Sunday, 13 June 2010

£30 Wargame Productions Present

The Battle of Calais 1365

An English army, intent upon invading France, has landed in Calais & sets up camp.

The French under Louis, respond by marching to Calais and set up their own camp, intent on driving the English under Henry, back to England.


The above scenario was the setting for our battle tonight as John and I fought this vivid period battle. The reference to the £30 in the title reflects the cost of the entire number of figures in both armies as well as the trees and camp tents.

We have used these figures at one of our local shows and it aptly demonstrates that our hobby need not be out of the reach of any one's pocket. We feel it is so important that we show that you don't have to have either small numbers of expensive metal figures or deep pockets to have a viable and visually stunning wargames battle.
The figures are readily available in pound shops and with a touch of paint and a base were ready for titanic clashes.

Both armies were facing each other and we knew there were no subtle manoeuvres going to happen this evening.

Longbows vs crossbow  ......  
spearmen and knights on foot .......  
nobles of the land on emblazoned horse.

The assembled French host (pic) moves in serried ranks
against their smaller in number yet deadly armed foes.

The battle commenced as the French 
army marched forwards,
their foes standing on 
their ridge, their camp defended
by those  fearsome 

Who prevailed?  .....................   to be continued

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