Friday, 1 July 2011

Hail Caesar

Paul and I had a game last night taken straight from the publication Hail Caesar,Paul commanded a Roman legion complete with auxilliaries and light cavalry, his task was to cross a river ,march down a wooded valley and attack a Gallic village.

My task was simply to stop him.

The game started with Paul sending a tremendous force against a hill just on the other side of the river,with legionaries and aux.inf,the hill was defended by a large warband,our random movement dice was thrown for the barbarians and true to form they charged down at the hapless Romans.

Some unusual dice from me saw the Romans thrown back across the river although they had inflicted some fearsome casualties on the warband with their pila.

Paul had no choice but to reinforce the melee and eventually succeeded in destroying the gauls.

Paul must have thought so far so good,however an advance over the hill triggered two Gallic cavalry units to move out of the woods and begin a slow advance against the Roman invaders.

Paul wisely shoved his archers to the front and began to pepper the cavalry who took a dislike to this treatment and retired back into the woods.

On the other flank an advance by 5 cohorts triggered another little sortie by the biggest warband I had,they came down off a wooded hill,preceded by slingers and archers,straight into contact with the cohorts and some cunningly placed heavy cavalry,and bounced like a rubber ball!!

Having now beaten all the forward units of the barbarians,Paul consolidated his lines and advanced on the village,the last of my troops who just happened to be elite,emerged from the village ,and by a miracle of good dice throws were onto the Legion before they knew what hit them,well that was for the first round of melee, the second and third round saw them beaten and surrounded by superior numbers,

I had to hold my hands up in surrender and graciously gave in.

This was an excellent and exciting game,Paul did take some photos,and i hope he has time to post
them soon,there's always a next time!!!!

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