Monday, 23 July 2018

Rome vs British Tribes.59AD

What a game we had last night!-Chris brought his Fleet and Marine Legion up from Yorkshire,I supplemented it with some of my figures,and pitted them against a huge Barbarian army,and a "ding-dong " of a game ensued!!

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is Chris laying out his MDF fleet and beautifully painted Legion-he looks happy now,but will he still be smiling when the game ends??

We're off! The Romans,commanded by Chris,Graham and Paul are dis-embarking,as the Barbarians commanded by Brian,myself and Dave,move forward to engage.

A lucky shot from Graham's Bolt Thrower has set a hut on fire,restricting any movement through the Settlement-and this was just move number two!!!

As the Roman line was being formed,I launched my chariots against it,with some success,but mostly some failures!!-so far we are not doing so well!!

The Roman line is now fully formed,but I am massing the warbands in the centre,ready to deal a crushing defeat on them!-Our "Secret Weapon" now came into play,the "butcher of Oakhampton" aka NIRAB,was ordered to unleash the "hounds of hell" through the trees and attack Paul who held the Roman left flank!!-hurrah(or was it??)

There they are,lurking in the woods-poised and ready to strike-come on Brian,come on Brian,come on Brian!!!-please,pretty please,double pretty please!!-move the bloody things!!

The Romans are looking pretty smug-as well they might.Graham has secured his flank against Dave(who asked for and received a couple of warbands from the reserves) who has just lost his CinC figure!!,the centre is being pushed back,so it's all down to the "Butcher of Oakhampton"-come on Brian,come on Brian,come on Brian!!!!!

We are now shifting our troops to guard the right flank against Graham,my centre is in real trouble,and Brian has now decided to let a couple of his warbands have a look at the "nasty" Romans!!-who then unleashed all kinds of hell against them-they did not like it and retired back to the woods!!!!!

The desperate fight for our left flank! but, outnumbered,and out-general'd we had no chance of winning it.

As Chris looks on,Paul moves his victorious troops forward,and it is all over!-to be fair to Brian,he did put in a good attack(eventually!) but was beaten back by Paul's "scorpion" and pila from his Legion!
All in all a great fought game,with usual hilarious banter and down-right rudeness to each other-wouldn't change it for the world!!
Roll on next Sunday,could be the battle of Marathon,but who knows?
Our thanks to Chris for bring his troops this far North!-hope you can come again soon.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Paul Kirby,1953-2018.

I learned today,via Charlie Wesencraft,that a friend and fellow wargamer,Paul Kirby, died yesterday from cancer.
Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his wife,June,and his family.Paul was a real gentleman and will be sorely missed by all of his friends in Charlie's club-Mike,Dave,Mel,Phil,Ron,Tony and Bruce,as well as all of us in Westerhope Wargames Group.

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Battle of Oakhampton 1644.

It is very rare that I am lost for words/speechless,but I really don't know how to write up last night's game!!
The scenario called for an attack/defence type game against a defended town(Oakhampton) but no attack developed..............................

Top photo is "Scenario" and bottom is the table as the"boys" saw it-they had to make their own dispositions and plans.Graham and Brian were the Royalists,whilst Dave and Paul were the Parliamentarians.

Both sides move their troops to their pre-ordained positions,as per their battle plans-the town was lightly held and the force set to attack it looked formidable-I won't tell you the name of the player who was to attack but his name is an anagram of NIRAB!!!!

On move number 4 we had the first cavalry clash,Paul and Graham contested the flank until move number 14!! great stuff.

"NIRAB" is contemplating moving some of his troops,but,well, it's best not to be too hasty!!
Meanwhile  the Parliamentarians are moving into good positions!

Then,at last "NIRAB" moved an infantry regiment forward,got it shot to bits,and retired it!
The cavalry battle is still on-going on the far flank,surely a mass attack is forthcoming(??) on the town.

As the cavalry fight on...........................................

The defenders clean their muskets,sharpen their pikes and pick their noses!!(and await a massive attack??)

An overview of the table showing the lack of action in some sectors,and the on-going cavalry action in others!!

Tumble weed time!-the defender were now polishing their balls(musket and cannon!!) to amuse themselves whilst awaiting the massive attack,which surely must be forthcoming now!

As the game drew to an end,Graham is finally beaten on the cavalry front,and Paul can deliver the "coup de grace" on his infantry,and Dave actually attacked "NIRAB" with some cavalry in front of the town,forcing him back,and with cries of "woe is us" the Royalist were defeated!
What was that????????
The laughter was in abundance,to say the least,and the banter was as good,so I suppose the night wasn't a complete washout.
Roll on next Sunday,when our "Yorkshire" mate Chris is bringing up his Romans and fleet for a big game.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Game preview and changes!

