven Years War Preview

Sunday's game will be a Prussian vs Austrian and Russian game.
Preview and some photographs below. Many thanks to John's technical experience & wizardry in interpreting my idea for the table layout.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Solo ACW game.

I was inspired,by Sunday's game, to play a solo game this afternoon(Wimbledon is really to blame!) and I chose ACW.
I have developed a very simple and fast set of rules,based on the number of regiments in a brigade,times an average dice-loser gets to "sport" an orange pom-pom-when two pom-poms are picked up,a regiment is removed,thus reducing the fire power and melee power.Artillery fire is done by throwing a hit/miss dice,if a hit is recorded,the target receives an orange pom-pom!!! simple but good fun(I think)

This shows the table at move number one- I am using Kallistra terrain pieces,having given up on the hex pieces(but that's a different story!)-the Union army is on the left-all figures are from Warrior's 15mm range.

The Confederate artillery opens up,however the gunners must have gone to the "Blind Pew school of gunnery",and the Union gunners must have had laser-guided ammunition!!

The Union left flank-too crowded for effective movement,a change of plan is needed!

An overall view of the table about move number 4- The "Rebs" are advancing towards the river,where the "Yanks" are waiting for them!!

Fire-fights on the river bank,and a cavalry melee on the Union right flank.
Because of the damage done in the first few moves,by the artillery,the Confederates are suffering!!

Top photo shows the Confederate infantry taken a good old beating,and being out-flanked,bottom photo shows their cavalry being pushed back,and on the verge of retiring(it's good being retired!)

One final shot showing the sorry state of the Confederate army!
I find these solo games quite "taxing" in a funny sort of way,and very enjoyable,but won't replace our club games-however a good way to spend a couple of hours,apart from eventually coming back into the house to the WIFE'S hilarious,and now well-used, but boring, saying-"Have you been playing with yourself in the garage?"
Roll on Sunday-hopefully the boys will be coming up with a game.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Disaster in the Desert-1898.

Last night's game wasn't good-it was AWESOME!!
Because Dave and Graham couldn't make it,it fell to Paul,Brian and myself to get to grips with an exciting scenario,which proved tricky(to say the least!) to both sides.

Because this was originally made as a 5 hander game,we had to mess about a bit,but as usual,we solved the problem!-Paul commanded the British square and the compound,Brian commanded the Zariba troops,and I had to command both the Haddendowah and Dervish troops!!
On move one,Paul "flashed" a message to Brian to come out of the Zariba,and join the British in rescuing Kitchener.What Paul didn't know was that Brian's troops only had 2 shots left and their morale was "rock-bottom"-however!!!!!!! for some strange reason(known only to Brian) the Zariba troops left the safety of the defensive position,and moved to join the British...............

Here they come-with their morale lower than a snake's goolies,and hardly any ammo.Where do you think the Dervish hordes are??-in the best tradition of pantomime-They're behind you!!!!

It's just as well that we don't have a swear box in the garage!!!-Brian was not a happy bunny!

As a prelude to attacking the square with my Haddendowah infantry,I unleashed my camel units against Paul's Lancers-this tussle went on for a few moves,until I killed his Brigadier,and he lost the melee-hurrah!!

As my dervish hordes swoop down on Brian,and the camel/lancer melee continues,Paul is shooting into the flank of the Dervish back line infantry-this would greatly tell later on in the game!-It's about time I set loose my Haddendowah infantry(I had quite a few of them!)

Here they come!-Brian had now turned his troops around to face the threat to his rear,but now had a new threat to his new rear!!!-thrilling stuff(if only we had a swear box!!) But what of the compound and Kitchener??

Well,it was under attack from rifles and artillery fire,plus a couple of warbands "lurking" in the sand dunes,just waiting for the right moment to attack!!

My infantry attack against the square is being shot to pieces,but the Dervish hordes are making "mince-meat" of Brian's Egyptians.
Paul's Naval brigade are using their Gardiner and Gatling guns to very good effect-if only they would jam...........................................

They did!!-allowing my black tsunami of hairy warriors to get into hand-to-hand combat!

The square is broken,and I am sending my other infantry(by now they have mopped up Brian's whole command!) to attack the other sides of the square-another loud hurrah!!

Brian's command!!!

With a "gulp" Paul prepares his square for one last effort-to no avail!!!
But what of the compound I hear you ask???

Well,top photo shows the Black Watch being soundly beaten in a furious melee,and the bottom photo shows the Haddendowah warriors doing a sort of "Hokey-Cokey" around Kitchener!!
You put your left spear in,you put your left spear out..................................
This was another great game full of good humour,banter and foul and abusive language!! what more could you ask for??
Roll on next Sunday-I will be encouraging the boys to come up with a game!!