Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blow the Bridge,Napoleonic game 30.5.12.

This Napoleonic game was played between Dave and John,and was a fairly small game,Dave commanding a French force defending a village and tasked to prevent the British from blowing up the bridge.Dave could not move his troops until a signal was given (a shot from his artillery )however this was also the signal for a band of "Guerillos" to emerge from the houses in the village and attack any French troops they could find!This certainly gave Dave a fright but he was able to extricate himself from the situation and the "Guerillos " decided that they had done their bit and vanished!!
This is the map we both worked from to decide on strategies and final troop positions. This is the general scenario.

These are the notes that Dave was given a week before the game. This a shot of the camp before the game started with a Brigadier inspecting the two regiments in the camp.

This is the "fortified hill" which cost the British attackers to lose so many men,a formidable obstacle and defended by some of Dave's best troops.

This is the British right hand column,consisting of 6 inf. 1light dragoon and commanded by Wellington himself.

British left flank column,consisting of rifles,3 reg'ts inf 1 horse art. battery and also containing the engineer's waggons and explosives.

These are Dave's troops defending "tower hill",they stood for a cou[ple of moves then Dave very wisely took them back towards the trees, because of the threat to them by art. and rifle fire,they did mount a bit of a counter attack which stopped me for a while but this was my only success in the game,and after being fired on and threatened by cav. I decided that enough was enough and I ended the game still holding the hill but nothing else!! This shot is of the village before the game started,with French troops milling about without a care in the world,until the Spanish Guerillos decided to end their "holiday in Spain"

This photo shows thr French being thrown out of the village and the Guerillos "taunting " them.

The British attacking the fortified hill,one column attacking whilst the other tries to outflank the position,after a couple of volleys I decided to charge the position and after an initial success was thrown back.I persisted in the attack,three in total,but this was my downfall,having lost too many troops and Dave's well placed artillery ripping into my flank unit,I was forced to retire.

Dave's troops are deploying onto the plain whilst my columns are preparing to attack both hills.

This shows monsieur Delaborde,aka Dave ,looking non-plussed even though his troops have just been driven out of the village !!

The British "success",Dave's towwr hill troops have been retired from the hill, allowing the British inf. to gain a very tenuous hold on the position.

This photo shows the last attack by the brave,but poorly led, British, and Dave marshalling his inf. ready to sweep me off the board and into the house for a glass of wine (NOT FRENCH WINE !!)

I would describe this game as totally enjoyable,Dave is a very good opponent who knows his stuff,he deploys his troops well and is a master at getting his artillery to the right place every time.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Infamy,Infamy,they've all got it in for me!!27.5.12.

Apologies to Paul for this one,he was "set up" hence the title of the game,The scenario was a two legion invasion force,one led by me and the other by Paul,who was supposed to come onto the board on move number 4,HOWEVER, he didn't know but his legion had been wiped out by a British tribe,who would arrive on his flank(he was helping me move my legion) on move number 4 instead !! Paul's face was a picture when it was revealed that he had been set up,more so because he had refused my offer of a couple of cohorts to help on his flank.Paul was now faced with a real challenge,not only being attacked frontally,but also from his left flank.
The shot below shows the scenario,complete with lies and set up clause.
This is my centre cohorts with the Roman commander,Giovannicus,lurking in the background.My initial orders were to charge forward and engage the Britons,who countered by letting loose all of their Chariots.
This is a shot of one of the Brits.12 chariots,lovely figures bought from Renegade miniatures,very good value.

Below is a photo of the British centre,looks more like the start of the Grand National!

This is the Roman right flank,entrusted to some Aux. inf and good quality cav.This flank was a real bone of contention all through the game,with the Brits. pushing me back,then my counter charges being successful,and then a final push by the Brits nearly broke my flank,however, cohorts to the rescue,and I was finally successful.

