Monday, 4 September 2017

WW2 re-match/rules test.

After a bitter dis-appointment at Border Reiver show on Saturday,we needed a good game to lift our spirits,and last night was just the tonic.
We revisited last week's game,but the British were in possession of the village(with less forces than the previous game)and the Germans had an awful lot more armour to attack it with!!!

This shot is taken about move number 3,the Germans are advancing on the village,and the British are not revealing any of their hidden troops-the Germans were in for a bit of a surprise!
The houses look good though!!!

This is about move number 6(!) and "first blood" goes to the British,who have revealed a hidden tank(behind the beautifully made house) which knocked out a German tank-this sparked a flurry of activity,which saw 5 other tanks being hit and destroyed in the next move!!!

This is Brian's flank c/w a fearsome Tiger Tank. Colonel "Pussyfoot",as we now call Brian,took his time getting his lead tank into position,only to get it knocked out by a PIAT,hidden in the small(but beautifully made) house on the side of the road!!

Colonel "Pussyfoot",or Brian as we now call him(!) sent a platoon of infantry and a tank straight down the road,but was met with a hidden anti-tank gun,and small arms fire from the houses(beautifully made!) either side of the road,plus a mortar-and sent packing back up the road!!!

Don't German tanks burn nicely?-a grand example of Brian's painting ability.

A general view of the village around move 9-the Germans are making headway,and on the left flank Brian is making his Tiger count,by knocking seven shades of s..t out of the British reinforcements,in the shape of Shermans,which have now entered the fray!!-all looks doom and gloom for the brave defenders.

One final shot of the table(Paul is missing-having gone to pick up his daughter from the railway station!!) and Graham has just admitted defeat(but not dishonour!)
The game raised a few queries and questions,which were discussed and any amendments will be made before the next WW2 game-well done lads,another good performance by all.
Roll on next Sunday-very likely a "Crusades" type game.


  1. Nice looking game John. Is it me or are you displaying even more flags in your headquarters?

  2. Robbie,I am awaiting an Estonian flag to add to our collection-Daughter spent a week there in August,so when it arrives there'll be even more flags!-good to see you and enjoyed the banter at Border Reiver.

  3. I'll pick the "brains" of Paul and Dave as to what rules questions the game threw up ;-)

    1. Hi Chris-it's all "double Dutch" to me when they start talking WW2,but I'm sure they'll sort out the little anomalies in the end.