Wednesday, 1 April 2020

New buys and painting progress

As we're all busy heading for cabin fever land I add my latest on line purchase.

These foam holders are for my WW2 North African Tommie's
Cheap and very good value

Meanwhile .. the decorators are cracking on with lightening my anyscale fuel dumps and another coat onto Dave's Italian tanks. 
More to come over the next few weeks

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

New Club Venue.

Having put my house under Martial Law,I have commandeered the small bedroom as my temporary wargames room.

It's dry and warm and comfortable,what more could you ask for??-I even invited the rest of the "boys" around to watch me play some solo games....................................

Thanks for coming around lads,I really appreciate your company,but I'm not sure that you're observing the guidelines for "social distancing"!!!!!!!!

My first game-English Civil War,using all the 15mm figures I have-a grand affair,very enjoyable,and,I'm sure it will be one of many until his terrible business is all over.

An all-action game,taking about an hour and a half,with a win for the Parliamentarians-great stuff.
My next game,tomorrow, will be an attack by a Royalist force against a Parliamentarian-held village,with me taking the part of the Royalists.

The set-up for tomorrow -the "boys" seem to have gone home!!!

Monday, 30 March 2020

Spartan Vignette,and Moan!

First the "Moan"-about Tesco,and their to 10am "Elderly" slot-we joined the queue at 5 minutes to 9am,and didn't get into the shop until 10am!!-I estimated the queue to be about a mile(yes a mile!) long containing about 300 "elderly" people-organisation and method is obviously not their strong point!!!!!

Bloody ridiculous-3 degrees as well!

Now onto proper things,I mentioned in my last blog that I had found some Ancient Greek figures in my rumblebox,and had decided to do a vignette of the last of the Spartans at Thermopylae 480BC......................

Top photo shows the figures which have been drilled and wire stuck into the holes,and a couple of them bent into appropriate positions,as having been shot full of arrows,and just about to fall!
Bottom is a close up-the wire was cut to length when the glue had dried!

Wire trimmed and figures put into position,for me to envisage the finished vignette,now for the painting.....................

Very simple paint job,not too many colours to worry about-the figures are from Warrior,are cleanly cast and very detailed.

Top shows figures stuck onto base and in final positions,bottom shows my attempt at making the base a bit more interesting by adding lichen and some stones!!

Next project is some Napoleonic light infantry!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

A Plethora of Pachiderms.

I have achieved two goals this week,one I've finished the Elephant model,two,following Government guidelines,I have been to Tesco for ESSENTIALS.........................

Phew,rum and coke and lemon slices-luxury to the palate!!
The elephant model I started earlier this week,is now finished-hurrah!

Early stages,and simple colour scheme(lazy!)-I decided to paint the Mahout in situ,in case I couldn't get him in place once the tower was put on.

Top photo shows tower stuck on,bottom photo should have a caption of"does my bum look big in this?"

Top photo shows the 4 figures supplied,but only 2 can fit into the tower,and I hate wasting things,so I added a shield to the spare javelin man,and included him on the base.

All finished! I took the following photo's to show my Successor-type elephants.............

11 Successors,12 Carthaginians plus 12 Indians-you can't have too many elephants!!!

In my last blog I mentioned my "Rumblebox"-here it is.........................

Unwanted,unloved,broken and discarded figures from as far back as the early 70's-thousands of 'em!!
Whilst "rumbling" through the box last night,I came across some Ancient Greeks,so just might paint up a small "vignette" of the Spartans last stand at Thermopylae-oh no not another project!!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Good News/Bad News.

Bad news-have had to cancel my audience with the Pope(no flights!) Good news is.....................

I managed to get a "triage" nurse to prescribe some anti-biotics-hurrah,so should see the back of my cough by early next week
Even more good news-I have finished the Rangers and Courier du bois figures,unforunately I don't have any card to mount them on,so they'll have to wait a few weeks before I can get them onto the table!!

I'm quite pleased with the results,let's see what the Indians make of them-eventually!!

I found an Elephant in my garage this afternoon-as you do!!

I found this,complete and in a plastic bag,in my "rumble box"(remember the old rumble boxes you used to find at shows??) and ,of course, it is my next painting project.

The damned things never went together properly,but a bit of the old "polyfilla" does the trick!!

Everything stuck,just need to put them onto their painting bases,and the project will begin!


As this fantastic book has a whole section on Successor Elephants,I will be using it as a painting guide.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Painting update/Club News.

As expected,we learned today that Carronade show at Falkirk has been cancelled due to this virus-a great pity but understandable in the circumstances!
I feel "blessed" at this time,in that this hobby has given me two wonderful things:-something to keep me occupied in times of need,and,possibly the greatest thing anyone can have, Good Mates who have all phoned to make sure my wife and I are okay(special thanks to Paul for getting us a chicken and rare tins of Ratatouille!!!)-couldn't do without you lads!.
Well,I've been "cracking" on with the Ranger and Courer du bois figures(I've actually seen three different spellings of these!!)

Block colour has been put on the lot-green for rangers,brown(different shades) for the others(see the way I avoided the spelling thing?) I have decided to paint eight kneeling figures first,so that I can fit them into an existing plastic canoe or rowing -type boat.

First eight,almost complete-these are nice figures to paint-although I must admit that ,for my eyes, there are too many straps to wrestle with!

He looks a bit aggressive doesn't he?-in the background it looks like there's a "line dancing" class going on!!

Top photo shows Rangers in the canoe,bottom shows the "others" in same said canoe!!
I have stuck the figures onto a narrow base,because they will only be used in either the canoe or the rowing boat.

Highly decorative rowing boat,c/w Rangers-you can just see the narrow base that I stuck them to.

The rest of the figures are progressing nicely,and should be finished in a couple of days time.

I set myself two targets for today-one was to gain an audience with the Pope,the second was to contact a Doctor about my awful cough(and hopefully get some anti-biotics),well,I am seeing the Pope next tuesday(flights permitting!) but so far no Doctor,still I will keep trying!!
Please keep reading my "drivel" and commenting where appropriate.