Monday, 7 April 2014

Back on Line-Ancient Game archives

Hurrah!! back on line again,having suffered blog withdrawal symptoms,I have had my computer updated from "steam" to "gas",and with a new "clacker valve" fitted I am raring to go!!
This game was between Brian,Paul and I, a while ago,and pitted Legion against Legion.

Look at those lines-Paul was Caesar and Brian was Pompey-whilst I was helping Brian out on the left flank.

We're off!! In this shot I am attacking Paul's Spanish auxilliaries with a mixed Gallic and Spanish force,meanwhile in the centre,Brian has launched all three Legions against Paul.

All along the line,the Hastati are engaged,in a very even struggle,in the background Paul is sending a column of Triarii to block the gap between the woods and attempting to outflank Brian-Brian is sending his "ever-so slow" elephant to assist on the flank-will it get there??

On my flank,things appear to be going well,but I don't like the look of that Triarii column moving into place!!

The Hasati,having done their bit,gave way to the Princepes,who also did their bit,and now it has come down to the Triarii-both sides are now desperate to win in the centre-on Brian's far flank a real old tussle is going on-without the elephant it has to be said!!-Brian reckons it is "lurking"

The "lurking" elephant eventually gets stuck in-but was beaten!!Paul's dice throwing was phenomenal,and,despite our superior tactics(ahem!!) he was declared the winner on a points count up!!
As I remember it,this was a good game-lots of figures on the board,lots of colour,and of course excitement.

Brian and I have been conducting a small campaign called the Relief of Khartoum part 2,and our first battle will be on Thursday,so I'm looking forward to that(I think!!)
We will not be playing Sunday Club games for the next few weeks,until the weather improves,due to financial reasons-no money in the"kitty" for Gas!!
Dave has said he might pop in on Thursday,and bring along a figure he has painted of a Spanish Knight.

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