Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Depression,then Elation!!

Why is he depressed?-I hear you ask!!,well,today my wife and I booked and pre-paid for our funerals-ho bloody hum!!-I know it's inevitable,but.....................,and to cap it all we are also going to get our wills finalised this week too-ho bloody,bloody hum!!!
Anyway,onto elation-I have been painting and repainting some figures,reflecting the diversity of my wargaming!

I have re-painted these old Bill Lamming (and some Gauls I can't identify!) Germans and re-based them-chunky figures,but quite appealing in their own way!!

These are Roman Marines(?) given to me by Chris Charlton-I have never seen any reference to helmets like these before,but Chris assures me they are authentic!-I don't know what make the figures are,but I didn't enjoy painting them!!

These are additions to my Plains Indians and US cavalry set-up-Gatling guns from HINDS figures c/w crews from Warrior.

Perry's Medical team,painted for the Zulu Wars-I must work on the bases though!

Perry's stretcher party,again painted for the Zulu Wars,the drummers were also Stretcher bearers,so Red uniforms seemed ok to me-the range is actually their Sudan Range-and very nice too(the range,not my painting!)
Well,it's now Captain Morgan time-my anti-depressant!!

Monday, 5 August 2019

Battle of San Sebastiano 1706.

Last night,as there was only three of us(Paul and Brian are sunning themselves in exotic places!) ie. Graham,Dave and I,I changed the planned game (Romans vs Dacians) to a smaller 18th century affair.

This is the scenario,I commanded the Spanish,Graham commanded the Austro/Dutch army and Dave commanded the British.

The Austrians had a hard task storming the town,and they suffered heavy casualties before they eventually drove my Spaniards out,who retired (it's good being retired!) back across the bridge and river.

Dave is surveying his British advancing against my left flank,who had been ordered to retire(it's good...) and draw the British onto my waiting infantry and cavalry-but, like all of my good plans,it didn't quite work out the way it should have!!
In the background you can see Graham's Dutch attacking the hill dominating the town.

Graham's attack was met with some furious volleys from my defending Spanish.

As my Spanish flee back across the bridge,Graham's Austrians stroll through the abandoned town.The rest of the table was ablaze with action,as you can see!

The inevitable cavalry clash!! I actually got the better of the melee,and drove the Dutch cavalry back-hurrah!!-this forced the Dutch infantry to adopt defensive formations-another hurrah!!

Dave's British have crested the ridge,and I am giving him "hell"-however he is giving me even greater "hell" -oh dear!!

The Austrian general has "boobed"-by sending his infantry across the bridge,where they were trapped,due to the ongoing cavalry melee,and I have an infantry regiment on his flank-would I shoot into his flank and discomfort him?????

You bet I would!!-and did! This volley caused so many casualties that Graham decided to fall back(notice I didn't say "retire"!) across the bridge,so the threat to my flank was taken away.
However,the rest of my army was in tatters,being shot to bits by superior troops-the Dutch have driven away my troops on the dominating hill,and the British have destroyed any chance I had of holding the far left flank,so all is lost!!!

Two final shots,the top photo shows the sorry state of my right,and the bottom photo shows the sorry state of my left!!
For a small game this was exciting and full of action from move number one,until the final move(13 I think!)
We don't know what we will be doing next week(the holiday hombres are still away!) we may be at Dave's house or at mine-roll on next week though.

Graham has been painting some Napoleonics,and brought these up to let us see-Hanoverians,Dutch/Belgians, Nassau and French Chasseurs(Guard) infantry........

It just remains now to get them onto the table!!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

WW2 game at Dave's house.

Dave had to postpone this game from Sunday to last night,but it was well worth the wait!!
WW2 is not my "thing" but last night Paul and I commanded an American force,tasked with capturing a German high command Chateau,defended by Graham and Brian-and I quite enjoyed it!!!

This set the tone for the night! a raucous rendition of "Brian has only got one ....,the other is in the Albert Hall" was followed by  a torrent of abusive bad language from the man himself!!!

