Friday, 1 May 2015

Battle of Katraluw 1816-the game.

For some incomprehensible reason,Paul has bet me £10 that I can't get through this blog without mentioning the word Onion!!-is the man mad?
Napoleonic games should be full of Dash,Sweeping movement,Colour and Knife- edge tension,well last night's game contained all of these...........

Dave commanded the left and centre of the Russians,Paul took the right,whilst I commanded the Austrians and Prussians,all was set for a great game.

Dave opened the proceedings with a massive attack,by his Grenadier Brigade,against the Farm and hedges,bravely defended by the Austrians-he was also manoeuvering around my right flank,with Infantry,horse artillery and cavalry-he meant business!!

To counter Dave's flank moves,I sent my Austrian cavalry and a regiment of infantry to block the road-this resulted in a cavalry melee,and forced my infantry into square.
It must be said that my cavalry did not cover themselves in "glory"(this is wargame speak,for getting Hammered!!)

Dave's attack on the Farm continues and,despite heavy losses,his perseverence eventually paid off-to the right of the photo,my gun battery was proving to be a real thorn in the side to the attackers,and Dave sent a regiment to capture it-which they did in grand style-woe is me!!!
To the far left,you can see Paul's troops preparing to advance,however I sent all of my cavalry to stop this move,which worked-hurrah!!

"Inactivity" is not in Paul's nature,and he sent his cavalry to counter mine,resulting in a grand melee,which swung both ways for a long time,however it did stall his infantry advance-another hurrah!!(Dave looks too relaxed!!)

Pressure is mounting in the centre,as Dave piles more and more troops into the assault on the Farm-he is also attacking my,now denuded- of- cavalry,flank with some success!!

Dave unselfishly sent his Cossaks to help Paul,and they swung the melee in the Russian's favour,driving my cavalry back-however my infantry line is standing firm,and Paul couldn't take full advantage of the win-a sort of minor hurrah!

This is the straw that broke the camel's back-Dave's magnificent out-flanking move,sealing the fate of the Austrians!!The Prussians could just about beat a retreat with the infantry,but with the Farm taken and the crossroads under severe threat,I was well and truly beaten-well done lads,a great game.

Bloody Hell!! look at the size of that Onion-oh bugger,I've just lost the bet!!!!!
Roll on Sunday,we'll be going through the game we are putting on at Falkirk on the 9th.

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