Monday, 25 September 2017

Painting Update-Saracens and Teutonic Foot.

I am getting on pretty well with my latest additions from Warrior Miniatures,having completed 3 foot units and 4 cavalry units.........................

These are the three Teutonic Foot units-am I sick of painting Crosses???-the standards are from wine bottle foil-close up they don't bear careful scrutiny,but working on the three foot rule,they will pass!!-only another three to do,but one will be a Templar unit(white with a red cross) and one Hospitaller unit(black with a white cross) and one Sword Bretheren unit(red with a white cross) so shouldn't be too hard!!

These are the 4 Saracen cavalry units in full flight!-again the standards are from wine bottle foil.I went to town on the colours,which are in no way accurate,but I thought they looked the part!!

A bit of a close-up,showing the highly authentic extracts from the Koran,painted on the flags!!
I don't know what it says,but it looks ok to me!!(no offence meant to anyone!!!!!!!!)

A shot from the other side,showing "bonny" colours!

AAAAAAgh!!-I really must stop drinking Rum!!


  1. If doing crosses, I tend to use transfers now, painting them makes me....go....CRAZY!!!

    1. Hi Herkybird- have never been able to get away with transfers,but just might give them a try-anything to alleviate the boredom of hand painting them.