Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Depression,then Elation!!

Why is he depressed?-I hear you ask!!,well,today my wife and I booked and pre-paid for our funerals-ho bloody hum!!-I know it's inevitable,but.....................,and to cap it all we are also going to get our wills finalised this week too-ho bloody,bloody hum!!!
Anyway,onto elation-I have been painting and repainting some figures,reflecting the diversity of my wargaming!

I have re-painted these old Bill Lamming (and some Gauls I can't identify!) Germans and re-based them-chunky figures,but quite appealing in their own way!!

These are Roman Marines(?) given to me by Chris Charlton-I have never seen any reference to helmets like these before,but Chris assures me they are authentic!-I don't know what make the figures are,but I didn't enjoy painting them!!

These are additions to my Plains Indians and US cavalry set-up-Gatling guns from HINDS figures c/w crews from Warrior.

Perry's Medical team,painted for the Zulu Wars-I must work on the bases though!

Perry's stretcher party,again painted for the Zulu Wars,the drummers were also Stretcher bearers,so Red uniforms seemed ok to me-the range is actually their Sudan Range-and very nice too(the range,not my painting!)
Well,it's now Captain Morgan time-my anti-depressant!!


  1. Good output, young fella. Sorry you didn't enjoy painting the Augustian marines. They're defunct Gripping Beast figures. I painted about a hundred of them and quite enjoyed it. A couple of Gatlings for the Army... jam-tastic! I watched Major Dundee last week. Great inspiration for my Apache fighting. I'm only giving my Army boys 1 Gatling to polish. All the best, Chris :-)

    1. HI Chris,believe it or not,I,m desperately looking for things to paint at the moment-I must be mad!!