Saturday, 7 May 2011

What's been happening lately?

Sorry to have neglected this for so long but I think we've all been swallowed up with commitments lately.

I will post some of our pictures during the latest games, we are still playing which is a great comfort for our loved ones as it gets us out of their hair at least once a week. (Or month in David's case).

Here are a few pics of my latest venture with these lovely figures from Front Rank Seven Years War Austrians. I decided last year to go into this period in 28mm, mainly because of the great games we have had previously using John's brilliant 40mm semi flats. The only problem is they are getting old as we all are and we're much more ham fisted now than ever before.................  yes I know it's mainly me!

So I bought three battalions last year and they are nearly finished. However, I've another five battalions as well as cavalry and guns so this summer will get them on the board. John is working on the Prussian opposition.

I've started with an Hungarian Brigade.


As we approach the anniversary of the battle this year we thought we would revisit the battle again to re fight it.

As a group we have fought this battle under many variations. Initially taking parts of the battle as a re- enactment, namely Hougement to La Haye Saint as well as D'Erlon's assault. We also re fought the entire battle in 6mm scale a long time ago and this was something that has caught my imagination for a long time. Why could we not use 25mm figures and have the battle re fought on a Brigade scale?

So I began the process with John and we think we have a solution to the logistics. We hope that the result will be spectacular and represent the Allied and French Corps down to battalion and  cavalry regimental level.

We have play tested some rules to make having 33 battalions per Corps manageble and quick. I'll post some pictures of this Sundays game where we hope to test the game play.

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  1. Look forward to the Waterloo project! ... The Holy Grail of many a Napoleonic player. Good luck with it.