Thursday, 29 April 2010

Napoleonic Game

I found some photos of a recent Napoleonic game we had so I thought I would post them. It was a fairly straight forward bash wit the Allies (Russia, Austria and Prussia) attacking a strong French force defending two farms. The game was really an excuse to get some new troops on the table, the 10battalions of Russians I had recently bought ready painted from Reinforcements By Post and some of Grahams Front Rank Austrians (painted by himself). Graham and myself commanded the Allies and John and Paul the French. On the right flank Graham moves to the attack with his lovely Austrians in the foreground.

Graham launches his Dragoons in a death or Glory charge (can you guess which one?). Shades of Balaklava! "Guns to the right of them. . . "

On the French right the steady (ha ha)Neapolitans prepare for the Russian attack.

The Prussians on the left flank (Elite Miniatures)

Another shot of Grahams Austrians (he is currently painting hussars- cant wait to see them)

Grahams death or glory charge comes up against French cuirassiers!

The Russian and prussians storm into the Farm on the left flank.The Neapolitans counter-attack with the support of light cavalry.Prussian hussars about to drive off some chasseurs. They were then counter - attacked by Horse Grenadiers of the Guard wit predictable results!

By the end of the game the French still held the farm on their left but had lost the other to the Russians. However the Russians did not have the strength to push on further and the Allies withdrew to lick their wounds. Just a word on the figures : the majority are Elite Miniatures from my collection, except the new Russians which are Old Glory 2nd Edition. The Austrians are from Grahams collection and are all Front Rank. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thought i would try again with a couple of the previous photos so you can view them a little larger (hopefully it works) Figures are 25mm from various manufacturers and are from Johns collection. The ancients we play include Persians, Macedonians, Spartans/Greeks, Romans (Imperial and Republican), Celts, Germans and Gauls, oh and Indians! John can correct me if I have missed any out! We are having a Roman v Barbarian game on Sunday with a visit from one of our ex-pats Chris, but I may have to miss the game. Hi Chris, I am not avoiding you honest!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Macedonians v Persians

Last night we had a cracking battle between a Macedonian army led by myself as Alexander and Paul as Parmenio (as he is the oldest!). Facing us on his own was John as the great King Darius. The battle was exciting and a near run thing at times. All the elements were there, Alexander charging at the head of his Companions, the phalanx crushing Persian infantry, Elephants crushing the Macedonians, and Darius turning tail and running! (but not before he gave us a few scares!) I am hoping Paul will post an atmospheric account of the battle at some point but until then here are a few photos of the armies poised for battle. Hope you enjoy!

Above is Parmenio and the left flank cavalry and phalanx.A view of the Persian centre infantry
The Persian left wing cavalry screened by archers and slingers
Alexander at the head of his Companions on the right flank.

Work in Progress

Some time ago I purchased this gatehouse from a certain Mr Phil Olley with a view to adding to it primarily for our Spanish Succession games. I have now made a start on the first of the Vauban fotifications.
The first phase is the ravelin which I knocked together from some bits of wood off cuts and hardboard left over from building my new shed (nothing goes to waste!). I then covered the outer faces in card to get the sloping effect. its a bit stylised but I am quite pleased with the result. Next I will hopefully cover it in tetrion and add a bit of brickwork detail just like the gatehouse. I hope to add 2 bastions and some wall sections plus something to represent the glacis. The fortifications will extend over one corner of the table and will be used as a backdrop or an integral part of future games. Any modelling tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Two new legions raised- John's been busy

John's been very painting lately .............  

very industrious and the following pictures demonstrate how we aim to have large numbers of troops in order to recreate major battle that have a degree of authenticity to them.

We are not content to limit our options because of Rules stating only X elements per side.

Try real size legions and opponents with numbers on their side.

Well done to Prince August for the great figures.

Oh and now for the pics !!

Board is 10 feet by 6 feet for scale

Two legions on right with a few cavalry units and skirmishers.

On left are Gallic warbands and chariots......

Ten cohorts per legion 18 figures per cohort except for the First Cohort which is double strength at 36 figures!

 Gallic chariots

Nice Legion Commander
                                                                                                               Gallic Chieftan

Monday, 5 April 2010

Our game on Sunday 4th April 2010

A large War of the Spanish Succession

The whole team turned out including our friend Chris who joins us on holidays

Friday, 2 April 2010

Punic Wars Our Latest battle

This battle was played on Sunday 21st March. Usual suspects of three with one AWOL but he had a note!

Set in the undulating hills at the exit to the Alpine passes.

Graham and myself commanded the passes with three legions. Simple really ... stop the Ogre!

Hannibal, (John) ... leading the Carthaginian invaders over the Alps and southwards. His aim? Smash the arch enemy and take the infernal City........ thus ending the war his father could not!

Imagine .......... if Hannibal had not outwitted his Roman foes?
Not able to hide his audatious approach to the northern extent of the enemies fledgling empire, he must debouch from the high passes and confront his rivals frontally.
His march has debilitated his army yet he can still assemble a formidable confederation of troops.
Gallic warriors lured onwards for promised spoils of Rome, old tales of their sacking told by elders through the generations, fearsome Numidians, Spaniards, impressive African heavy infantry and of course...........his surviving elephants.

