Monday, 9 August 2010

Napoleonic Battle

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts in the last month, I have been very busy at work and have suffered from a bout of flu in the last 2 weeks. Well thats my excuses dealt with, I am not sure what John and Pauls are! Anyway I have little in the way of new games to report (as I have not been able to attend for a while) but I have been busy painting and progressing my Vauban fortifications. Hopefully I can post a couple of pics of this in the next week or so when our official photographer (Paul) is available. I have however been able to dig out the pics from the last game I participated in. This was a Napoleonic bash which gave me a second chance to get my Russians on the board and also a couple of new units from Grahams ever growing Austrian army.
The scenario was fairly straight forward, a village at one end of the table held by Austrians and attacked by a small but potent force of Russians (commanded by John). Reinforcements for the Russians would arrive at the opposite end of the table (commanded by myself) and Austrian reserves would arrive in the rear of the village (commanded by Graham). Paul would command the initial Austrian forces positioned in and around the village. Johns grenadiers prepare to assault the village supported by artillery.

The Austrian defenders.

Another view of the defenders. These troops are about to be assaulted by the Russian grenadiers.

Austrian cavalry stationed (lurking?) to the rear of the village.

A general view of the dispositions.

Looking torwards the village from where the Russian reinforcements will arrive.

Austrian reserves enter the table behind the village. These troops will advance to take up position in the open ground beyond the village.

The Russian grenadiers storm over the bridge into the village.

Looking up the table. The attacks on the village are pressed home while, in the distance the heads of the Russian reserve columns can be seen.

The Russian reserves advance towards the idiots, sorry the village (the village idiots?).

A view of the Russian columns.

The Austrian reserves, having advanced past the village, fall back (scuttle?) on seeing the Russian reserves.

The Russian attacks on the village fail and the commander requests additional troops from the reserves. I send him another 4 battalions for the meat grinder.

The Russians advance while the Austrians form their defensive line.

The Austrian defence in depth.

The Austrian high command, Paul (on the left) and Graham. The Russians I have sent to reinforce John can be seen beyond the bridge. They would arrive in time to throw back an audacious counter-attack from the village by Paul.

The Russians form up to counter the attack by Paul. Ahead of them can be seen the remants of Johns grenadiers.

Pauls attack is thrown back but it was a close run thing! The Austrians in the village were now a spent force and, although the Austrian reserves were presenting a solid front against the Russian right wing, their position became untenable with the loss of the village. A narrow and bloody victory to the Russians. At least thats my recollection of events! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and, as usual, any comments or suggestions are very welcome.