Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Plancenoit 1815 Part 2

Here are a few more photos of our Plancenoit inspired game. In the above photo the light cavalry of Domon and Subervie clash with the Prussian cavalry. I commanded the Prussians on this flank and it included 8 regiments of cavalry. However I am not noted for my luck with cavalry! And so it would prove today. I launched my first two brigades against the French and lost in every melee! French Chasseurs driving back my West Prussian dragoons. I was forced to feed in another brigade of light cavalry just to stabilise my position.

In the meantime I advanced a brigade of infantry against Lobau's infantry and a firefight ensued.

On the left flank Paul had two brigades making successive attacks against the Young Guard in Plancenoit while he fed a third through the woods to the south looking to cut the Brussels highway (one of our 'victory conditions'). In this photo you can see the third brigade advancing towards the woods.

The next two photos show the French in square by La Belle Alliance and the Young Guard in the centre of Planenoit.

A shot of the Old Guard Grenadiers

Below is the fight for Plancenoit. In the background John has deployed the Old Guard to counter the Prussians who have advanced through the woods.

On the Northern end of the battlefield John has thrown in the Horse Grenadiers of the Guard, a big powerful unit of 18 figures, and my Silesian hussars can be seen as they are about to bounce off them! Luckily (or skillfully) I have the Brandenburg hussars poised to take them in the flank. Unluckily (or predictably?) these were also chewed up by 'The Gods'. However I had done enough here to nullify the French cavalry and the decision would be made in the centre and left.

Below: the Old Guard firefight with the Prussians in the woods. Our standard infantry units are 24 figures but the Old Guard are 32 figures which makes them stronger in terms of both firepower and morale.

Another view of the fight for Plancenoit and the woods.

The remnants of my cavalry fight on against the French cavalry.

The situation at the end of the game. The Prussians are almost in possession of Plancenoit and Lobau's corps in the centre has broken. Prussian dragoons have almost reached the Brussels road (these were not used against the French cavalry on my right flank). The Old Guard behind Plancenoit and in the woods is strong but will not be able to influence the outcome other than ensuring the road stays open long enough for Napoleon to escape.

All in all this was a very enjoyable game which worked really well. It was nice to get my Napoleonics out of the cabinet and on to the table and it has proved to me one thing . . . I need more Prussians! . . . I really do as we had to use 3 battalions of my Neopolitans who masqueraded as the Prussian 28th and 29th regiments (I believe these were still in their old Berg uniforms during the campaign), tenuous I know! So a brigade of Silesians would be nice, oh and some Schutzen, . . . and some Uhlans . . . . Hmmm.


  1. Very good report and photos.

  2. Thanks for the positive comments guys. We will be trying to increase the number of game reports and posts although its the time of year for holidays and I am in the middle of a house move! Thanks again for taking the time to have a look at the blog. Dave :)