Saturday, 30 May 2015

The siege of Malta 2015.Armour and defensive works.

I thought I might post a few of my holiday photographs,that have an historical/military interest.
The whole of Malta is steeped in history,with the Phonecians,Carthaginians,Romans,Normans,
French,and of course we British invading the island over a long period of time-however they only seem to recognise two periods!!-the great siege of 1565 and the second world war!!-bizarre to say the least.

A view of  a fort from our hotel balcony-it has been turned into a restaurant-bloody hell!!

These are from the Palace Armoury Museum-there are hundreds of suits of armour!

Fantastic stuff-this is all from the 1565 period-although it was quite expensive to get into the museum,it was worth it.

Artillery pieces galore-the wife looks bored(pardon the pun!) in the top photo-there was so much to see,but only one cabinet with a few Napoleonic muskets-shame really!

Impressive fortifications at Victoria and Valetta,but you could hardly walk down a street or turn a corner without coming a cross a Tower,Fort or Bastion of some sort-awsome place!
However,a word of warning if you're considering going to Malta-take a hard hat and some safety boots-'cos the whole place is a massive building site-they have discovered EU grants!!

Well,I could hardly go all that way and not but a couple of flags-St John's Hospitallers on the left and National flag(c/w George Cross) on the right.
Roll on Sunday-we will be playing a 7YW game.

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