Friday, 8 April 2016

Battle of Dystopian Fields 425BC

We had a small,but interesting, game last night pitting Spartans against Athenians.

Paul and Graham were in charge of the Spartans and their Allies,whilst Brian and I were in charge of the Athenians and their Allies.

My Corinthians,archers and heavy cavalry advance towards Paul's right flank Spartan troops.

Whilst my Athenian hoplites await the Spartan onslaught(which was swift and relentless!!!)

On the other flank,Brian has charged his  hoplites into Graham's Spartans,hoping for a quick success(has the man lost his senses?)

In the centre,Paul is wasting no time in advancing onto my Athenians,who are retiring(it's good being retired!) slowly to try and gain a terrain advantage-no chance!!! In the background,Brian and Graham are fully engaged,and, initially,Brian was doing better-hurrah(but keep your eye on the word "initially!!")

Brian's "heroic" struggle continues,but Graham is about to unleash his light cavalry against any unit that retires-this he did with aplomb,and it was,eventually,Brian's undoing-woe is him!!

To the sound of "war cries" and shield crashing against shield,the Spartans hit the Athenian line.The first two melees were pretty evenly matched,but eventually the Spartan training and superior fighting ability told,and I was beaten-woe is me as well!!

Brian is on the run,and Graham is sending his light cavalry against his rear(oooohh!!)
But what of the central hill(c/w temple)?

Well, Graham had the audacity to attack it with light infantry-Brian responded by charging down the hill and inflicting severe casualties on them-hurrah!!-they couldn't recover could they??

On our left flank,the Corinthians are mixing it with the Spartans stationed there,and were doing okay-HOWEVER(!) I had to put my command figure into a melee,to supplement the points of a "wavering" unit,and,yes you've guessed it, he got himself killed!!!-this was a disaster for the Corinthians,who,en masse, decided that the city of Corinth was a nice place to be,instead of in the Dystopian Fields,and fled to a man!!!!!-flank lost!

With the Spartans punching holes in my centre,and the central hill(c/w temple) now in Spartan hands,things are looking bleak to say the least-it now all depends on Brian's flank-how is it doing?

Oh dear,how sad,never mind!!-Graham's magnificent use of his light skirmish cavalry has put an end to the Athenian hopes,and the battle is lost-well done to us all,a great game.
Roll on Sunday,Dave is bringing the figures and terrain for our demo. game at Falkirk, on 7th May, which is the Battle of Assaye 1803. for us to go through-can't wait!


  1. Lovely looking game... the landscape looks very Grecian.

    1. Cheers Sprininnsfeld,I think it is very important to get the terrain right in a battle,so you get a "feel" for the game,I take a long time trying to get it right-many thanks for the comment.