Wednesday, 23 November 2011

news update

We have recently been experimenting with some new Morale rules which we think reflect what would/could happen when troops are called upon to test their Morale. The whole concept is that all troops start with a Morale Rating of 12 and this is "whittled" away by being shot at,charged,having insecure flanks etc.etc. at any time during the game either side can demand that a unit takes a Morale test,and by a list of positive and negative factors that unit must get back to its original number of 12 or follow a list of retires or routs. IT all sounds quite complicated but our recent "play test" games have shown that it is very fast,very simple , and most of all,very playable and realistic.

As far as the group goes,I am painting some Persian cavalry,bought from Warrior Miniature of Glasgow,who provide a cheap range of figures,give a fantastic mail order service and who will give you a good deal on bulk buy.
I have finished 12 extra heavy cav.12 light cav,12 horse archers,and have started a further 12 heavy cav. which should be finished by this weekend;this of course shows the main benefit of being retired!!

We are going down to "Smoggycon" at middlesbrough on Saturday and hope to get rid of our surplus cash,and ask the organisers if we can put on a demonstration game at next year's show.
Dave is having bother getting onto this blog,he has some photo's of our last "horse and musket" game,devised by Graham,this proved to be one of the most exciting and nail biting games we have had for a long time,congratulations to Graham for that.
Paul has had some bad news in that he is facing redundancy in the new year,we wish him luck and hope he gets another job very quickly.

Two of our "satelite" wargamers,Michael and Chris may be coming to the north east over Xmas and we will of course entertain them to as many games as they would like to play.