Friday, 1 April 2016

Battle of Carlsberg 1760

Last night the "Terrific Trio" ie. Brian,Paul and I had a very interesting and testing game,involving Prussians and Hanoverians against Russians and Austrians.

Top photo shows the Scenario,and bottom photo shows the table before any movement.
I commanded the Prussians and Brian and Paul commanded the Russians.By way of a change to our "normal" games,we didn't have any order sheets,but relied on a written battle plan,and points written on plastic attached to the bases of each unit-it worked out okay,apart from a couple of "hitches" when recording when a unit had to retire and reform-there's no such things as problems-only solutions!!

Paul's Austrian gunners open the battle-Paul was defending the Church with one brigade of infantry and this gun battery,but it took three(yes,three!!) brigades of Prussian and Hanoverian infantry to take the position!!-the man's a demon!!

My Hanoverians are advancing against the Church,backed up by a Prussian brigade,with Horse Artillery on the left flank-Paul casually destroyed not only the Hanoverians,but the Horse Artillery too!!!-send in more troops!

Has Paul been shot in the arm??-this is Brian's flank,holding steady-my plan was to make no aggressive moves at all against the village,but to pile all my troops over to the Church area.This  perplexed Brian a bit,and he held two brigades,plus cavalry and a gun battery in this position for most of the game!

This shows my first attack being met with ferocious resistance by the Austrians-Paul has moved his central troops forward to try and stop my advance,and cavalry are moving onto my flank!
Brian has "twigged" what I am doing on my right,but their battle plan is preventing him from doing anything about it-yet!!!

This shows my second brigade attack-Paul is weakening,but his cavalry move against my flank is causing me some concern-luckily I have some Dragoons moving up to help-hurrah!!
In the background,Brian is stirring his troops in the centre and left into action-ooh er!!

All Hell is breaking loose,all over the table-Paul shouted to Brian to implement "Plan B" to which Brian replied that he couldn't remember what "Plan A" was never mind "Plan- Bloody- B"-hilarious stuff,great wargaming!

While Brian tries to remember "Plan A",Paul is putting his coat on and is deserting his co-commander-oh dear,is this "handbags at dawn??"
My third brigade,sent to the attack,has sealed the fate of the Austrians in the Church,and the game is all over.This was a great game,and well played by everyone,the atmosphere and "bon homie" were what wargaming is all about.One last shot(and very rare!) of me................

O.M.G.!!-it's enough to frighten the bairns!!!!
I had a call from Dave on Wednesday night and he asked what I was doing-well,I said,it's a Wednesday night,so what else would I be doing except making Kamikaze Headbands!!(for our participation game at Stockton on the 9th July)-everyone who takes part will be given a headband(whether they want them or not!!!)

16 made so far!-the Japanese symbols say(I think and hope!) "I won" or "I am a winner",so they could be quite appropriate on the day.


  1. Once again, cracking good stuff.

    If you weren't aware, there is a link to this blog (and the proposed Kamikaze game blog post) over on the Stockton show's Facebook page. Highlighting your future attendance and game.

    1. Cheers Roy,I'll have alook

  2. John, I am pretty sure the 2 'symbols' are the Kanji symbols Ni and Hon which of course mean Nihon which is Japan. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

  3. Ref. Dave H's's amazing how many erudite people there are out there! Nice game and a becoming shot of the blog host.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld-Dave spent a bit of time in Japan,with Nissan, so he s
      peaks quite a bit of Japanese(but with a Geordie accent!)

  4. Huh that's easy for you to say coming from a man who had a Horrific experience on a Japanese Bullet Train!!!!!

  5. Hello Bill,

    I was at the Tees Con show today and there was handout fliers for the Shildon 2016 show. The only information given is this:

    Stand To War Games Fair
    Sunday 16th October 2016
    "Locomotion" NRM Shildon.
    DL14 1PQ

    I've been told that your group was not told about last year's show. So I thought I'd drop you a line just in case the organisers don't get in touch with you again.


    1. Hi again,Roy-we are putting on a demo game at Shildon-"Hastings" as it is the 950th anniversary this year.