Thursday, 24 April 2014

S.P.Q.R. 30AD

This morning,Brian,Allan and I had an absolutely thrilling Ancients game,of Spanish vs Romans.
Allan and I commanded the Romans and Brian commanded the Spanish.

This is the scenario and basic troop dispositions,the marsh areas halved movement and caused disorder to any troops venturing into them.

This is the board before any movement,we had catapults,and decided to knock the walls of the barrier down before the Romans attacked "en testudo" We had also decided to reinforce both flanks with cohorts from the Roman second line to give us a bit of "clout"

Allan's attack is under way,and the catapults are doing their job-it must be pointed out at this stage,my artillerymen made a grave error of judgement and happened to hit one of the testodos!!
They have now been crucified!
You can see in the background,Allan's troops moving forward to the marsh,with two cohorts in close support-as it happens,they were needed badly,as Brian's troops made a damned good show of it in this sector!!

My left flank auxilliaries are moving to attack Brian's Spanish,and I am just about to instigate a cavalry melee,behind the "mountain"-Brian was very strong on this flank,and he used his skirmish troops(mounted in the tower) to good effect,hitting the flank of my leading cohorts,causing them to take casualties and stopping them from moving forward on morale!!

Despite being "clattered" by their own catapults(!!) the cohorts have reached the walls and in the ensuing melees,pushed the defenders back-however Brian had some well-placed heavy infantry to plug the gaps.On both flanks melees were in full swing,and the game was evenly balanced to the point that either side could have won.

This shows my troops making heavy weather of getting through the marsh,however my cavalry have won the melee and are pushing the Spanish back-hurrah!!

Allan has broken through in the centre,and is winning on his right flank,if only I can win on my flank,the victory would be complete(if only!!)

Brian's troops are holding their own,and keeping me from victory,however with the centre and left flank gone,Brian had no alternative but to capitulate!!-hurrah again!

This was a great game,played in a good spirit,plenty of laughs,groans and good old fashioned banter-roll on tonight,Paul will be making an appearance,probably commanding the Spanish,whilst Brian and I will command the Romans in a refight of this morning's game!!

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