Monday, 9 October 2017

Battle of Turdenberg 1762.

Last night Dave,Graham,Brian and I had a tremendous game using my 40mm 7YW figures.(this was the last time I could call these wonderful figures my own,because Dave is now the proud owner!)

The top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement-Dave was Austrian,I was French,Graham was British and Brian was Prussian.
After a 5 minute "conflab" both sides came up with a battle plan,and away we go!!!

From the very start of the game,the town was contested using light infantry,as the lancers and hussars get stuck in to each other-very colourful and exciting.

This shows the start of my out-flanking move against Graham's flank-this was to prove decisive,but not before Graham inflicted tremendous casualties on my French troops.

As Dave manoeuvres his infantry to protect my left flank,I am engaging Graham's British with my French-great wargaming!!

On the far left flank,Dave and Brian pitched their cavalry into a grand melee,which lasted the whole game-each side reinforcing when and where needed!
Brian had decided that he would stand his ground with his infantry,denying them the added movement and firing bonus,which played into Dave's hands,as he waited until the cavalry were all engaged then moved forward with his infantry,to deliver a devastating volley-hurrah!!

This photo shows Dave's troops moving majestically across the board,whilst Graham and I "slug" it out in the centre!-once again,it happens almost every game(!!!)  a Colonel figure was put into the midst of a regiment to stop it retiring,and was killed,resulting in all the regiments in the brigade to take off at a rate of knots!!-this time the culprit was Graham!!!!!-his first line of British vanished,giving me time to replace my shattered troops with fresh ones from the second line-another hurrah!!

With my French outnumbering Graham's troops,and the Austrians now making a real impact against the Prussians,it was just a matter of time before the Anglo/Prussian alliance collapsed.

This shows the state of play at move number 10-our lines are looking good,the Anglo/Prussians not so good!!

This is move number 12,and the British flank has collapsed!!-even with the cavalry still fighting  on,it was a lost cause for Brian and Graham,and they capitulated!!
Well done to us all,an engrossing game,full of highs and lows for each side.
The next time we see these figures will be on Dave's new table,soon to be finished,can't wait for that!

Why have I covered my mouth and nose?-am I about to rob a bank?-NO!
You'll have to read the next blog to find out-intrigued????

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