Monday, 16 January 2017

Battle of Denain 1712.

Last night we had a 100% turnout for the re-fight of this famous,but very difficult- to -find out- any- maps,battle-it turned out to be one of the most exciting and interesting battles we have fought-ever!!

Top photo shows the scenario,and bottom photo is the table before any movement.
I was Villars,aided and abetted by Graham on my left and Dave on my right,Paul was Albermarle,supported by Brian who commended the right of the allies-all was set for a great game.

Dave has started his out-flanking move against the allies' left flank,and the village situated there-however Paul had thrown the requisite dice and the Austrians have started to arrive on move number two(this was not historically correct,as the Austrians took no part in the battle!)

My attack against the town is developing,and,being historically correct,I have ordered them to take the position at"bayonet point"-the real Villars wouldn't have ordered this if he was up against Paul's "demon dice throwing!"

On the far left flank,Graham has instigated a Cavalry melee,which was always doomed to failure!

But his infantry attack,against Brian's Dutch, was a sight to see.In the town,I have gained an initial success,but Paul is piling troops into the position,and I might just get thrown out again!
Action all the way!!

See what I mean?-is Brian looking to the heavens for inspiration??
Dave's attack is in progress now,and with cavalry swirling all over the place and volley firing by the infantry,this was a spectacular sight,but neither side was gaining any real advantage.

The town is mine!!-hurrah!!!!-but Paul is sending reinforcements,in the shape of British foot,surely he wouldn't hit me in the flank and cause a mass brawl-would he??

Yes he would,and did!!-all my troops are beaten-woe is me-on the right Dave is fighting for his life,and is giving the allies a "bloody nose"-we might win this yet!

On the left,Graham is being very reluctant to advance past the town-he has advantage in numbers,and a fresh brigade-come on Graham!!!!-Brian is content to stand and hold his ground,and a damned good job he is making of it too!!

Dave is pushing onwards,and engaging the Austrians in the village,but once again the "demon dice thrower" was in action,killing most of Dave's officers,and sending the troops reeling!!!

Despite numerous attempts to beat back the allies,Dave was being held,as was Graham,and with the town in allied hands,all was lost,and the allies were awarded the victory...............

One last photo,as Paul surveys the scene of his(and Brian's) victory-well done to us all for this magnificent game.
Roll on Thursday-a colonial game Zulu/Dervish-who knows?

Friday, 13 January 2017

Romans vs Dacians. 101AD

For our first Thursday game of 2017,we picked Romans vs Dacians in a "Snow-filled" terrain-a bit ironic because it was the coldest night of the winter so far!!-however with the garage heaters going full blast,it soon warmed up-as did the game!!

Top photo is scenario,and bottom photo is the table before any movement-you can just see the camp burning nicely!!-this was a pity,because I turned out to be the commander of the right flank Romans,and consequently had no place to hide!!!
Brian commanded the left flank Romans whilst Paul and Graham commanded the Dacians.

Warm and inviting!!-the towers blaze away,keeping my auxiliaries' backs warm-the Dacians, commanded by Graham, were keeping their fronts warm!!!!

This shows Brian's flank!-he opted for an all out attack(the best form of defence?)-this worked out quite well,for a while,but he was hoping for help from my half of the legion-fool!!!

On the far left of this shot,I have marched my cohorts to the bridge to prevent Graham from sending help to Paul-my auxiliaries have formed a defensive formation,because the Sarmatian cavalry (extra heavy types) are making mincemeat of my cavalry!!-the figures inside the fort are "casualties"-ie. lost and taken off the board!!-oh dear!

This shows Graham's Sarmatian cavalry-he used a combination of horse archers and these "heavies" to win my far right flank,then followed up with a mad rush of big hairy Dacians wielding their two-handed weapons(can't touch you for it!!)-however my troops were up for a fight and didn't do too badly,for a couple of moves.

This is from Graham's side of the table,showing my thin red line of cohorts-gaps started appearing after melees,and really it was the beginning of the end for the Romans on my flank-but what of Brian?-as long as he holds a nice clean Roman line,he should be ok!!.............

Oh hell!!-Brian is being put under alot of pressure from Paul's determined attacks.

My auxiliaries have had it!! and my cohorts have been pushed back onto their original hill position!!-not looking good!

Brian's cohorts are all over the place!-once the line is broken all is lost!-and we were!!!

Too much pressure,resulting in the Dacians being declared the winners!!
this was a very exciting and tense game,each side having "problems" to solve.
Well done lads,and roll on Sunday,when we will be re-fighting the battle of "Denain" 1712.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Battle of "The Bones".-Spain 1097AD

For our first game of 2017,we played a Medieval/Crusader type game,using "El Cid" Spanish and Normans against a Moorish army.

Top photo is the scenario and bottom photo is the table before any movement-Paul was Yusuf ben Tariq,Dave was General Sharaf,Graham was Raymond of Castile and Brian was Robert Duke of Normandy-all was set for a great game..........................

The "boys" in good fettle before the game,discussing a box of "Bolt Action" tanks etc. bought by Dave and Paul off "E-Bay"(Dave,Graham,Brian,Paul) 

The game started briskly,with both teams having the same plan,of holding in the centre until the flanks were secured-Brian changed his plan half way through the game but forgot to tell Graham!!!

Dave is advancing on the Norman lines-he had two units of Camels,and used the "smell factor" well,upsetting Brian's Heavy Cavalry.Dave also had two Mangonels,which were manned by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles!!!-say no more!!!

These lovely little models were bought in a museum shop and are actually "pencil sharpeners"!

