Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Plancenoit 1815

On sunday 19th of June we played a game loosely based on the actions around Plancenoit in the afternoon and early evening of the 18th June 1815. The French forces roughly represented the 6th corps under Lobau, Domon and Subervies Light cavalry divisions, the Young Guard in Plancenoit and elements of the Old Guard. In the photo above you can see most of the french deployment area with La Belle Alliance in the foreground and Plancenoit in the distance. The 6th corps and light cavalry is deployed between La Belle Alliance and Plancenoit and the Old Guard elements are drawn up on either side of the Brussels highway, awaiting (in theory), the order to advance against Wellingtons forces to the North.

The second photo shows the table from the South and you can see the Young Guard occupying Plancenoit. Also, to the rear of the Old Guard deployment, some dragoons are seen in disorder trying to rally after the cavalry attacks against Wellingtons centre. On the eastern edge of the table the Prussians can be seen deploying to attack Plancenoit and futher north to attack Lobau.

The Prussian cavalry arrive at Papelotte, held by a token Nassau battalion.

Another view of the French deployment, this time from the north.

And another view showing Lobaus corps in two lines.

Old Vorwarts encourages his men to advance as a battery opens up on the French line.

La Belle Alliance. John mentioned on the phone to me that he had a paper model of this building which he was going to make for the proposed Waterloo game which he and Paul had been planning (more of this to come in the future hopefully). Hang on, I said, I think I have an old Hovels building in my cupboard which I bought years ago and never got round to painting. Well I had a look and I had two of them! I have no idea why I would need two La Belles. Anyway I passed one on to John and he has painted it up and very nice it looks too.

Prussian cavalry deployed for the attack.

The leading Prussian brigade launches the first of many attacks on Plancenoit. While, in the photo below, John (commanding the French) moves his second line in the opposite direction! Hopefully we can get some more photos of the game posted soon as it turned out to be an exciting action which ebbed and flowed from beginning to end. As I have mentioned John commanded the French, and Paul and I (Dave H), commanded the Prussians. Almost all the figures used are Elite Miniatures, apart from a few Connoisseur figures, and are from my collection.

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