This Sunday we will be playing an English Civil War game,but I will be adopting a different approach to the whole game set-up.For years now I have been writing the scenarios,placing the terrain on the table and putting the armies in their respective positions and formations,only for the "boys" to come along and in the first move march the figures left,right and centre,up and down and roundabout,into different positions and formations!! So, what is going to change?
Well,I will still write the scenarios(unless,God forbid, one of the "boys" comes up with a one to give my poor old brain a rest!) and put the terrain onto the table,complete with the number and type of troops each side have,give an objective(s) and let them decide where and in what formation they want to place their troops!!
The games will take a little longer doing it this way,but it will solve a problem and ease my frustrations.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table(denude of troops!) as the "boys" will see it as they arrive on Sunday.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Battle of Clement 1708.

I'm back,bronzed and beautiful(well two out of three isn't bad!!) and last night we had a full turn out for a really interesting and colourful game involving Irish,Spanish,British,Dutch and Prussian troops.

The same old(boring?) format-top photo is scenario,bottom is table before any movement.
We drew sides and Graham and I were the Allied commanders,whilst Paul and Dave were the Irish/Spanish commanders,and Brian opted to referee(and what a splendid job he made of it too!!)

The game got off to a cracking start with my British column holding the flank,but only as a "feint" whilst Graham attacked along the whole front with his allied troops.

Graham's furious attack on the village was met with an equally furious defence by Dave!!
By now the whole table was alive with movement and firing-great stuff!

Toe-to -toe musketry in the centre as the Prussians take on the Spanish-both sides were evenly matched so,unfortunately, it would come down to the dreaded "DICE"-and it did,and we lost!!!!

On my flank,the "holding force" is holding(!!) whilst the other half of the column is marching towards the Prussian who are under considerable pressure-will I get there on time?

As Dave looks in "pensive mood" he is gradually pushing Graham back,but my British are now in a position to offer assistance,if only he would withdraw his Prussians from the front line!!!

My British cavalry are making a difference on Graham's flank,and,baring a disaster, we are stabilising the line(have I spoken too soon??)

Look at that!!!-The Prussians have vanished and Dave and Paul are throwing tremendously lucky dice,felling our officer corps,and driving us back-THE END!!
This was a good game,and a welcome return to wargaming in Westerhope!
If anyone can identify the new yellow flag with the double-headed Eagle on it in the background to the opening photo's,I will send them a shilling!!!
Roll on next Sunday.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Rob Palmier-Napoleonic figures.

Rob, as discussed,photographs of my Napoleonic collection(some of it!) for you to peruse.
Hope to hear from you soon,and beware of Grimsby!!!

French light cavalry-Irregular Miniatures.

"En Masse"

A selection of my French Heavies-all cavalry units are in 12's,all Infantry units are in 24's.

Selection of British heavies,including,of course,the ubiquitous "Greys!"

British infantry and detail.

French infantry and detail.

British and French foot artillery.

All boxed up!!!
In total there are over 1200 figures,mainly Irregular,with a scattering of Hinchcliffe,Mini-figs,Lancashire Games and even a few Prince August!! I have also got 24 Guns to go with the collection,which contains French,British,Portuguese,Prussians etc.etc.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Battle of Thermopolopolis 480BC.

Last night we saw a magnificent attack,a magnificent defence and a magnificent game.
Paul couldn't make it,so it fell to Dave and I to command the Persians,whilst Brian and Graham commanded the Greeks.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.

The game got off to a cracking start,with the Spartans(Graham) moving swiftly towards the waiting Immortals-we had bows,the Greeks did not,so Graham's tactic was to cut out the number of shots I could get at him(clever,and realistic ie Marathon!!)

On the other flank,Dave is attacking Brian's position with his Cardaces infantry and Axemen!
The Thebans had been put behind the wall because their troops were untried and I had given them a low fighting value and morale-Dave didn't know this,but was soon to find out!!

Top photo shows the even fight between Brian's Corinthians and Dave's Cardaces inf. bottom photo shows the Spartans attacking the Greek mercenaries-again an even match,and what a tussle!! Neither side could claim an advantage at this stage,and then...........................

A shout of victory(accompanied by a sort of jiggy "dad dance") from Dave heralded a break through against the Thebans,however Brian is moving his reserve Anthenians to block the Axemen!!-this is really going to be tight.

From the other flank,there was a cry of despair,as a combination of Spartans and Athenians manage to start a push back against the Immortals-so I instigated a forward move by my reserves,but I think I have left a bit too late-woe is me????

Yes!! woe is definitely me!!-look at the state of the Immortals-running for their little lead lives!!
The flank is lost,so it's up to Dave to save the day-send in the Royal Bodyguard!!!!!

Top photo shows Dave's use of his reserves,to finally break the resolve of the Thebans and Athenians-bottom photo shows the Royal Bodyguard smashing into the remnants of Brian's Corinthians and Athenians-hurrah!!-it was decided that,even though my flank had been destroyed by the Spartans(and their Athenian allies) the Greek position was untenable,and the Persians were the "masters" of the field!!

One last shot showing the magnificent Spartan/Athenian line,and the "running-away" Immortals.
We won't be playing for a couple of weeks,mainly due to me going off to sunny Corfu,so we'll have to catch up on a Waterloo game and a game for our sadly missed friend Tommy,when I get back.