Thursday, 7 November 2019

15mm Solo Games Project.

Well,at last I have finished the 15mm figures that I have so far-Christmas is coming and I have requested that family buy me some more guns and cavalry,so will have to wait to finish the whole project.
However,I do have enough to stage my first English Civil War game,and thought I would post the set-up,and play the game later on this week............................

This is the set-up,I will be calling the game the battle of Brockwell(the town c/w scratch built houses and a church!) which is in the middle of the picture,and being defended by the Royalists.

Two views of Brockwell,from the front and from the back-with the New Model Army about to mount their first attack!!

New Model Army,and detail-quite apt,I think-being my new model army!!!

Detail of "Yellow" regiment defending the right flank farm.

The view from the Parliamentarian gun position.
I am looking forward to fighting a campaign based on the town of Brockwell,taking into account the casualties and positions of the troops after this first battle-and will,of course, keep posting information.


  1. Looks great! I'm afraid my ECW figures haven't progressed; too much time at work - must be good to be retired...

    1. Hi MJT, how did you know I was retired????
      I would recommend it to anyone-pull down your pension early,tighten your belt,and live life to the full!!!

    2. You do mention it... occasionally!

    3. MJT-really??-I had no idea!!!