This shows a "low" in the Roman battle plan,Paul's cav. being chased through his own lines by the Noble British cav.however ,Graham,who was in charge of all the British troops,was assailed by a couple of cohorts and decided to withdraw after giving us a "bloody nose"

This shot shows Alcoholix,the flanking attacker,who had beaten Paul's legion before they even got onto the board,making his prescence felt.

The battle in the centre raged all game,Graham was throwing high dice all night and was pushing my first line cohorts back,forcing me to commit my second line,thus depriving Paul of my support.

This is Paul's left flank line taking shape just as Alcoholix's troops begin to attack,Nip and Tuck springs to mind!

Graham's last ditch attempt to break the Roman left flank by massing his remaining chariots and his noble cav units,all to no avail,the Romans held firm(ish) and we were victorious.

Roman left flank pushing back the last of Graham's troops,in fact the end of this exciting game,enjoyed by all,even Paul after he got over the initial shock of not commanding his legion,there's always next week!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Battle of Twin Forks,1862 A.C.W. game 24.5.12.

Paul and I had the first game with my 15mm American Civil War figs. last night, and to celebrate I went right back to the very first game I ever had,back in 1972, called Twin Forks.(it's funny how you never forget that first game!) The scenario was very simple,the Union forces were to attack a Cotton Mill at Twin Forks,the Confederate troops were to stop them.This game also gave us the opportunity to see how our 25mm rules would transfer to 15mm-no problem as it turned out,although using Brigades and not regiments confused me at first,but Paul in his usual style took everything in his stride and kept me right!!
I have included these photographs showing the game in various stages,it felt right and looked right,and we enjoyed the game,and will play test a few more times before letting the rest of the club involve themselves in this fascinating period,or maybe I will just keep these figs. for solo gaming,we'll see.
This is a shot of the Union lines ready to advance,you can see the Mill in the distance on the right,fronted by a field full of haystacks,this field saw some of the most intense fighting,the Confederates managed to hold onto it until the end of the game. This is the Confederate's centre,brigades of infantry backed up with artillery.My attack was right up this formidable hill,a nd turned out to be very successful, after continued fire-fights and melees.

Another shot of the Rebel centre before the game started,cavalry is hidden just behind the Mill,we allowed a cavalry melee to take place just to see how the rules worked.(they obviously didn't,cos I lost!!)

Union lines in full advance,in the foreground is my Left flank,which had orders to drive the Rebs away from a ruined house situated across a stream and up a hill,no easy task and my troops did suffer,however they persevered and managed,not only to capture a battery of guns,but to drive away the famous "tiger" zouaves.

This is the evidence! "tigers" running away being chased by the New York zouaves,meanwhile the Confederates are holding my brigade on the right of the picture.

The Rebs have driven my brigade back,but in doing so have placed themselves at a disadvantage as I am now in their rear out of picture to the left.

This shows the successful Union troops taking the Confederate's central position,although the field is still occupied by them,eventually surrounded,they too had to give in.

All in all,this was a good game,and brought back good memories for me,hopefully we will play this period more often,be it in 25mm or 15mm.

Roll on Sunday.I don't know if you realise it but today is only 7months until Christmas,so get your "pressie" list written out and given to your loved ones a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunday's game,Ancients.20.5.12.

For Sunday's game we decided on a Carthaginian vs Republican Roman game,because of shifts etc. Robin couldn't make it so it was Grham and Paul against me (John).I commanded the Romans and P & G split the Carthaginian command between them.
The game started with a mass charge by the Elephants,countered by a charge of the Roman first line of Hastati, we give Elephants a very high first clash value,and the Hastati a fairly low value,so even throwing their pila and inflicting some casualties among the Elephants,the result was a far gone conclusion ! I exchanged lines, and my Princepes took over the task of fighting the dreaded Elephants and following lines of Spanish,Africans and Celts.After a real tussle the Romans were beaten and the Triarii wwere called upon to sort the Roman mess out, guess what?? yes they too,even with a good value against them and veteran status,were beaten.
Below is the Roman line before the battle started,Legions in the centre with velites out in front,and cavalry (don't even mention the cavalry!) on thye flanks,my far right flank was held by some light inf. and cav. but they were faced by the terrible Numidians, and of course in time decided to run away,leaving me exposed!! This shot shows the Carthaginians with Elephants out in front,with lines of African heavy inf. Spanish troops and the Celts,flanked by super cavalry.

