Monday, 11 May 2015

Carronade 2015 Show and Falkirk

After a wonderful weekend with great friends and having met many more, I thought we should highlight some of the fantastic places in the Falkirk and Stirling area.

Not only is it steeped in fantastic history but has the most beautiful natural views as well as some engineering marvels.

A must for not only historian buffs but family entertainment too!

• Bannockburn Visitor Centre

The slayer of challengers himself, the Bruce!

Definately not afraid of spiders or big English armies!

This is the interactive battle simulator at the centre

it's a great way to teach history to young and old alike.....

(not that any of us come into the latter! Well maybe Michael)

Oh and of course the re-enactment resulted in a crushing defeat and death of Edward II

Did I mention that Dave was the ill fated English king!

He was hardly going to win the day after Scotland went 99.99% SNP ha ha!

Rough Castle and the Antonine Wall

 If you have the opportunity, do not fail to visit the this beautiful area.

A magnificent walk through leafy woods from the Falkirk Wheel (more later) leads you to a tranquil spot once graced by Roman Legionary and Auxilliary troops.

We think out engineering skills are good! 

The Roman defensive minefield still exists bar the sharpened stakes 

These are "lillia" a gentle name for a deadly idea 

 And the view west across the stream and earthen works of the fort's sinister gate.
Note the continued vallum and fortifications off towards Glasgow..
not sure if that was around though?

Falkirk Wheel

Finally !

The wheel elevates narrow boats from the lower Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union canal

and who else to frame the view but
•  an intrepid, nay victorious schiltron commander John (right)
• a pragmatic commander of Edward II's longbow men (Michael)
..... well he did decide to see how things went and used the knights as cover!

and finally

• Edward II (Dave) left and looking remarkably alive despite the rude attention of The Bruce's army... oh and a hidden booby trapped approach route

We all had a great time and hope we can repeat the fun next year!

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  1. Good to see where we were,and what there is to visit-great place.