Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Battleground" Report.

If only we'd listened to Brian,we would have got to the venue much quicker,and easier,however we listened to Paul (who,I'm sure couldn't even find Nemo!!) and got slightly lost!! however on arriving at the College Campus,we were met by Leon,shown to our table,and got the game set up in record time-5 bodies(Dave,Brian,Paul, Graham and I) certainly helps!!
The hall was well lit,although a little cold(!!!) and very spacious,with most of the traders(and there was plenty to choose from) on the outside,leaving lots of room for the games and Bring and Buy in the central area.
A time limit had been set for the games to be set up(9.30am) and the "punters" were let in at 10.00am-great organisation and planning-all very efficient and it worked a treat.
Within the first hour or so the hall was filled with eager to spend wargamers,who also spent a bit of time chatting to us about our game,and those around us-we met some old and some new friends,all eager to ask about rules,figures etc.
The only critical thing I heard all day was that it took a long time to get served with food!-this didn't effect Brian and I,because,being old farts,we'd brought along enough food to feed the 5 thousand!!!
At the end of the day,having spent all of our money,and having had a great day's wargaming,we went home(with Graham navigating!!) with Leon's words echoing in our ears"See you next year,lads"-you certainly will-a great show,thanks to the organisers and everyone who took the time to talk to us.

Our table,all set up,and time to have a wander around the traders-look at the space around us!!

More of the games being set up-quite a range,from Napoleonics to Western shoot outs,WW2,7YW  and Fantasy-every taste was catered for.....................

Even this!!-Bizarre. You had to try and hit the Cup Cakes using a Tank(on the left of picture) and if you hit it you won the cake!!!-a bit like an old fashioned Coconut Shy,I suppose!

The spending frenzy has begun-you could almost smell the money!!!-old and young,male and female-an excellent mix!!

This gorgeous young woman,obviously attracted by our club members who reminded her of film stars and models,spent a bit of time chatting to us and photographing our game-she was the official photographer for the organisers!!

Charlie Wesencraft,looking like a rose between two thorns, stopped and chatted for a while.

In this shot of our game,the Hadendowah are just about to charge Dave's finger!-well, it's rude to point!!!-we actually played the game through to a conclusion(each side claiming a victory!!-but the British won really!)

This is the Bring and Buy area,which seemed to do very well,and some of the prices being charged for figures and terrain pieces was "realistic"-I have found a good way of getting people out of the way,when you want to see something,- is to say,in a loud voice,"excuse me but I'm going to be sick"-it works every time!!

Oh and there was a "Spot the Loony" competition too!!!!-I wonder who it is????
A few of the games put on by various local,and not so local,groups-well done to everyone who put on a game-high standards indeed.

Our mates,John and Neil put on a separate game to Robbie(see spot the Loony competition)

This was a fine Napoleonics game using "Blucher" rules-don't worry Neil,you hair looks fine!!

Re-enactors allowing someone to shoot one of the traders for not giving him "discount"-by the way,if you don't ask for discount,you won't get it-so always ask!!!!

One final shot of our game before we packed up and headed home-roll on next year!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Finished Saxon Army.

Having finished,based and "flocked" my Saxons,I thought a few photo's would show how they look........

A shot from the front-6 units in both lines,plus "Leader" figures,with 16 figures per unit.

A shot from the side,I wanted to depict a sort of shield wall,but not too regular,so I've "staggered" the figures slightly.

They look formidable(well,to me anyway!) let's see how they perform........

A couple of units of Norman Knights(from my "El Cid" armies) attack the front line,will they hold?

Of course they will!!
Brian was going to paint a full Norman army,but unfortunately,due to on-going problems with his hands(but not his dice throwing!!) he can't,so I might give them a go,as well as painting a Viking army!!-busy little chap,eh?-it's just as well that I'm retired(I don't know if anyone knew that!)

France 1706

Last night Paul,Brian and I had a cracking and tricky game.....................

As usual top photo is scenario,and bottom photo is table before any moves.Paul and Brian were French and I was British.

As expected,Paul moved his Provincial troops across the stream to threaten my redoubt-I duly faced my British infantry to counter this threat,as can be seen.I was quite confident that I could hold the French on my left and centre,but decided to concentrate an attack on my right flank,and so I sent the left flank cavalry over there,hoping to gain a numerical superiority.

All Hell breaks loose as both Paul and Brian put in a concerted attack on the central hill and my right flank!!-The French morale was lower than the British,so I should have a good chance of success(Fool!!! I keep forgetting the dice power of the Dynamic Duo!!) and the whole centre and flank were in jeopardy from early on in the exchange.

In a desperate effort to save the flank,I sent my cavalry into the fray!!-this worked to a certain extent,and the French were held,but Brian has seen the situation and is sending more squadrons into the melee,that means I will have to do the same,which I didn't want to do,because the situation on my left flank has taken a rather bad turn for the worse!!!!

Where have my troops gone?-off the board,that's where!!-my Grenadiers have been caught in column by Paul's Dragoons!! and a sneaky attack on the gun(frontally!) has put the redoubt position in real peril-my left is lost-woe is me!!

