Thursday, 10 April 2014

Battle of Wadi Halfa 10.4.1885

This morning Brian and |I had our first campaign battle.This proved a very exciting and tense affair,with all the elements of a Colonial set to!!
The campaign is based on the second relief of Khartoum,with the British forces starting at Alexandria,and having to get to Khartoum via "water towns"-vital for the British,but not so for the Dervish Army,who travel at an alarmingly fast rate-ask Brian!!

This is the battle map showing the positions of all troops-obviously Brian didn't know where my troops would be!!
Brian's plan was to advance on the town,whilst keeping an eye on either flank,just in case I had any troops hidden in the dried up river bed,or behind the low hills-AS IF!!!!!
The game started with Brian advancing,still in column,and being hit from my gun batteries and rifles,the British replied on the second move,and inflicted alot of casualties,prompting me to act as a Dervish would-so I charged from the river bed,but held back behind the hills.

This shows Brian's column forming up awaiting the attack that surely must come!!

And here it comes!! My left flank Ansars have exposed themselves,and the British do not like it.however their volley fire decimated my ranks even before they could get in with the sword and spear.

This shows a general view before I charged out from cover,but also shows my unit,that was hidden beside the rail track,having to retire due to some well directed fire from the camel unit.

With Brian's right flank engaged and fighting for their lives,and the front of the column now at a standstill,I decided that now was the time for the Haddendowah to make an appearance from behind the low hills-they swept forward,making a grand sight,with banners flying-until they were hit by the British volley fire(note dead figures on ground!)

Brian's right flank is making "mincemeat" out of my brave Ansar units,and I was forced to call the attack off!-the shame of it!!-However my Baggara cavalry did manage to get through the lines and attack the British waggons carrying water,food and ammo.-this move will tell during subsequent battles!!

My left flank attack has failed,although I did manage to get to the British lines and won a couple of melees!! Things might have been different if I had managed to get all of my Haddendowah units to the battle field in time,but half of them are busy cutting up a detachment of cavalry and a mountain gun battery,that Brian had sent back to assist Cairo and his Egyptian allies!!
So I lost the first battle,and Brian can take Wadi Halfa,replenish his water supplies,and continue to relieve Khartoum-not if I can help it!!
I will keep you posted on subsequent map moves and impending battles in due course.
Paul will probably come along tonight for a game-possibly "El Cid"

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