Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ready Painted Russians

Someone asked a while back to see some more of the Russians that I bought from Reinforcements By Post in Bangladesh. Well here are a few shots of them in a game we played last Sunday. Sorry for the slow response but this was the first time they had appeared on the table for a few months!
I bought 10 battalions, each of 24 figures, for the very reasonable sum of £314. This included the cost of the figures and postage and packaging.

The figures are Old Glory 2nd Edition. I think all in all I bagged myself a bargain. 240 nicely painted Napoleonic 25mm figures for about £1.30 each! On top of this the sevice from Neil was friendly and prompt and he even found time to email me about wargaming in general. I thoroughly recommend his ready painted units.

The Russian masses emerge from the woods in the game from last Sunday. I will post a few more photos from this game and give an account of the action, hopefully tomorrow.

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