Thursday, 21 November 2019

2nd 15mm battle ECW.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before,but I'm retired,now being retired has lots of advantages,the main one being that you don't have to go to bloody work!! The other advantages are that,after completing the exhausting and onerous chores,such as posting a letter or feeding the birds,you have lots of time on your hands to do important things like wargaming and "fannying about"! I have decided that I am going to do a series of games with my new 15mm English Civil War figures,based around the imaginary town/village/house of Brockwell.
I have already fought a lively action around the town,and this week  I fought another action which I have called the siege of Brockwell House...................

This is the scenario,and terrain.

Top photo is the Royalist position,bottom photo shows the Parliamentarian dispositions.

An advance by Cromwell's cavalry,supporting a gun,was stopped by two well placed shots from the defending artillery-his was followed up by a charge into the disordered horse,resulting in a rout!!!-however the Parliamentarian foot were closing with the defenders....................

After two rounds of musketry,it was in with the Pike and musket butt-resulting in wins and losses for both sides!!-I'm enjoying this!!

Things are not looking good for the Royalists-Hopton and Rupert's regiments have fled,leaving Newcastle and Percy's to try and save the day.

Both Royalist regiments have beaten back the Parliamentarians,but are being assailed by two new,and fresh, regiments-time to retire(it's good being retired!) I think!

Not so fast!!-both Newcastle and Percy have been caught,and Percy fled,leaving Newcastle to sue for terms!!-The game was over and Lord Brockwell has lost,for the time being, his stately home.
This was another very enjoyable solo game,using simple rules,whilst sticking to historical tactics and weapon capabilities.
The "eagle-eyed" among you will have noticed the new addition to my buildings-ie the "Old Mill"......................

This little "gem" was bought at a charity shop for the princely sum of £2.50. and is just the right size for 15mm........................

See what I mean??
The next venture will be for Lord Brockwell to convince King Charles to recapture the House,possibly by attacking the village of Lower Brockwell,thus forcing Cromwell to divert troops to this area!!

Monday, 18 November 2019

Battle of Helpmakaar,1879.

I like the Colonial games we have,and last night's game was the most "absorbing" we've had for a while!
Paul was put on the spot,by me giving him command of the Helpmakaar defences,and the British and Boers.Dave and Brian took command of the Zulu army,whilst I did a grand job of refereeing the game!

This is the scenario,Paul was given mealie bag sections and wagons,and told to put them where he wanted to defend the "town"-he had so many options,that,after about half an hour,to hoots of derision and howls of laughter,he eventually placed all of the items........................

Top photo shows the completed defences,bottom photo shows the Zulu army creeping nearer and nearer-neither sides look too stressed-yet!!!

Brian launched a tremendous attack on the Boer farm(top photo) whilst Paul pinned the Zulu centre regiments to his front(bottom photo)

On Dave's flank,Paul has charged his regiments with his lancers(I know,I know!) and dragoons-this resulted in Dave being held up,and the cavalry being wiped out!!!!-thrilling stuff.

As things were hotting up in the Boer farm(poor women and children!) the bloody gas ran out in both heaters,plunging the garage into sub-Arctic temperatures,resulting in the most "wimpish" antics from a certain member.....................................

Good God,man,pull yourself together!!!!

Top photo shows the demise of the Boer farm,and now with both flanks secure,the Zulu centre sprang into action(bottom photo)-Paul responded magnificently,firing and retiring(it's good being retired!) bringing as many units as he could into the safety(??) of the town-now was the chance for the Zulu commanders to launch an all-out attack!!

The Zulu centre attacking the mealie bag wall,whilst both "horns" are now starting to attack!

Top photo shows Brian's left horn attack,bottom photo shows Dave's right horn attack-all is lost for the British,time for Lord Chelmsford to draft his memo to "Vicky" telling her that he has lost the army,battles and lands( a minor set-back,I'm sure she'll forgive him!!)

One last shot that Paul probably won't want to see!!!
This was a great game,played in great spirit-long may it continue,so roll on next Sunday when we will be running through the game we are putting on at Stockton.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Game preview for Sunday 17th November 2019.

Last night we had a Napoleonic game at Dave's luxurious wargames room,and I do believe that Paul is going to do the write-up,c/w lots of photo's,later on.
Meanwhile,I have had a "germ" of an idea for next Sunday...............................

This is the anticipated scenario-a "what if" game involving Zulus vs British troops.

This is the table,as the British commander will see it,as he arrives!

Top photo shows the equipment the British commander has to build his defences,and bottom photo shows his "instructions"
Hopefully this will be the usual exciting colonial game-it may expand,or contract, before Sunday,but we'll see!

Sunday, 10 November 2019

15mm solo English Civil War game.

I played the following game,using my 15mm ECW figures,on Friday,and thoroughly enjoyed it! I took my time,and planned what I wanted to achieve from the game,used my tried and tested very simple solo rules,and got a result-what more could you ask for?

