Monday, 6 November 2017

Old Age Kicks in!!!

As per usual on a Monday morning,I took my trusty camera,and a head full of ideas for an amusing and informative blog, into my "computer room"(back bedroom!) only to find that,although I had taken the usual amount of photographs,none could be published because my memory stick thingy had been left in my adaptor in the computer.In other words I had been taking photographs (about 20) which I could never put on the blog!!
The game we had last night had to be ammended because Dave couldn't attend,and was still a Marlburian feast for the eyes-the only thing I can say is that Graham and I were "trounced" by Paul and Brian!!
Roll on next Sunday,when,hopefully, I will have remembered how to operate my camera properly!!-we will/might have an ancients game,but who knows?


  1. Ancients might seem appropriate.. (he said cheekily)

    Did you try putting the stick into the camera and see if there is a menu that allows you to move pictures from internal memory to the stick? That sort of thing would vary from camera to camera but I have hrmmph had to something of the same thing myself.

    1. HI Ross Mac-I understand how clothes pegs and candles work,but that is the extent of my technology understanding!!
      Thanks for the comment though-I will have to go and lie down in a darkened room now!!