Monday, 19 October 2020

The Germans are coming,the Germans are coming!

As part of my ever expanding Gallic campaign,(which is slowly taking over my life!) I have decided to incorporate a migration/invasion from Germania into Gaul,so that not only can I have Germans fighting Romans,but I can also have Germans fighting Gauls!!-where will it end? The first "batch" of Germans that I have painted are from the Suebi (Suevi?) tribe .............................

Twelve warbands of infantry and three units of cavalry-the infantry take a bit of cleaning up,but the end result is worth it.

Detail of the infantry-note the traditional Suebi "Hair knot".

According to "Tacitus" they attacked in a wedge formation-I don't fancy the chances of the guys in the front rank!!!-But what of the rest of the Germans?

Well,they're on their way-twelve warbands of infantry and four units of cavalry-more than a match for both Romans and Gauls!!!(Only some of them shown here-rest are on painting table,under-coated and ready to go!)


Friday, 16 October 2020

Ambush Battle-15mm.

Last night I forgot about everything this virus is throwing at us,and concentrated on having another thrilling and spectacular game,in my Gallic campaign.

 Opening move-the Gauls have appeared on the hillside,whilst the Aux. infantry have formed a defensive position around the baggage train-in the background you can see the Legion formed up to face the threat from a force of warbands-Crustinuts must make a decision-does he weaken his Legion by sending a few cohorts back to support the baggage,or does he just leave them to fend for themselves?

The attack begins! but not all warbands decide to join the fray at once-rather they stood back to see how the others did!!(throw of dice,2/5 they didn't move,3/4 they did!) The Gallic javelins did considerable damage to the Auxiliaries,which would tell later on when melee was reached!

Top photo shows everyone and his Grandad joining in the fight-bottom shows the "stand-off" between the Legion and the blocking warbands,but Crustinuts has decided to send 3 cohorts to help the baggage troops-hurrah!!

Top photo shows casualties mounting(red pom-poms) on both sides,but a breach has been made in the Infantry line,in the background you can see the equal cavalry melee going on,but in the bottom photo the 3 cohorts from the Legion have charged the Gallic cavalry in the flank-this,they did not like,and took to their heels-another hurrah!

Oh no! the Gauls have captured one waggon(full of food and tents) and are making off with it! The Auxiliaries are in real trouble now,as another breach has been made in their line-can the cavalry and support cohorts make it to them in time and save them???

Yes they can-being attacked in the flanks and rear,the Gallic position became un-tenable,and they started to give ground and retire(it's good being retired!)

Two shots of the same thing-Romans having formed a line, and the Gauls being chased away!

The Semones king,Horlix(The Horrible) claimed a victory,even though he lost 5 warbands and 3 cavalry units,however the capture of a waggon more than made up for his losses!The Roman casualty list consisted of 5 Auxiliary infantry cohorts-a considerable amount ,and one that may curtail the campaign,until reinforcements can arrive!!

This was another wonderful game,full of what-if's and grand dice throwing/rotten dice throwing,long may it continue!

Return of the Sri Lanka missing troops


 Hot off the press

Newly arrived from Fernando Painting Services of Sri Lanka. Dave and myself send the latest order off pre Covid and they've just returned!

Can't recommend them enough with excellent service. 

Prior to completing any particular unit 
they send back photos to ensure the customer is happy with the colours and their standard of work.

Here are the well parcelled returned figures.


Look at the beautiful writing added onto the illustrations for the painters 

Of course the basing started asap.. that's another blog though


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

"Ambush" preview 15mm.

As indicated in my last blog,my next 15mm battle,as part of my Gallic campaign,will be an Ambush situation,so I thought I would post a few photographs of the scenario,terrain and troop deployment -I hope to fight this battle tomorrow,but we'll see!

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the terrain map,showing where I intended to place the troops.

Top photo shows the Roman troops,the Legion formed up to face the threat,whilst the rest of the troops,Cavalry,Baggage and Auxiliaries are still in column-bottom photo is the detail of the Legion-10 cohorts against 8 warbands!

The column,trudging its weary way forward,not a care in the world-until...................

Oh dear-where did they come from?

I'm really looking forward to this one!

One last photo,taken in my local post office-is that really me peering out from the card stand???

Or is it the dreaded Corona Madness?-keep safe.

Monday, 12 October 2020

New Recruits-15mm.

