Friday, 20 October 2017

Battle Mats "R" us!!!

I seem to have gone completely Battle Mats mad!!-Over the past week I must have depleted the whole of Halford's stock of spray paints!! and have completed 5 battle mats projects!
The last two mats to be done are my "Desert" cloth,and most significantly,my "artificial grass" table covering-bringing new life to a rather worn,but utilitarian, table covering.......................

These two photo's are of the "desert" cloth,which was a light brown/beige colour to start with,but I sprayed it with two different shades of brown,and a most pleasant (although not too apparent in these shots!) terrain effect was achieved.

This is our "usual" artificial grass table cover,which I randomly sprayed with Russet Brown,bringing the thing back to life again!-why didn't I think of doing it before now?
All of the "mats"(cloths!) look 100% better when figures are put on them,here's a small "taster" for Sunday's game(Russians vs Mongols)

Looks ok to me,I wonder what the rest of the "squad" will think????

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