Monday, 11 June 2018

Battle of Thermopolopolis 480BC.

Last night we saw a magnificent attack,a magnificent defence and a magnificent game.
Paul couldn't make it,so it fell to Dave and I to command the Persians,whilst Brian and Graham commanded the Greeks.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.

The game got off to a cracking start,with the Spartans(Graham) moving swiftly towards the waiting Immortals-we had bows,the Greeks did not,so Graham's tactic was to cut out the number of shots I could get at him(clever,and realistic ie Marathon!!)

On the other flank,Dave is attacking Brian's position with his Cardaces infantry and Axemen!
The Thebans had been put behind the wall because their troops were untried and I had given them a low fighting value and morale-Dave didn't know this,but was soon to find out!!

Top photo shows the even fight between Brian's Corinthians and Dave's Cardaces inf. bottom photo shows the Spartans attacking the Greek mercenaries-again an even match,and what a tussle!! Neither side could claim an advantage at this stage,and then...........................

A shout of victory(accompanied by a sort of jiggy "dad dance") from Dave heralded a break through against the Thebans,however Brian is moving his reserve Anthenians to block the Axemen!!-this is really going to be tight.

From the other flank,there was a cry of despair,as a combination of Spartans and Athenians manage to start a push back against the Immortals-so I instigated a forward move by my reserves,but I think I have left a bit too late-woe is me????

Yes!! woe is definitely me!!-look at the state of the Immortals-running for their little lead lives!!
The flank is lost,so it's up to Dave to save the day-send in the Royal Bodyguard!!!!!

Top photo shows Dave's use of his reserves,to finally break the resolve of the Thebans and Athenians-bottom photo shows the Royal Bodyguard smashing into the remnants of Brian's Corinthians and Athenians-hurrah!!-it was decided that,even though my flank had been destroyed by the Spartans(and their Athenian allies) the Greek position was untenable,and the Persians were the "masters" of the field!!

One last shot showing the magnificent Spartan/Athenian line,and the "running-away" Immortals.
We won't be playing for a couple of weeks,mainly due to me going off to sunny Corfu,so we'll have to catch up on a Waterloo game and a game for our sadly missed friend Tommy,when I get back.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Game preview/Greeks vs Persians.

I have been painting (in-between sore eyes) furiously over the past two weeks,the 100 Greek Hoplites that I had ordered from Warrior Miniatures,and having finished them,I naturally had to have them on the board,and so the game of Thermopolopolis was born!!!

The scenario and table,as the "lads" will see it on Sunday.

Athenian reserve,with Spartans to their left and Thebans to their right-off picture,further right are the Corinthians.

A view from the Spartan-held far left flank,looking towards the advancing Greek Mercenaries and the Persian Immortals.

The rest of the Spartan contingent-looking menacing(as usual!)

The Persian centre and King's Bodyguard.

If he's needed,it means the Persian army is in a bit of bother!!!

Don't three hedgehogs look triple cute????

Roll on Sunday.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Battle of the Strongholds.

Because my eyes are not feeling too good today,I will just print some photo's of the game we had last night,which featured Romans attacking two Alpini strongholds,and it also gave me the chance to use my Warrior Miniatures Testudos-hurrah!!

Scenario and table,before any movement.

Testudos ready to pounce!


Opened out and fighting the defenders.

I am attacking Brian's auxiliaries,on the Roman right flank.

The "ding-dong" cavalry battle on the Roman left flank.

The Romans(Paul's command) have captured,for a while, the stronghold!!

But have failed to capture this one!!

In the centre,the Romans are contesting every inch!!

End-of-the-game shot!The Romans failed to capture the strongholds and were being given a right old lesson in Fighting,from the Alpini.-well done lads,roll on next Sunday!

Aren't two hedgehogs double cute???