My 15mm Gallic campaign seems to be getting out of hand!-I decided that one legion c/w auxiliaries and some cavalry was enough to take on my Gallic army-but,of course,being a typical wargamer,I now need(want?) more figures as the Romans wander all over Gaul,and maybe even Germany!!

I ordered another Roman army from Warrior Miniatures(arrived in super quick time,as usual) and loads of Germans from Lancashire games(arrived when Alan said they would!)-Now I already had three "spare" cohorts of Romans,and with a bit of "jiggling" with the command groups,I have managed to make another full Legion,plus 3 units of cavalry and 5 cohorts of Auxiliaries!

New Legion from Warrior-fine looking fellows!

Detail of left and right flanks,showing Aux. infantry and Cavalry.

Top photo is the Legate,in charge of the Legion,bottom photo is the first of many Germans-I am actually looking forward to painting these-the OPC cavalry  are a particularly nice figure(I hope I can do them justice!)

My next battle with my Romans is an "Ambush-type " scenario,but I don't have any waggons to act as baggage! So what to do???-well you know what I'm going to come up with don't you?-Yes I had to make some-very basic,using just some pieces of wood trim,cocktail sticks,matchsticks and some round "shields" plus a few spare 15mm horses that I just happened to have in my "rumble box"

Not too bad!

Well,I now have to go and explain to the cat next door which "TIER" I'm in-or is it the other way round-he'll explain to me!!!!!!

Friday, 9 October 2020

Lift the Gloom with a Legume!

In these times of death, destruction and gloom,it's important not to lose one's sense of humour , so I defy anyone not to laugh/snigger/snort at the following purile ,schoolboy, Esther Rantzan-type photo.

Come on,admit it,you laughed-I nearly wet myself !!-THE WIFE thinks I've finally "flipped"

Keep laughing and keep safe.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Battle of Genabum,15mm campaign.

As part of my 15mm Gallic campaign,the Romans have developed a two-pronged attack on the Carnutes capital,Genabum-Crustinuts is sailing up the Loire,whilst his Spanish Auxiliary commander,Arsolius marches over-land.

These photo's are taken from my "Campaign Diary" which,if published will make me world famous,generate millions of pounds and get me awarded the Booker Prize!!

These photo's show the board before any troops are put on it,and the anticipated moves-the solitary ship represents the fleet!!-the fort is an imposition on the Carnutes(which they hate!!)

Top shows the Aux. troops moving into position,bottom the Legion advancing through the town(which they also burned!

Top shows the "Fort Troops" marching into position-they actually saved the day for the Romans.Bottom photo shows Crustinuts,keeping well out of the way of any action,although in his mind's eye,this is how he sees himself.........................

In the thick of the fighting,leading his troops to victory!!!!!!!

On with the game........................

The warbands from the gap,immediately charged the "Fort Troops",who shot at them on the way in from archers and two ballista,these casualties counted for alot when the melee took place,and the warbands were "sent packing"-hurrah!-just as well,because had they won,their orders were to attack the Aux. in the flank-phew!!

Top photo shows the Legion "ambling" up the hill,with Crustinuts shouting encouragement from the rear!-bottom photo shows the Aux. cavalry and the Gallic cavalry getting stuck in,whilst a slow advance from the infantry continues.

The legion and the aux. charge into contact,however the pila and long spears were negated by the momentum of the Gallic down-hill charge-this is going to be very tight!-The Aux. cavalry are doing well,and eventually drove the Carnutes' cavalry away!!

Top photo shows the Aux. infantry in a right old mess-luckily the cavalry can support them and the "Fort Troops" are on their way to help too! Bottom photo shows the Legion being "roughly handled"(can't touch you for it!) but slowly making progress up the hill (no sign of Crustinuts!)

The Legion has eventually broken the warbands on hill"A" and the Auxiliaries,although still being "hammered" have support on both flanks and the "Fort Troops" are pushing in too(on the far left of the picture)-so both hills taken and another Roman victory-hurrah!

The "SEMONES", under their king HORLIX(The Horrible), came to see the "fun" and possibly to join in if the Carnutes had been successful,now decide to retire(it's good being retired!)-HOWEVER,the Romans have spotted them,and,as another threat to Roman domination,they will be the next target!!!

This was yet another thrilling game,and the future games should be just as good!