Monday, 14 November 2016

Battle of Idleberg 1760.

Last night saw Paul,Brian,Graham and I fighting a very colouful and exciting game using our 28mm 7YW figures..................

This shows the table at about move number 3-Paul and Brian are attacking the central town,held by the Prussians(commanded by Graham and myself),whilst messing us about on both flanks!!

Paul's attack on the town was very impressive,using a combination of volley fire,to pin the defenders,and a most audacious attack across the bridge!!

This shows the action all along the line-neither Brian or I wanted to commit our cavalry too soon,so held back for most of the game(which is very out of character for Brian!!)
On the right,Graham and Paul were having a "ding-dong" battle on the river bank-this was great to see and great wargaming too!

The "ding-dong" battle continues,but Paul's Austrians were getting the worse of it,as he tried to cross the river against Graham's "magic"(for a change) dice throwing-hurrah!!

The cavalry are still looking at each other-it will happen at some point,you know it will!!-but who will charge first???

I did!!!-my first line of "heavies" charge across the river,to be met by a counter-charge by Brian's-the melee was horrendous!!,with more and more squadrons being fed in where necessary-wonderful to see!

Paul's Austrians have stormed and captured the town-this wasn't meant to happen-however,Graham with wonderful foresight,saw what was about to happen,and sent two Prussian regiments to restore the Status Quo(whatever you want!)-this was edge of the seat wargaming!

Paul is being "sent packing" all along his front,and with the town now back in Prussian hands,Graham and I were declared the winners-of course Brian claimed that he would win the cavalry battle on his flank,and wanted a draw(again!!) but to loads of verbal abuse,he had to capitulate!!
Another great game,roll on next Sunday.
As a long time resident of Westerhope,I was made to feel proud when this commemorative seat was erected last week,in time for Remembrance Day-we will never forget!

A permanent reminder from a grateful nation.


  1. Go Graham! What an attack, but more to the point, what a defence

    1. Hi Chris,this was a good game,but needed a bit more "boomf"-Paul will be booking the hotel for Falkirk soon,do you mind sharing-cost-wise it makes sense!