Monday, 9 July 2018

Battle of Clement 1708.

I'm back,bronzed and beautiful(well two out of three isn't bad!!) and last night we had a full turn out for a really interesting and colourful game involving Irish,Spanish,British,Dutch and Prussian troops.

The same old(boring?) format-top photo is scenario,bottom is table before any movement.
We drew sides and Graham and I were the Allied commanders,whilst Paul and Dave were the Irish/Spanish commanders,and Brian opted to referee(and what a splendid job he made of it too!!)

The game got off to a cracking start with my British column holding the flank,but only as a "feint" whilst Graham attacked along the whole front with his allied troops.

Graham's furious attack on the village was met with an equally furious defence by Dave!!
By now the whole table was alive with movement and firing-great stuff!

Toe-to -toe musketry in the centre as the Prussians take on the Spanish-both sides were evenly matched so,unfortunately, it would come down to the dreaded "DICE"-and it did,and we lost!!!!

On my flank,the "holding force" is holding(!!) whilst the other half of the column is marching towards the Prussian who are under considerable pressure-will I get there on time?

As Dave looks in "pensive mood" he is gradually pushing Graham back,but my British are now in a position to offer assistance,if only he would withdraw his Prussians from the front line!!!

My British cavalry are making a difference on Graham's flank,and,baring a disaster, we are stabilising the line(have I spoken too soon??)

Look at that!!!-The Prussians have vanished and Dave and Paul are throwing tremendously lucky dice,felling our officer corps,and driving us back-THE END!!
This was a good game,and a welcome return to wargaming in Westerhope!
If anyone can identify the new yellow flag with the double-headed Eagle on it in the background to the opening photo's,I will send them a shilling!!!
Roll on next Sunday.


  1. Welcome back.. maps are never boring.. PS.

    1. Hi Steve the wargamer,the flag in question can normally only be found hanging outside Greek Orthodox Churches-if I told you how I got hold of one,I'd have to send in the SAS!!!
      It's good to be back,and wargaming again.

  2. Surprised you were let back in the country but hope you had a nice time anyway. Great looking game by the way. As for the flag, that is a Russian eagle but not certain why its on a yellow background. Its not a knock off from the Quayside market is it John?

    1. Robbie,me lad,I have connections in high places as far as getting in and out of the country-but I was glad to get out of Corfu-piles of rubbish everywhere,and hotel located in down-town Allepo!!
      The flag is usually found hanging outside Greek Orthodox Churches-one just "fell" into my hands!!-very exclusive,and colourful.