Friday, 3 June 2011

Winter Quarters.

This game was played on monday 30th May,and was basically an attack/defence scenario.A British army under Marlborough aka John,is fortifying a winter camp when a large Franco/Irish/Bavarian army arrives on the scene intent on capturing the camp and denying it to the British and their allies,the Austrians and Prussians.
The game started with Dave and his Austro/Prussians marching onto the board and Graham with his Bavarians attempting to cross the river and stop him from assisting John who was defending the camp from a massive attack from Paul who commanded the French and Irish.

The photographs show the initial positions of the troops and are intended to be "eye candy" only,the full battle report will be posted by Paul later on .

This photo showw the Austrians arriving.

The hustle and bustle in the camp.

This shows the hotly contested river crossing and bridge.

Paul decided to arrange his guns into a "grand battery" to demolish the gabion walls of the camp,and they did!!

French right flank cavalry and infantry.

Another shot of the French contingent.

This photo shows the distance the Austrians were from the camp.The Prussians arrived much later from the same direction.This was a very exciting game which was a near run thing.The attacker had 16 foot, 5horse and 6 guns against the defenders 12 foot 4 horse and 5 guns,approx.800 figs. on the board and the game lasted 18 moves taking about 3 hours.

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