Saturday, 15 October 2011

News update

As our thousanda of readers/followers will have noticed,we have not been updating our blog on a regular basis,this of course is all Paul's, Dave's and Graham's fault and has nothing to do with me whatsoever !!!

I was made redundant on the 13th.September, and took the opportunity to RETIRE,and concentrate my whole life to Wargames (nothing new there then) however my wife's idea of retirement and mine seem totally different!! Do we really need to decorate and clean cupboards out when i really need to plan a game for Sunday and paint the new Persians i got from Irregular Miniatures. Ho Hum..

Anyway,Dave is furiosly painting his Tipoo Sultan figs. and his Great Northern War figs.Graham is painting his WW11,Napoleonics,Franco Prussians and God knows what else! and Paul has stopped painting his Austria 7YW figs,however we are sure he'll get the bug again soon,won't you Paul??

Once i can figure out how to transfer photographs from my new digital camers onto the computer and the transfer them onto this blog,we will have some good battle reports with pictures,watch this space.