This shows the battle in full swing, with the Romans being put under alot of pressure on every front,in the top right hand corner of this shot you can see the Roman cav. being pushed off the board by persuing Carthaginian cav.

I thought I would include this photograph in the hope that any one recognising this,obviously "care in the community patient",would come and collect him and give him his medication as quickly as possible!!

More of the same,Romans being beaten by lucky dice throwing,no other reason for me losing!

Note the Triarii are fighting,never heard of before.

This shot shows the "debacle" that was the Roman right flank,horse archers fleeing and light inf. being beaten to a pulp.

However on a happier note,I finished painting my A.C.W. armies and sent to Warrior Miniatures for some Zouaves,I sent the order on Thursday the 17th. and got the order on Saturday the 19th !! how about that for service?

I had the figures painted,based and flocked by Monday the 21st,so was very pleased. As I mentioned before on a previous blog,I haven't painted any detail on these figs. but I'm pleased with the finished result.(if you look carefully you can see I even managed to put stripes doen the trousers of the "Tigers"
The first shot is of the Louisiana Tigers,but I am just classing them as a Zouave brigade.

This photo shows the Union counterpart Zouave brigade,painted as the New York Zouaves,very colourful.

This is a shot of the N.Y. zouaves from behind.

This a shot of the "Tigers" from behind compleste with stripes down trousers!

The amount of detail on these diminuitive figs. is astounding,if only I had the skill or patience to do them justice!!

I have sent away for some limbers and horses for the artillery,and a few civilian figs. too.I will keep you up to date with them when they arrive.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

American Civil War 15mm.New Project.

I have always had a "soft spot" for the American Civil War,and the last game we had with Dave's 25mm A.C.W. figs. has rekindled the enthusiasm,however the cost of buying both sides in the conflict using 25mm. figs would be too much (poor old pensioner now!) so I decided to go for 15mm (poor old blind pensioner now!)
Warrior figs. of Glasgow do an extensive range of 15mm.and I have dealt with John for years and years ,so I sent for two "army packs" of each side, at a very reasonable cost of £18. per army.To cut a long story short,I have been "quietly" painting these lovely figs, since the 23rd April, and have most of them finished already,having said that I have not painted any detail on them whatsoever,as long as anyone can recognise which side is which,I'll be happy. John at Warrior even sent a bundle of 15mm flags to go with them,however I thinlk they look too small,so I went on the good old web. and downloaded,from the Grimsby Wargames Society,a range of 25mm. flags which look great.
I have taken a few photographs of the figs.(not all of them!) and display them below,the detail is there if you want to paint it but I chose not to. 3 "brigades" fire fighting above "brigadiers" and state colours to the front.

Cavalry too,nice figs.I even put a yellow stripe down one side of their trousers!

Another shot of the cav.showing colours and officers as well.

Cav. about to do battle with artillery in background.

General fig. with massed inf. supported by gun battery.

Confederate brigade under fire from Union battery,being supervised by the General.

Both side having a fire fight,my brigades are 15 figs. strong on 3 bases of 5 per base,very cost effective!

Confederate gun battery,2 guns per battery,3 gunners per gun,looks the part.

This shows the composition of my brigades,each base has a Union or confederate flag for identification purposes.

This shows the same for the Confederate states,note the simplistic painting style,I haven't gone in for Zouaves etc, just plain Greys and Blues!

Another shot of the two lines in action,I will have 8 brigades of each side when I completely finish what I've got,and of course I can always add on if necessary.

A last parting shot of the Union lines with General and part of a battery.

I hope to be able to get the two complete armies on the board in a couple of weeks,and I will "blog" their first battle.