A grand shot from Brian,and two even grander shots from Graham,knocked out three of our column's vehicles,rendering the road impassable!!-what a good start! Paul and I had to take to the fields to avoid the burning tanks and half-tracks.

A half-track,don't they burn nicely??At the front of the column you can just see a Stewart tank burning nicely too!! But then things took a turn for the worse for Graham's contingent of tanks-he missed some sitting "ducks" with some horrendous dice throwing-hurrah!! allowing us to get into some good positions-this,mixed with some very lucky dice throws from me,caused the Germans to re-think their positions,and Graham started to retire,in text book fashion,however Brian was causing Paul all kinds of grief,from concealed positions!!

As Paul deploys an infantry platoon,I moved one of my Shermans up to support him against Brian's hidden/dug-in troops-lovely looking stuff!

Graham is looking worried,as well he might-more and more American troops and armour are "pouring " onto the board,and his positions on the hill are looking decidedly "dodgey"
Following Paul's advice,I started to move onto Graham's flank,forcing him to retire(it's good being retired!) however Brian was still giving Paul a hard time!!this was very tight indeed!

Brian is looking pleased with himself,he has effectively stopped Paul in his tracks(or is that half-tracks?-ha,ha, what a wit!!) Time for an infantry assault,I think.

Top (two????) photo's show my attempt at out-flanking Graham's position,but bottom photo shows my other deployed infantry being pinned by heavy machine gun fire(that's not fair!!)
The game still hung in the balance,until Brian and Paul had a duel of tanks,both knocking each other out,and Brian now had nothing left to defend the Chateau with,and Paul had tanks galore coming into play against his positions!!

One final shot of the American infantry sweeping across the central hill,and onwards to victory!
This was a very enjoyable(if confusing,to me) game which was endorsed by us all-well done to Dave!
Both Paul and Brian are unavailable next week(bloody holidays!!) so it will be up to Graham,Dave and I to play a Dacian vs Romann game.-roll on next Sunday.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Battle of Twin Forks.

Last night we played an "experimental" game using my Plains Indians and US cavalry figures.
We each had a command,Dave,Paul and I were the Indians,whilst Graham and Brian were the Cavalry commanders.

To test my new rules for this period,I put two Indian tribes quite close to the river,where they wouldn't get shot to pieces! and one in a position where they would !!well,you've got to test rules to their limits!!

Top photo shows the Indians and cavalry engaged in a fire-fight-bottom photo shows the end result!!-ie. the Cavalry retiring(it's good being retired!)-they should have performed their classic fire and retire(it's good...!!) tactic,as per the rules,but didn't, and paid the price!!
Note the tribe about to cross the river,as per the "normal" Indian tactic of encirclement!

That's more like it-fire and retire(it's good....!!)-this tactic eventually saw the Indians having to get back to their camp!!

These two Cavalry troops didn't retire quick enough and were caught!!
All in all,the game went quite well(if you weren't Cavalry!) but the rules still need a few "tweaks" to balance them out.
Paul and Dave have been sending figures way to Sri Lanka to be painted,and they have returned a fair few,which have been based and flagged..........................

Yes,I would call that a fair few!!-Dutch-Belgian and British infantry plus Heavy cavalry-superb,and Dave is awaiting more cavalry and infantry!!-come on lads,get them on the board!

Marvellous stuff-the painting standard is very good,and they come varnished for a hard finish-what more could you ask for??
Dave is fortunate enough to work with a chap who asked him if he wanted(for free!!) some weapons-of course Dave said yes..........................

Bayonets and two swords-we don't know anything about these,but will do some research-any help would be gratefully accepted!-but the pearl in the oyster,was this...............................

A fully de-activated,but genuine Brian-er no I mean a Martini-henry Carbine!!!
These are great and will enhance Dave's wargames room-the luck,lucky man!!
Brian has started a 15mm ACW project,and should have some figures to show us next week,and Graham is nearing completion of some Napoleonic figures,which he will also bring along next week!
I have just finished a terrain project,which I will post mid week!
Roll on next Sunday-probably at Dave's house and featuring either WW2,ACW or Napoleonics!