Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Paint Source?

Feeling rather brave and adventurous The Wife and I donned our fur coats,loaded our shotguns,and made ready our harpoons,and went to Cramlington today!!
In the Manor Walks shopping centre,we visited a shop called The Yorkshire Trading Company,specifically to buy a new table cloth,but whilst "mooching about" I found,in the Paint Section, a range of paints-and as I needed some black paint,I took a gamble on one of the following pots..........................

It's 20ml,compared to 12ml for Citadel,and 17ml for Vallejo.

They stock a good range of colours too!

This is the best bit!-£1.99,compared to £2.55 for Citadel and £2.40 for Vallejo!!-it's a" no -brainer"as far as I'm concerned!!
In the background you can see some just-painted horses-good coverage and dries quickly,plus the usual wash your brushes in water-in fact everything that the "rival" paints do(but cheaper!)

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