Monday, 12 September 2016

Attack on "Courier Station" 14. 101AD

Due to both Paul and I flying off on our "Jollies" this week, we(Graham,Brian,Paul and I) had a Romans vs Dacians game last night,which will be the last for a while.

Top photo is scenario and bottom is table before any movement, Graham and I were the Romans,Paul and Brian the Dacians.

Before awaiting developments on his flank,Graham decided to send his second rank of cohorts over to my side of the river-this left him in a real predicament,as he was immediately attacked by Brian!!!-with no back up,and out-numbered,Graham was doomed!!

Paul furiously attacked the "station",using burning wagons to set fire to two of the towers-this had the result of not allowing any troops(Romans or Dacians) to get within 150mm.
In the foreground you can see one of the cohorts that Graham has sent to help me-what a nice chap!!!-I eventually had to send them back to help him out-what a nice chap!!!!

The fighting in,and around, the "station" intensifies,but I am holding my own,and Paul is losing casualties,which he could not afford to do..........................

Meanwhile,back on Graham's flank.......All hell is breaking loose!!-I have sent a cohort back to help,but things are not looking good!!

With Graham beaten,I decided to keep the cohorts on my side of the river,and form a defensive line,the Dacians had fought themselves to a standstill,and were weak everywhere-even a last ditch charge into melee by Paul's warbands failed-hurrah!!!

My lines have been formed,and the Dacians,after a tremendous fight,capitulated,resulting in a win for the Romans,however they will have some explaining to do to Trajan,as to what happened to the "Courier Station".
Roll on the next game.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Forward planning and new bases.

At Border Reiver I picked up 110 pre-ordered bases for my 40mm 7YW figures,and have been re-basing all week,as well as "touching up" where necessary,and generally getting the armies ready for Carronade show at Falkirk in May 2017!!!-the bases are MDF and measure 120mm by 50mm,holding 6 cavalry figures or 12 infantry figures.......................

The process begins,with 1245 figures involved,this was not going to be a speedy job!!!

Each unit is taken out of their boxes and named underneath,for future reference,this also took a long time!!

On "parade" and looking good,some of the French regiments.Having 1245 figures in total to re-base,I didn't take them off their existing bases,but just stuck them onto the MDF bases-you can see the black edges of the MDF.

The Prussian infantry are waiting patiently for their turn to be "stuck"...............

Just about to stick them onto their bases,which have been marked with regimental numbers.I used a Laminate Flooring glue,which sets fast and gives as much strength as is needed for the job.

Eight "blobs" of glue per base to give maximum sticking power!!

These are the Command Groups being used,I had to cut bases from hardboard for these figures.then flock them and make them ready to lead their gallant forces forward!!!
I must admit that the thoughts of re-basing all of these figures was daunting to say the least,however I enjoyed the task,and took my time,and the end result looks good.
As a little aside,after we sold the "windfall" items,we were able to make a contribution of £160 to the Royal British Legion-they will be sending us an official thank-you letter,which we get framed and display in the garage-well done to us all.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Border Reiver Show.3.9.2016.

Yesterday,myself,Paul,Brian,Graham and Dave went to the annual Border Reiver show at Gateshead Stadium,with three main objectives in mind-
1) to put on a demonstration game(a Viking raid)
2) to talk to as many people as possible,about our game and wargaming in general.
3) to sell all of the surplus items we had left after our recent "windfall"
I am happy to report that we achieved all three objectives!!
The show itself seemed well attended with the usual variety of traders,games and gamers attending,selling and displaying a vast array of goods-well done to everyone who put the effort in!
Instead of giving an in-depth report on the show,I will just publish a range of photographs to show what I saw.........................

Just set up the game,time for a bit of relaxation before the "punters" arrive.
Whilst Graham,Brian and I stayed with the table,Paul and Dave manned the Bring and Buy stall,and did a magnificent job selling everything we had brought,and raising money for charity as well as for the club-brownie points boys!!!! great job.

Our table-serene and quiet,even peaceful!-but not so at the Bring and Buy stall................

Dave and Paul were "fighting them off"-because we had decided that we didn't want to take anything home with us,we were charging very reasonable prices and the items we had for sale were snapped up at an alarming rate!!(take note Robbie!!)

Having sold everything,Paul is gazing at Robbie(Scrooge) Roddis  as he tries to "mug" anyone who passed his stall!!!!(he's a good guy really!)

Show in full swing-traders seemed to be doing well,and the games were being watched,and questions asked-this is how it should be.

Just a few shots of some of the games being played-high quality games,friendly banter and loads of enthusiasm-great stuff!!

One final shot of Kenny,from Falkirk(who organises the Carronade show) in typical Scots pose-arms thrust well behind him so he can't reach down into his pockets!!!!!!-see you on May 13th 2017.
All in all this was a good day out,we all enjoyed ourselves,so roll on next year.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Pyrrhus vs Rome.

Last night,Paul,Brian,Graham and I had a very fast moving,exciting and colouful game,pitting a Pyrrhic army against a Roman army.........................

Windows 10 has taken the first two photographs and floated them off into the "ether" so we join the action when Graham and Brian are "locking horns",Phalanx vs Hastati!! and a couple of Elephants-I decided to give the Elephants very high points for this game,hoping that they would not wreak havoc if beaten in a melee!!!-this worked to a degree!

On the right of the Pyrrhic army,Paul and I have also clashed,and it seemed that Paul's legendary dice throwing had left him,and I was throwing,for me,brilliant dice-hurrah!!!

My two Elephants are "ganging up" on Paul's Princepes,and knocking him about a bit!-the flank is going my way,but will it last???

Yes!!!-Paul's troops are being pushed back towards Brian's troops-his Hastati are beaten,but,and it's a big but! his Triarii are being engaged,and they are good troops,with high points-ooher!!!!

This shows the Hastati on the verge of being driven backwards,and Brian is bringing the Triarii forward-this could be decisive!!

This shows the action along the length of the table(and windows 10 is playing silly buggers,putting photo's in where I didn't want them!!!)

When everything was going so well,the bloody Elephants decided to go "beserk",luckily they didn't spoil my lines,but Graham's and Brian's had a bit of a shock!!!!

SHOCK!!!!!!!-with Graham's lines in dis-array,Brian launched a furious assault,and pushed him back-this is not looking good-but can I get my troops onto the flank??

With the phalanx "broken" things are not looking too good for Pyrrhus,can my flank troops save the day??.....................

When Paul's commander was killed,the whole flank took off,leaving me to move against the Romans,but,with Graham's phalanx in pieces,it was always going to be a drawn or "Pyrrhic" victory!!!-well done lads,good game,and the last Thursday night game for a while,to give me a chance to come up with some scenarios,have a holiday,clean the garage etc. etc.
Roll on Saturday-Border Reiver show at Gateshead Stadium-look us up if you are going!