Monday, 28 August 2017

WW2 Rules test and game.

If knowledge is power,then our small club must have the most powerful members in the wargames world!!-It is well known that I am not a fan of WW2,but the rest of the "boys" are,and last night we had a most interesting game and rules test,and it always amazes me the amount of knowledge the "boys" have-I look at a tank model,and see a tank!-they can tell what the model is,where it was made,what theatre of war it was used in and what year!!!!

The top photo is the scenario(which Dave came up with) and the bottom photo is the table before any movement-all figures and tanks/vehicles were provided by Brian.
Dave and Brian were the Germans whilst Paul and Graham were the British-I was designated as the "war correspondent" and observer!!

The game "kicks off" with a lively discussion on tactics,objectives etc. but no action!

Now there's some action!-a beautifully photographed Stuka(decked out in Romanian colours??!!) makes an appearance,and is attempting to bomb the British column-it failed,but looked tremendous!!

"Anything you can do..."-a beautifully photographed Spitfire makes a "straffing" and bomb run,causing the first casualties,as the British move into position-great stuff!

Brian is deep in thought,and contemplating his next move,as Graham keeps an eye on him!!
The village is occupied by the Para's who are awaiting the Column,and the Germans are beginning to deploy-in the foreground you can see Brian's tank about to knock out Paul's Sherman,on the bend in the road!

This is Paul's Sherman just before being sent to tank heaven!!-the British are all over the village now and "digging in" as well as occupying the various buildings.

As the game develops,another discussion-this is fascinating to me-armour thickness,size of guns,movement,ranges etc. etc. these "boys" know it all,but still listen to what each other have to offer-and that's the way to develop rules-wonderful!!

Paul,with the leading British column,has seen most of the action so far,but now it is Graham's turn-he is moving through the gap in the Bocage,and into  position to protect the flank, Brian might have something to say about that!!

Brian is sending a couple of platoons of infantry,unseen,behind the Bocage,ready to "rush" the defenders in the village,meanwhile he has deployed a couple of tanks to protect their flank,but Graham has an anti-tank gun deployed too!!

BOOM!!-GOTCHA!!- Brian's leading tank gets knocked out,and that's when the German luck seems to have run out,and a spate of "knock-outs" followed in quick succession.

A flurry of activity! The German advance has been stalled,and Graham's column is now pressing forward-looks like the end for the Germans.

Where has everyone gone?

It's no good asking him,he can't see over the Bocage!!!

One final shot of Graham's tanks advancing on the retreating Germans-the village is held and the British were declared the winners-but a re-match is planned for next Sunday(after Border Reiver,on Saturday!)
This was a very enjoyable game to watch,the rules will probably need a bit of "tweaking" before next week,but well done to Graham,Paul,Brian and Dave .


  1. John,
    Now you are a 'tankie' you will need to make a periscope, a la Peter Gilder.

    1. Robbie,or a "snorkel" a la Brian!!
      Please note there is no political comment on my blog!!!!