Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Battle of Leon-Viking Campaign.

Bloodnok and his Viking army have arrived(not without incident!) at the town of Leon,whose King,Rodrigo, has refused them entry and any access to supplies-there's only one thing to do-FIGHT!!! 

Top photo shows the scenario etc.,bottom photo shows the table before any movement.

Top shows the Viking "Horde",bottom shows the reception they are about to receive from the Spanish!!

This is what the Spanish light infantry were faced with,as they stood on the left flank,their little lead knees knocking with fright!!

These two photo's show Magnus' troops smashing into the light infantry-this should have been a "walk-over"-however,because of some ridiculously bad dice throws from the Viking commander(me!) it turned into a nightmare for the Vikings,who,after a long struggle, were beaten!!!!

As Sven's warriors advanced against the Spanish positioned outside the town walls,they were hit in the flank by Heavy cavalry-things are not going too well,so far, for the Vikings!

An over-all view of the table,showing Eric and Brian's warriors about to support Sven,who has contacted the Spanish at the walls,but is being "hammered"(bad dice throwing,once again, from me!!)
The Santiago cavalry have arrived behind the Spanish right flank,but have decided to support Leon!!!-this puts the whole Viking plan into dis-array-especially as they,with the Spanish right flank cavalry,are heading towards Bloodnok himself!!!

This photo shows the horrible state of the Viking army-Magnus and Sven have decided to retire(it's good being retired!) back to their ships,and the Spanish Left Flank cavalry are manoeuvering around the flanks and rear of Eric and Brian! Bloodnok has seen enough and is about to retire back to his ship!

Top photo shows Magnus' warriors being driven back,bottom shows the "peril" that Bloodnok found himself in,being charged by the Santiago cavalry and the Leon right flank cavalry!!

One final shot showing Eric and Brian forming a semi-circle as a rear guard,and the Spanish troops advancing to drive them back to the ships.
Bloodnok now realises that he needs two things,urgently,-Supplies,and Cavalry of his own!
These solo games(and campaigns) were born out of necessity,but are becoming part of my "norm",which I am enjoying immensely-my next blog will,hopefully help to solve at least one of Bloodnok's urgrnt needs!

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Battle of Douglas-15mm Roman campaign.

Crustinuts and Scrotum have halved the fleet,sailing over to the Isle of Man,(Manavia Ins) with Crustinuts landing in the south and marching north,whilst Scrotum lands in the north and marches south,both to meet at the town of Douglas,where they hope to defeat the Brigantes and their allies!

Terrain map and scenario,and initial troop dispositions.

Top photo is the town defended by the Brigantes,who also had warbands outside the town,on the flank of the 24th's auxiliaries. Bottom photo shows the chariots and cavalry which were to give the aux.troops a bit of a worrying time!!

The attack begins! The Brigante chariots are fast approaching the aux. infantry on the plain.

Top photo shows the 24th Legion advancing against the walls in Testudo formation to avoid the masses of throwing weapons coming their way!!-Bottom photo shows an audacious "sortie" by the Brigantes against the aux.infantry of the 23rd.-this sortie was almost successful,and gave the commander  of the Legion(me!!) a bit of a shock!

The chariots have charged and 50% have managed to hit the auxiliaries-this could mean trouble!

The Roman cavalry are on hand to support the infantry-just as well!!

The 24th's assault on the walls was touch and go for a while,but a breach was made(the cohort beside the gate) and it was just a matter of time before the town fell!

Desperate fighting on the plain,the infantry are being pushed back in sectors,but the Roman cavalry are now making a difference,and things are now going the Roman's way!

The 24th are now well and truly in the town,the sortie is being hammered,but what of the Brigantes and Allies outside the town??

Top photo shows the 23rd and aux.infantry storming up the hill,to be met by a most furious charge downhill by the Allied infantry-terrific stuff! Bottom photo shows what is left of the Allied cavalry after the Roman cavalry, aided by three cohorts of Auxiliaries,had finished with them!!!Things are looking good for the Romans.

The Brigantes outside the town have now turned around and doubled up with their Allies to give a "boost" to the melee,however the Romans have done the same and after a long and hard struggle, won the day-hurrah!!

Top photo shows the Romans sacking the town and putting the Brigantes to the sword,bottom photo shows the state of play at the end of the game-a victory to the Romans.The Brigantes were wiped out to a man,the Allies were sold into slavery!!

It's time for Crustinuts and Scrotum to head back to the mainland and deal with the only remaining rebellious tribe left in Brittania-the Parisi!


Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Battle of Santiago.(Viking Campaign)

I played this most entertaining game,as the first main battle of my campaign,using my tried and tested solo rules,and it worked a treat.

Top photo shows terrain map and dispositions,bottom photo shows the table with all the troops on it-Vikings to the right.Bloodnok had a plan to thwart the Spanish cavalry-he had stakes cut to be planted in the ground whenever the Cavalry threatened-the Spanish King-Alfonso,decided to attack the Vikings(fool!!!)

Alfonso's view of Bloodnoks's army-he kept himself in the castle/town the whole game-well,a body might get hurt meandering about a battlefield!!-Alfonso had placed some cavalry on his left flank,but behind the hill and behind a large column of light infantry-effectively excluding them from the battle-poor tactics-poor Alfonso!!!-his right flank cavalry were also kept out of the battle,but by brilliant tactics!!

The two sides advance-note the "planted" stakes on the river bank-on the far side the Viking archers have driven off some javelinmen,and are now occupying the hill-why didn't Alfonso just stay in the Town,and let the Vikings come to him???-The bike on the table is free to anyone who can come and collect it-excellent condition!

Top photo shows the first clash-the Vikings had throwing weapons,but the Spanish had long spears,so it was basically even-stevens.Bottom photo shows the Spanish cavalry being frustrated by the stakes(no Vegan jokes please!)