Top photo shows the lay-out,with the town of Brockwell,in the centre being held by Royalist troops,who are also defending the surrounding area.
The bottom photo shows the initial assault by the Parliamentarians,who I had planned to pin the town troops and make an out-flanking sweep,with their right flank troops,eventually to drive the Royalists out of the town,and drive them away altogether!!

This shows the out-flanking troops,heading towards the Royalist left flank,which was lightly held!!

Rupert's and Hopton's regiments held the town,and with the benefit of cover,were giving the attackers a bit of a rough ride!!-other regiments were also getting involved,in what was turning into a very entertaining game!

In this shot,Maurice's horse are taking on Cromwell's horse-the simple expedient of throwing a dice each,and the highest score wins-resulted in this instance of Cromwell's horse receiving a "red dot" against them(on a wipe board-see later photo!)-two "red dots" would result in a minus one from their dice score,and three "dots" would mean the unit leaving the board!!-very simple and brutal,but a result !!

Top photo shows the "out-flankers" about to get to grips with Newcastle and Percy's regiments,whilst the battle for the town "hots up"-this,to me ,was thrilling stuff!!

Under intense pressure(and three "red dots") Hopton's regiment has gone!!-and the Parliamentarians have gained access to the town-BUT,they were fired on,losing their officer,which put them on 3 "dots"-resulting in them leaving the board-the town is saved!!

Newcastle and Percy's white coats are taking a right old pounding,but Royalist reserves are moving up,and the flank is saved,as well as the town-by this move I was exhausted!!!

This is the final shot of the board-the Parliamentarians have "shot their bolt" so to speak,whilst the Royalists have fresh troops,and still control the town-so a victory for them!!

This is the white board,showing the state of the various regiments-remember that 3 "red dots" results in that unit leaving the board-at the end of the game the Royalists lost 4 units while the Parliamentarians lost 8-a resounding result.
It became obvious that I need more cavalry and guns,but the game was a real success to me,the only problem(if you can call it a problem) was remembering whose turn it was to move!!!
I will be playing future games,adding more to the simple rules,such as elite type units,morale features etc.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

15mm Solo Games Project.

Well,at last I have finished the 15mm figures that I have so far-Christmas is coming and I have requested that family buy me some more guns and cavalry,so will have to wait to finish the whole project.
However,I do have enough to stage my first English Civil War game,and thought I would post the set-up,and play the game later on this week............................

This is the set-up,I will be calling the game the battle of Brockwell(the town c/w scratch built houses and a church!) which is in the middle of the picture,and being defended by the Royalists.

Two views of Brockwell,from the front and from the back-with the New Model Army about to mount their first attack!!

New Model Army,and detail-quite apt,I think-being my new model army!!!

Detail of "Yellow" regiment defending the right flank farm.

The view from the Parliamentarian gun position.
I am looking forward to fighting a campaign based on the town of Brockwell,taking into account the casualties and positions of the troops after this first battle-and will,of course, keep posting information.

Monday, 4 November 2019

He's behind you!!

No it's not Panto season yet!!-we fought the battle of Torgau 1760 last night,organised by Paul(to save me from melt-down!!)
The battle was one of Frederick's classic march around the flank of the enemy and throw them off-balance!!-and it worked!(well done Paul)

This is the scenario-I was Frederick,Brian was Zeithen,Graham was Lacey and Dave was Daune(who was not informed of the out-manoeuver by the Prussians until move number 3,when he was allowed into the garage!!-hence,"he's behind you!"

Top photo is the table at move number 2,with Brian and Graham,predictably, sending their cavalry forwards,whilst the Prussians under my command are moving in a "stately" manner towards the unsuspecting Austrians!
Bottom photo is the Austrian army looking the wrong way-could Dave sort them out in time??

Yes he could,and did!resulting in a most furious battle for the position-great stuff.

Brian and Graham are hotly contesting this flank-I moved my cuirassier squadrons across to help out,just as Graham moved his Russian infantry and artillery across the whole board to support Dave-it then became obvious,that,whoever won the ensuing cavalry battle,would dominate the flank and win the game-luckily it was the Prussians-hurrah!!

Dave and I slugging it out!!-Dave is a "wily" opponent,and you know if you're against him it will never be easy-and it wasn't!!-this was wargaming at its best,as far as I'm concerned.

This is a general shot of the table,at about move number 9-one of Dave's regiments failed a morale test and fled off the board,leaving,as they say, an ugly hole!-through which I prepared my allied infantry to pour!!
Graham's cavalry had all but disappeared,and a combination of Brian's cavalry and infantry,plus my cavalry was about to drive along the front,destroying all hope of an Austro/Russian victory!!

One final shot of the table,showing that the Austrians are still holding their own,but with no chance of a clear victory,the Prussians were declared the winners!!
This was a great game,so well done to us all,especially Paul who organised and refereed the whole thing!!

A word of warning-never let a 20 month-old play with balloons beside a video recorder-God knows how many more there are inside!!!
Roll on next Sunday-we will be playing a Napoleonic game at Dave's house.