Having been better informed of the "One Eyed Git's" intentions, the Roman Legions await the approach unafraid, preparing to defend their City at the passes. They have even managed to position a scorpion.
Both major exits from the passes are blocked by a Legion. A third Legion links their positions extending the Roman lines across central plain.

Pic.. shows Graham's deep ranks of the legion on the left flank, his right flank covered by heavy cavalry. Note the steep hills on the enemy's left hemming them in.
No sublety here on this flank .......  bludgeon tactics are called for.

....and did they drive foward  ! .... led by Libyan spearmen they crashed into the Roman Auxilliary infantry. The stuggle commenced.

Across on the opposite flank the main Carthaginian
horde surges out from the passes. Fronted by
Numidian horsemen and masses of light infantry. They moved across swiftly over the rolling hills while the main columns filed through the pass onto the expanse of the plain. Spanish cavalry then elephants followed by Spanish heavy infantry, armed with their own version of a pilum, the soliferrum.

On the hills and in front of the main lines, the skirmishers clash. Initial encounters are won by the skilled and ferocious Numidian light horsemen, driving back the Roman velites.

As the attack developed the Triarii were ordered to move onto the weakened right to hold the low ridge. Here they could allow the supporting two cavalry units to act offensively when ordered. Oh dear is this move too early.... only time will tell!

Meanwhile in the centre the third Legion patiently stands. Faced by a long low ridge they link both flanks anad may have to support either flank if required, but they are aware of the impotance of maiintaining the centre also.

The left flank continues to be a blood bath. The Roman Auxiliary line has thrown the Libyan assault back upon its supporting troops. Their task done, they move to the rear and the Hastati march forward. Will they need to be called upon again? They think not and look forward to a rest. 
Heavy cavalry moves on the open flank of the infantry, protecting the open flanks.

The results of these melees may be crucial in wearing down the enemy on this flank.

The Roman's weakness in cavalry lets then down again. SLowly but surely the horsemen are forced backwards, exposing the Roman infantry flank. Can this be exploited?

In the centre are the first signs of trouble approaching. The Legion quickly realise that they will not be moving to assist either flank in a hurry! Celts..........   lots of them!!!  Great!

Both Hastati lines now charge forward, centre and left. Volleys of Pila are hurled, armour penetrated and shields pinned on bodies. The front ranks of the Carthaginians drop under the lethal shower. The Roman primary weapon causes the charge to falter and become fragmented. Second rank warriors trip over the dead and wounded.... before they can recover swords are drawn and they are smashed into by the Roman scutum. Now the work begins!

Not all is going well for the Legions though. On the far right, the scorpion and its protective auxilliary infantry are scattered by the onrushing Numidian light cavalry and Spanish light infantry. Only just, do the Triarii form on the hill and bar their progress. A hedge of spears probing and deterring their assault. But these elite light troops are supported by Spanish regular infantry and these troops drive onwards up the hill together with Celtic heavy cavalry. Now the Roman heavy cavalry can lead forward.

On the valley floor the Hastati await the forming lines of war elephants. Will they resist?
The opposing lines charge, elephants v pila, cavalry vs cavalry.

After a titanic clash the elephants are routed, forced back in confusion and in panic back through the files of heavy infantry still debouching from the pass. The Celtic cavalry fare no better, with the impetus of the Roman charge downhill from the hill crest giving the decisive edge.

A respite now on the right. The second Roman cavalry unit pins large numbers of Spanish infantry upon a hill, they dare not cross the low land to their front and expose their flank to the horsemen.

In the centre, despite hurling large numbers into the melee, the Hastati not only manage to hold the ground, they slowly push their foes back up the slope and attain the cress of the ridge.

A final push is expected and more Spanish regular infantry form up. However, they are hit as the recover from the passage of the routing elephants. They hurl their soliferrum but its a ragged volley. Despite using the pila aginst the elephants the Hastati rush through the heavy iron javelin volley to inflict a crushing blow on the Spanish. But they are veterans and regain their ground. Number begin to increase as the Hastati are checked.

They are finshed and retire behind the Principes.

Its coming to the decisive part of the battle now and Hannibal must break through now or never!

The left flank sees the progress of the Legion unchecked , grinding down the assaults of the elephants and then Africal regulars. Only the Carthaginian cavalry is breaking though. The gap is almost open and the Roman cavalry is exhausted. One more effort and the rear of the enemy lines lie exposed and vunerable.

Except ..........those redoubtable Auxilliary infantry, composted after resting from their melee in the opening phase of the battle, hurl themselves on the triumphant enemy cavalry. Realing from the flank assault, they recoil, and head back towards the safety of the lines.

With the centre having absorbed all of the Celtic warriors in the melee against the Hastati, they are stalled. The Principes stand ready, confident and imposing. They cannot force through.

On the right flank, despite a steady flow of additional cavalry and infantry, Hannibal cannot form them quickly enough to catch the Roman lines whilst they are dissordered. By the time they are ready for battle there exit from the passes are oppsed by reformed Legions.

The options are bleak. Retire to the highs of the passes?

Again our game was played from about 18:00 hrs until 21:30hrs. About 13 moves and a result. Great is your Roman!  But next time?

Hope our action inspires you ....... please feel free to comment or enquire