Friday, 30 November 2012

Club and painting update.30.11.12.

As it's too cold to stand in the garage without the heaters on,I thought I would update you on who is painting what at the moment.

All of the above are figures painted by Brian,as part of his Danish Grenadier corps.The figures are Irregular Miniatures,and he's done a good job on them.

The two photo's above are of my finished tetudos,all five of them,they look good and I will no doubt have them on the board very soon.

This is my latest "project",although I actually started the project a while back.They are Seven Years War figures by Pete Foggin,and,although basic,look good when painted.

A couple of finished figs. in among twenty four others!
Paul has started painting his Front Rank Austrian army again,so I had better get my "skates on" and paint as many as possible.

Dave is painting when he can,and is concentrating on;Napoleonics,Tipoo Sultan,and a "secret " project,which he is keeping under wraps until it's finished.....Hmmmm.

Graham bought a boat load of figs at Smoggycon,Napoleonics,and will keep us updated on his progress.We are still awaiting his WW2 figures as well.

I mentioned Smoggycon before,so thought I will let you see some of the photos I took.

The photo below was taken before the game started and shows the Auxilliaries and Northern Tribes.

My Tribes have hit Dave's Baggage train,this was supposed to be a walk over for me,but,as usual, things didn't quite work out like that!!

The battle is in full swing in this shot,as you can see everyone is rushing around,moving figures,working out morale and tactics,oh and Brian is having his lunch!!!!

This is the Antonine Wall being attacked by Graham and Brian (who had finished his lunch by now!)

A rare shot of me and Paul relaxing before the game started,is that chap in the background pointing at me????

Thursday, 29 November 2012

They Don't Like It Up 'Em !!

Brian and I had a Colonial game this morning,based on the conquest of the Sudan,Brian was in command of a British force and I commanded the Dervish forces.

The advance against the Infidels begins,my "hidden" troops surprise the British.

The Punjabi infantry prepare to fire on my Ansars,whilst the Seaforths and Camel corps move onto the flank.Brian was "hoodwinked" into thinking that everything dressed in white,with black faces, and moving quickly,would be Dervish troops,this was unforunate when his Egyptian allies,wearing their Summer uniforms,came onto the board,because he shot them!! and they went off the board!!

The Ansars and Punjabi infantry clash,although greatly outnumbered,these fine troops stood their ground,until reinforced by the Notts. regiment,and drove me back.

My Haddendowah infantry and cavalry emerge from behind a dune to attack the British right flank and village.

My supporting Ansars arrive to save the day(?) however being shot at whilst advancing didn't do much for their morale,and by the time they made contact they were already "spent"

This shot shows the Northumberland Fusiliers,firing at effective range against the Haddendowah,they failed to stop them,and a fearsome melee took place,which eventually saw the Fusiliers retreat!!

This shows the Berkshire regiment taking up positions in the village,and about to be assaulted by screaming Dervish units.

On the left flank of the British position,Brian advanced his Camel unit,dismounted them,and then proceeded to pass his Lancers through them to attack my Baggara cavalry,who then beat him in the ensuing melee,and retired through the Camels and forcing them to retire!!

Northumberlands versus Haddendowah,wreathed in smoke,a second unit is advancing on the gun on Brian's left flank,which was lost in a flurry of blood and guts!

This shows the last of my troops trying to get a result anywhere on the board,Brian used his Guns to great effect,and eventually I had to admit defeat,however he still had not achieved his objective of getting to the oasis,which is out of picture to the right.
This was a very enjoyable game,full of surprises and lucky dice throws,roll on Sunday,when I hope we will be having a large American Civil War game.

One Direction,eat your heart out! Actually, the only direction this lot are going is DOWNHILL!!!
this was a shot from Smoggycon,before our demo. game started.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Smoggycon 2012. 24.11.12. Report.

Smoggycon Show took place on Saturday 24th November in Middlesbrough,and of course we attended and put on a Demonstration game,based on an "Incident" on the Antonine Wall,ie Romans vs Northern Tribes.

We have been to Smoggycon before so we had no trouble finding the venue,however I do think the map supplied on the "flyer" could be made more simple.

The venue had loads of parking,was warm (upstairs anyway) and food and drink were available,the "Door Boys" were very friendly and helpful,and the whole atmosphere was good,which is more than can be said for the weather!!

Our game went down well,and we spent alot of time talking to various war gamers and traders,who were interested in our figures (Prince August Cast-your-own Romans and Barbarians). We even gave our address and phone number to three or four interested guys,so you never know,our little club may expand-watch this space!!

The scenario was simple. Dave was in command of three Auxillia infantry cohorts and an alae of cavalry escorting supplies. They had been collecting them north of the Antonine Wall and were on the way home.

Behind the earthen/timber wall is the impressive full Legio Phoenix, ten cohorts of the toughest meanest legionaries north of  Hispania. A body guard and three cavalry alae attend the highly talented and connected Commander Paulus ........ yes all right its me.

What could go wrong?

Along the flanks of Dave's route appear natives who perhaps haven't got the hang of Pax Romana,taxes or even deodorant!   (Actually the public at Smoggycon were surprisingly fresh today ... not a whiff about!! well done all of you!)

John's natives appeared on the edges of the marsh to Dave's left flank. Good job that stream is not fordable at this time of year!

What do you mean the driest since weather was invented ...... Oh dear !

Then Brian really upset Dave when he appeared on the edges of the forest on the right flank.
He just knows that the Legion will send help ...

Won't they?

So, rudely awaken the order is given , two bacon sarnies and ............. oh the other one...... sorry

Send out six cohorts, two cavalry alae and press my best tunic, no the red one !