Top photo shows the melee developing,and both sides having to "double-up" to try and gain an advantage-bottom photo shows the Spanish line being disrupted and buckling under the assault by the Vikings-never mind "where's Wally-where's Alfonso?"

I do love a good stake-which is more than can be said of the Spanish cavalry!! How are the infantry doing?

Well,to use a horse racing term-"They're orf!!"-running as fast as their little leaden legs could carry them.

Bloodnok took vast quantities of gold and provisions from the hapless Alfonso,but also demanded all of his cavalry!!-the cavalry were given,but can they be trusted to fight for the vikings,when asked to do so??

Bloodnok's ships were pushed,pulled and set on rollers to get to the river,down which the army will sail,until they reach their next major goal-LEON.


Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Introduction to the Viking Campaign-25mm.

By way of an introduction to my latest campaign,I will set the scene and introduce the Viking characters who will take part in it.

The main Viking "King" is called Bloodnok,he has 4 "captains under him,called:-

Brian-the - Blessed,Eric-the-Idle, Sven Erikson,and Magnus Magnuson-all command ships with a "crew" of 3 units of warriors.

This is "King" Bloodnok-a nasty piece of work!

Top photo is Brian-the-Blessed,bottom photo is Eric-the-Idle

Top photo is Sven Erikson,bottom photo is Magnus Magnuson.

The viking fleet has sailed down the Channel,crossed the Bay of Biscay,and landed,for supplies,at the small town of Fisterra(in Norther Spain)-the local garrison was completely wiped out in a vicious assault led by Bloodnok,Brian and Eric,but not before a prisoner had informed them that the next larger town was rich and ready to be captured,but that their army contained Cavalry,the town is called Santiago-and this will be the first reported battle of the campaign-next week.

Terrain maps of the "skirmish" at Fisterra and the first big battle at Santiago.


15mm. Campaign Update.

After the battle of the Gabro Pass,Crustinuts marched on to Gabrosentum,only to find that the Brigantes had fled,in a fleet of ships,over to an island called Manavia Ins,or the isle of Mann!

Suitably incensed,Crustinuts sends messengers requesting reinforcements/replacements and a fleet to transport his army across to Manavia Ins. After a few weeks a fleet is spotted and Crustinuts hurries down to the docks,to be faced with none other than Lambus Navicus,the man who abandoned him and the army in Scotland!!-Lambus is immediately  arrested and  Crucified, upside down, in a bucket of his own excrement!!-that'll teach him!

Once the Roman army is ready,they set sail for the Island-the Brigantes will not escape this time!The campaign will start again later this week.However I am also conducting a concurrent campaign involving Vikings against Spanish(and eventually Moorish) troops based in various exotic locations in and around the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands-if I don't keep busy,I'll go mad!!

Oh,by the way,A very Happy New Year to you all!!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

15mm Campaign in Northern Britain.

Before I report on my latest game,  a big "shout-out" to Dave who has the dreaded Virus,and is self-isolating at home-get well soon mate (same to your Mum!) we are all thinking of you!

Last week I had a small game involving all the Auxiliaries foraging/pillaging a small village called Brexitum(I know,I know!) and they got a right old beating from the local Brigantes-Crustinuts was furious and resolved to wipe out the tribe at all costs!(but without the "lost" auxiliaries,who can not be replaced for months to come,)so any future battles will have to be fought without them! 

This is the terrain map for the battle of Brexitum,showing how the Aux. troops got themselves into trouble-they were attacked from all sides and suffered very badly,but managed to escape and report back to Crustinuts.

Crustinuts' next objective is the coastal town of Gabrosentum(Moresby)-the only approach to the town is through the Gabro Pass,and this is where the Brigantes hope to stop the Roman advance!

This is the terrain map for the battle of the Gabro Pass-both flanks were weak,but the plan was for the centre legions to hold back and draw the Brigantes in,then hit them with a Canae-type manoeuvre.

Top photo shows the "plan" being put into operation-both flanks advancing and the centre holding back-bottom photo shows the struggle that the Roman left flank cavalry had against superior(just!) numbers of Brigante cavalry.

Top is the left flank Aux. being hard pressed by Warbands and chariots,bottom photo is the right flank,also being hard pressed,but the chariots have been sent packing by the Cavalry,and are dis-rupting the Warbands behind them-_sound familiar?? At this stage in the game,Crustinuts decided he would have to help out the Aux. troops by sending in a few cohorts from his second line.

Top shows the central legions clashing with a massive attack by the Brigante warbands-the chariots had been very ineffective,and the Roman pila had a very upsetting effect on the Warbands!!-bottm photo shows the 232rd Aux, and cavalry pushing the Brigantes back-has the tide turned??

Top-Left flank Roman cavalry not doing very well and on the point of retiring(it's good being retired!) Bottom-left flank Aux. troops being hard pressed to the point of needing Legionary assistance!!!-oh dear this was not in the script!

This is the Roman right flank,winning and pushing the Brigantes back towards the Pass-at the same time the Brigante centre collapsed,and it decided to retire(it's still good being retired!) but what of the left flank?

Top photo is a general view of the board,on move number 7-the Roman line has stabilised,and with the collapse of the centre and left of the Brigantes,their right also decided to call it a day and go back(notice I resisted the "urge" to say retired!!)-however the bottom photo shows the Roman cavalry being chased from the field!!!

The Romans were declared the winners at this stage-hurrah!!,but at what cost?-they lost 6 cavalry units,1 archer unit,4 Aux. units.-The Brigantes lost 5 chariots,1 cavalry unit and 14 warbands!!-another emphatic win for Crustinuts.

A very merry Christmas to you all-stay well and stay safe-your country need you!!