Paul's flank is under pressure in this shot,although he used his light cavalry well,by charging up to the Spanish heavies,hurling his javelins then swirling away before the slower moving troops could catch him!!-historically correct,and so frustrating to Graham's plans-and great wargaming!

Brian and Dave have made contact!-note the camel unit "lurking" on the flank,and making the Norman cavalry fight at -1 from their dice-this was a decisive tactic,and upset Brian's plan(which one,I hear you ask!!)

As the "tumbleweed" drifts across the centre.....................................

Paul's "hit and run" tactics are paying off,and the flank is stabilised-hurrah!!

Dave is slowly, but surely, driving the Normans back,and it looks like he has taken the position,so with both flanks fairly secure,it must be time for the central troops to start fighting(?)

The Moors are advancing onto the stationary Spanish-even with Graham's heavy cavalry  hitting Paul's light troops in the flank and destroying them,Paul still managed to beat the main central line,and all was lost for the Spanish!!

Brian declared himself as well and truly "ploated"(which is a Geordie word for being well and truly beaten!!) and Graham also declared himself beaten,so the Moors retained the "Bones" and were declared the winners of this cracking game-well done to everyone.

I have been planning ahead,and have issued the lads with a list of games to be played on the Sundays and Thursdays in January and February.........................

Happy "gaming" to you all for 2017,and keep the comments coming(good or bad!)-every comment will be replied to.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Unique and Brilliant Idea!

Having just read January's "Wargames Illustrated" I have come up with a new,unique and totally brilliant idea-I can't believe that no-one has thought of this before,whether they be companies or ordinary(?) wargamers.This will surely change the face of wargaming for the next millenium-I will produce and publish a"new set of rules"-how about that for a brilliant idea???????
I counted 13,yes 13 "new" rulesets(as they are now called) advertised in WI-good God man we'll soon need a set of rules for looking for new sets of rules!!!! But,I suppose, the sheep will go where the rule writers lead them!
Using historical knowledge and correct tactics for your chosen period,just make your own up!
Happy New Year to you all.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fort Panache 1754.

To relieve the boredom of the days between Xmas and New Year,and the disappointment of "Time Commanders" we decided to have a short,sharp and fun game last night.................

Top photo is the scenario and bottom photo is table lay-out before any movement.
We picked sides and Brian was in charge of the British,Graham was in charge of the Rangers,whilst I took command of the French and Irish,leaving Paul to command the Indians.

Brian opened the proceedings with a fantastic attack along the whole line-initially his firing was far better than mine,and I worried in case the scenario would fall apart after three moves!!!
Brian had a waggon full of gun powder at his disposal,which he could push up to the fort gates and blow them down,but he elected to postpone that delight until later on in the game.

Meanwhile,in the woods,the Rangers and Indians were getting stuck into it!!
What both sides didn't know was that there were two Bears hidden in the trees,who would attack any troops venturing too near them!!!-oh how we laughed when they did!!!(if you look carefully at the top right hand side of this photo you can see one of them running away after "biting" someone!!)

The local Indian barber decides to give this Ranger a short back and sides!!

Brian's attack is progressing nicely,and my Irish(who couldn't move until move number 3) are now taking over from the French,who have decided that they have had enough,and are legging it back to France!!!
Brian has deployed his "burning waggon! and although I managed to shoot down the friendly Indians pushing it,they have managed to get it onto the bridge-if it blows up, the fort gates will go with it,leaving the fort vulnerable to assault!!

Back in the woods,all hell is breaking loose!-the Rangers seemed to have laser sighted rifles,and were shooting the Indian chiefs down left,right and centre!!-this was not good for Indian morale(!!)-ie. most of them ran away!!

BOOM!!!-like a scene from the "Italian Job" the doors are off!! however fortunes have turned and I am winning the volley war,leaving Brian with no troops to assault the fort-hurrah!!
Always a tricky thing to do,but sometimes necessary, Brian put his commander in charge of one of his regiments,to stop them retiring(it's good being retired!) and got him shot,forcing his whole command to disappear!!!

With nobody to support,the Rangers gave it up as a bad job,and fell back to the woods,and the game was over!
A good bit of fun was had by all,and the next time we meet will be on the 8th January 2017.
A very happy new year to you all.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Time Commanders-3rd Programme review.

Last night was the last in the "series" of this show,and to be fair,I really can't give an un-biased review because I switched it off half way through!!-why did I switch it off?-well,I can't understand why the BBC would even dream of putting people on the show who didn't have any basic idea of history or basic military terms(eg, infantry,cavalry,flanks etc!!)-the switch off moment came when "Atilla" said he had "axe guys,and sword guys",and at one point he mentioned "mounted foot soldiers"- my wife thought I was having some kind of break-down,as I leapt from my seat,swore,and proceeded to man-handle the television!!!
Wouldn't it have been a million times better to show real wargaming enthusiasts plan the battle,position their forces and then using the correct tactics from the period,fight the battle?
I honestly hope the BBC don't produce another series!
We will be playing tonight-French/Indian wars-sanity returning(I hope!)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Time Commanders,2nd programme review.

O.M.G!!!!-what the hell was that all about??-talk about a bloody shambles-like the rest of you I must have read a million accounts and books etc. on Waterloo,but I didn't have a clue what was going on last night-I didn't even recognise the terrain,let alone anything else!!
This was a missed opportunity by the BBC to highlight our fantastic hobby-won't be watching the next, and final, one-do I sound p----d off?-you bet I am!!
Any positive comments?