Monday, 14 June 2010

£30 Wargame Productions

£30 Wargame Productions

The Battle of Calais 1365

I left the English standing motionless on the higher ground, calmly awaiting the approach of their arch foes, the pride of France nobility.

They did not have long to wait! Preceded by deadly crossbow armed mercenaries, the heavily armoured foot knights begin their advance along with spearmen.

Menacingly, the mounted nobles, the French elite are standing their ground. They are not located in the centre as in earlier days. They are on the left wing and are faced by Henry's mounted arm.

(NB Note the new terrain boards)

The battle is joined on the right flank first.

The French, led by their covering crossbow men advance in numbers. Slowly they close upon the enemy and hope to swamp the fewer numbers of longbow armed archers. 

Spearmen from Normandie and Brittany advance (Dave, we had to get that one in!!  Brittany spears? Oh dear!)

The English loose huge volleys of arrows and decimate the advancing enemy.
Steel plate is no protection against this weapon. The targeted men at arms fall.

The battles clash on the right as the French centre and left wing infantry close to contact.

As men at arms clash an English knight John of Kent rides forth and issues a challenge to the French commander Guy De Lac.  Mortal combat will ensue and no quarter is expected.

Combatants draw apart, a halt as the cry goes out ....... their leaders offer combat to the death!

The battle is short and violent ...........  despite a ferocious attack and some telling blows upon the French champion, he cannot make up in effort for outright battle craft.  

 A deadly blow fells him!

Guy raises his arm and the French surge forward.  

The battle now rages all along the lines, both wings engaged as the infantry struggle for supremacy. 

Then the ground itself shakes beneath the hoofs of thousands of mounted knights.
This will decide the fate of Kings. Spears splinter against shields. Men fall never to rise.  

Despite fearsome losses to arrows Guy rallies his right wing and although fewer than the English, he inflicts a major set back upon them and they are pushed back over the hill. 

In the centre, a French battle aimed at the King's camp closes. Arrows fail to halt them and Henry's bodyguard march to match them. The fighting is bloody and the tired French are bundled back down the slopes, ushered on their way by move volleys of arrows.

Who will land the telling blow to seal a glorious victory?

Slowly the tide turns against the English on the flanks. The battles, after initial success as they roll down the slopes into the enemies, are held then beaten. Will the noblemen rescue honour for Louis?

Alas it is not to be ......  a rout !! Sauve qui peut!

The French pursue and the field is theirs.

All in all a great game and from starting at 19:10hrs we were all finished at 21:15hrs.
Time for a coffee, biscuits and recriminations..
ha ha. The dice throwing is everything.

Hope you are inspired to mooch in cheap shops and take advantage of some bargains. Happy gaming.

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