Saturday, 21 May 2011


Hi to everyone who follows our little blog,we have neglected the blog over the last few weeks but , thanks to Paul , I have now been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and intend to do a weekly round up of what each member of our group is doing.

For example I have been re-basing everyone of my Ancient armies,
2 Imperial Roman legions.
1 Eastern Roman legion
3 Republican Roman legions
1 Carthaginian army
1 Macedonian army
1 Indian army
1 Persian army
1 Greek hoplite army
1 Spartan army
1 Gallic army
1 German army

They are all now based on 3" x 3" hardbord bases containing 6 or 8 figures per unit, all armies contain at least 300 or 400 figures, so i have had my work cut out but the end result looks good.( photos to follow, if Paul remembers his camera !! )

Paul has been busy finishing his 7YW Austrians, Dave has been busy painting some Great Northern War figs. as well as continuing with his Sepoys and building the Great Wall of China ( well if it gets any bigger that's what his Vauban defences will look like !) Graham is furiously painting his new garden shed , as well as Napoleonic Brunswickers and Saxons and keeps promising to complete his vast WW2 collection , we all think WW3 will have broken out before we actually see these however!!

I will attempt to explain our Wargaming Philosophy and an overview of our very simplistic rules in the next blog, if you are a follower, please take time to comment on what we are doing, and tell a friend about our blog.


  1. I always take a nose on your blog, some interesting stuff here. Look forward to hearing about your simplitic rules!

  2. I'm looking forward to your next posts,especially the photos, lots of photos are a good thing!.