Whilst Paul's T-shirt shines like a beacon in the night,I have stabilised the central hill,and the attackers are being driven back-hurrah!!

The redoubt and left flank are lost,but on the right I am making progress,and driving the French infantry and cavalry back,this looks like a draw(??)

The final photo showing the victorious British on the right flank,and the victorious french on the left flank!!-a decent draw!
this was a good and exciting,if somewhat tricky, game played in a good spirit by all three of us.
Roll on Saturday,we'll be at Battleground,Stockton-hopefully we'll see some of you there.

I have now finished all 200 of my Warrior Miniatures Saxons,and hope to give them a "run out" sometime soon........................

These are the second 100 figures,just about to be "flocked"

Monday, 23 November 2015

"Battleground" Rehearsal-Ginnis 1885.

Last night 6 (yes,6!!) of us did a rehearsal of the game we are putting on at "Battleground" next week-end(28th) just in case there were any anomalies,nuances or tweaks we needed to do.
The game went well,and we are confident that our demo game will attract a bit of attention.

This shows the Allied left flank being attacked by a mass of Hadendowah warriors-we slowed out normal movement down to show the effect of massed fire-power-it worked,as can be seen by the "dead" figures!!

This is the central cavalry battle in full swing-British and Egyptian lancers,and dragoons against Dervish cavalry and camels-spectacular!!

Part of the "spirited" attack on the town of Ginnis itself-a close run thing,as it happens!!!

A colourful view of the left and centre of the table,ful of action and movement!!-if you're coming along to the show,please come and introduce yourself and have a chat.
My son is now out of hospital,after an horrendous time,so hopefully we can get back to normal as far as wargaming is concerned,so roll on Thursday!
One final photo,and many thanks to everyone who wished my son well..........

He's making slow but steady progress!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter Quarters 50AD

Last night,Graham,Paul,Brian and I had a very exciting Romans vs Britons game,using last week's terrain..................

This is the scenario and map,Brian and I were Barbarians,whilst Graham and Paul were Romans.
The Barbarian plan was simple-just attack,but the Romans had a more complex situation to handle.

This shows the fort troops(under Graham) on move one-he elected to bring his auxiliary troops out of the front gate to extend his existing line-this may have proved his "undoing"-however on move two Brian got all of his warbands moving forward and attacked the Roman line,and what a tussle this was!!

My battle plan was very simple-I would attempt to hold the Romans in the centre,whilst piling pressure on both flanks with my cavalry,backed up with any spare warbands-this shows the game at move three-the inevitable clash is about to take place!!

And so it came to pass!!-I suffered a bit due to the dreaded pila,but managed to hold my own(now,now!!) in the ensuing melees.By now almost all of the units on the board  were fighting.

Brian is struggling to hold the "rampant" Romans,Graham was throwing dice like a "demon",and his catapult(in the fort) was inflicting damage on Brian's second line-come on Brian,you can do it!!!! Spit,boy,spit!!!

This is my left flank,showing my out-flanking manoeuvre-the troops I had on this flank were poor,and I was hoping that they would not have to be committed against the Roman cohort which Paul had guarding his flank!!-both sets of cavalry were good,and ,of course, this led to a melee..................

A general shot of the table,with Brian looking very serious,dictating orders to his embattled troops!-nice pose Graham!!!

On my left,the Romans are making short work of my warbands,but I have won the cavalry battle,pushed the Roman cavalry off the board and I am now behind the Roman lines-hurrah!!
A few cohorts were now suffering,and in the centre I am gaining a slight advantage-how is Brian getting on??

Despite some "cracking" dice throwing,Graham's auxiliaries have retired to the fort,or off the board,and his cohort line is looking,shall we say,vulnerable!!! will Brian take advantage of this situation? You bet he will!!!!

Whilst Paul contemplates what the Barbarian women are going to do to him,the game is just about over,with the Barbarians running amok all over the board-the famous Roman line is broken,and the Britons are declared the winners(even after Paul said he would settle for a draw!)

One final shot of the table-well done to Brian,Graham and Paul-great game(again!)
I'm off to the Hospital now,my son was undergoing surgery at 9.30am to correct his pneumo-thorax complaint-fingers,toes and eyes crossed!!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Games and Club up-date

Because my son was transferred to another hospital on Wednesday,pending surgery either Thursday or Friday,we didn't play last night(as it happened he didn't go through surgery!) but thought I might let you know what is going on game-wise.
Well on the 28th of November,we are putting on a demo. game at Battleground,based on the battle of "Ginnis"(I think it is pronounced JINNISH) in the Sudan,1885,and remarkable in that it was the last battle that the British army fought in their famous Red Coats.

This should be quite a colourful affair,with the British red coats contrasting with the white of the Egyptian uniforms,and of course the Mahdist banners etc.
Hopefully we will be playing on Sunday,if my nerves aren't in shreds by then,and here is one photo of the game I have planned,which features a Roman column being attacked,as it marches into winter quarters,the garrison of the fort about to relieve it,who in turn are attacked!!!

This shows the garrison of the fort,having to form up in the face of wild barbarians(out of shot!),preventing them from assisting their comrades,off to the right of the photo.
Roll on Sunday,and son's recovery!