Meanwhile the Auxiliia are coping really well ... well nearly. Actually after the initial clash and slight reverse ...... Dave actually managed to push those natives back over the stream. Easy peesy.
But John's men are made of stern stuff though and there are lots of them. Weight of number grind on. Dave launches another attack to breach the closing net, cavalry and veteran cohort driving deep into the foe and a gap opens.
The waggons are driven forward straight towards the heavy troops rushing out of the gates. Dave joins the fray and leads by example. My Hero!

Well you know between glorious success and a sword in the belly is a fine line. Down he goes and Jimmy (Brian)McReggie strikes again!
An impressive record of leadership potting continues. I'm sure he's descended from Brutus somewhere.
"Far too easy to kill an officer" as our clairvoyant once said.

Meanwhile a legionary line is formed to prevent Brian from intercepting those wagons. A huge clash ensues and Brian takes another step into the annals of the group. More cavalry battles. Both sides lock in a prolonged fight, Brian's noble infantry pushing the centre of the line inwards, the line must break soon and the gates reached.

What do you mean your throwing pila again? You've used them before haven't you? 

How come when everything goes well someone has a primus cohort handy to exchange lines, chuck loads of pila and charge into you .......

.. it's in the rules ha ha!

A respite for the line as the wagons keep rolling.

Just when it was all in hand Graham turns up!
Skirting the marsh and trampling past John's mopping up of the doomed Auxillia he's heading for the wall and the rear of those Legionaries.

Just as well those two cohorts are posted covering the direction of this sneaky attack.

The lines clash, the wall is attacked and those ballista and archers inflict some damage from the towers as the Celts close in.

Meanwhile fear drives the wagons on.

Just about the end as the wagons are in and the camp guard is on hand to keep non invited guests away.  

Tickets please?

We all agreed that the show was a success and we are looking forward to 2013 now.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Painting and Dove update.

Below is a photo of Brian's newly painted Dove hunting archer unit,can anyone see a Dove?

That newly painted Dove hunting archer unit really needs to keep its eyes open for a passing Dove.

Do you think any of them have spotted the Dove ??

WOW!! Brian,that newly painted Dove hunting archer unit are really good shots......

Mad,we're all mad!

Roman Civil War 49BC.

For Sunday's game we've shot backwards in time,from the American Civil War to the Roman Civil War. The game is a ficticious battle on the Brundisium Plain in Italy.
Depending on if Graham can turn up,his wife has just come out of hospital, Brian and I would take the part of Caesar,and Paul would take on the role of Pompey.

Above is the simple scenario and map of the start positions for both armies.

This photo shows the overall view down the table,with the Caesarian forces on the left,and Pompey on the right.

The Elephants on Pompey's right flank legion,fronted by skirmishers.

This shot shows the Gauls on Caesar's right flank legion,again fronted by Velites.

This is a shot of Pompey's legions.

This is a shot of Caesar's legions,in their traditional 3 lines of,Hastati,Princepes,and Triarii.

Before I start the battle report,I must give a real heartfelt thankyou to Brian's wife,Sally,who sent us two model Doves,to grace the wargames table. It's really nice to think that these symbols of Peace and Love still have a place in a world that is full of violence and hate,so,once again, a big thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

And now the battle report;From move one there was action across the whole board,both Brian and Paul had decided to get their cavalry involved straight away,and ordered charges and outflanking moves.

This is a photo of the cavalry battle,both sides trying to capture the opposing hill,the cavalry melee'd for most of the game,the tide of war swinging one way then the other,with some good and bad dice throws bringing out the best and worst of both players-language wise that is!!

In the centre thing were always going to be tough,with the same troop types fighting each other.This shot is of the Gauls hitting Paul's left flank Legion,they did quite well, for Barbarians, and gave us time to engage all along the line,in the background you can see my move,with the Hastati,trying to thwart the Elephants coming in against me.

Here is an overall shot of the table,everything seems to be involved,scary stuff!! For along time the battle hung in the balance and it was down to morale on many occasions,with supporting troops and commanders playing a very important role.

This is ashot of Paul's Elephants crashing into my Hastati,however I had moved them obliquely,so he had to come in at an angle,which allowed me to get my Princepes onto his flank,the result was a defeat for the Elephants,and the inevitable morale test!!!

Off they go! in a formation that Billy Smart would have been proud of!!Paul was hoping that they would have routed to his left,and destroyed my centre legion,but the Gods were looking down on me,and they went right,and out of harms way.I quickly exchanged lines and renewed the fight on this flank.

The cavalry battle continues,however this produced a laugh-inducing moment of the game.Both Brian and Paul,to stop a unit retreating,put their commanders into the fight,and guess what? Both commanders were killed!!
This put both sides in jeopardy,and resulted in morale tests,which saw units taking off in all directions!! (Reggie,or Brian as we call him,maintained his King Killer reputation!)
This "episode" resulted in Brian's troops being widely dispersed,and Paul took advantage of this to threaten the whole of the centre.

Whilst I was holding my own (no law against that!) in the centre,Brian's legion was struggling ,here he had to throw the Gauls in for a second time,and,as they had suffered casualties before,they were soundly beaten,and thrown back!

The battle for the centre rages on,and on, and on..........

OH DEAR!! this is a photo the "ugly hole" that appeared when Brian's Gauls decided to go back home. This was the final straw for Caesar's battered and bleeding Legions,and Pompey Paul was declared the winner.

another great game,very exciting and played with excellent spirit.

Sally,here is a photo of Mr Dove spreading peace and love to Mr Elephant!

Oh look Sally,Mr Dove is spreading peace and love to Mr Lion now !!
Oh dear, Mr Dove is about to be catapulted against a city wall and reduced to a bloody,feathery mess,ah well it's the thought that counts!!

Roll on Thursday,which will be a Dove-free game,Peace and Love man,Peace and Love.