Monday, 13 November 2017

No Game Sunday!

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances on Sunday,the great-looking game I had planned,couldn't take place,so I have re-scheduled it for next Sunday,when,hopefully,we will have a full turn out!
The week after that will be a no-gamer also,as we will have been down to the Stockton Show,putting on either a "Wellington in India" game or a Participation game,based on Zero fighters attacking an American Aircraft Carrier.


  1. John,
    It would be great to see Wellington in India, but thats purely my choice.E

    1. Robbie,mine too,unfortunately we are up in the air at the moment-however,i do recall you lapping the Kamakazie up at stockton in 2016!!-just because you and your little mate sunk the carrier!!