Monday, 25 April 2016

Battle of Luxor 1190BC

Last night we got back into the swing of things by having a cracking Eyptians vs Pa'Arasites game,involving Brian and Graham commanding the Egyptians and Paul and I commanding the Pa'Arasites.

This is the scenario,and initial troop layouts.Paul and I had decided to just go for the objective,of getting a spear-armed unit to touch the walls of Luxor,whilst messing the Egyptians about on both flanks.

My left flank,consisting of light chariots and light infantry,surge across the Nile to attack Brian's flank-a fast moving and furious skirmish between the chariots ensued,neither side gaining any real advantage for a while.

Meanwhile,on the other flank,Paul is doing the same,however he had heavy chariots mixed in with his light infantry,and they caused Graham a bit of consternation,when he charged and scattered all of the Egyptian skirmish troops!!!

In the centre,both lots of "heavies" advance onto each other-this is where the real "fog of war" took a hand in the proceedings-Brian got his unit names mixed up,and consequently his casualties,causing all kinds of mayhem and problems(for clarification,just look at Graham's face!!!!!) however we solved the problem,and the game continued...................

With Luxor looming in the background,the order to charge was given-as both side's points were equal,this would be tight-and prayers were said to the god of the dice(of which Paul is the high priest!!)

With a clash of spear and shield,the centres engage!-Brian had the upper hand in the first melee,but then high priest Paul,got limbered up and started throwing high dice and officer killed dice,like they were going out of fashion,and the tide turned in our favour-hurrah!!

On the left flank,my chariots are "besting" Brian's,and my light infantry are moving to complete his discomfort!!

On the other flank,Paul is moving to charge the thin line of Egyptian skirmishers,who,having recovered from a previous "scattering",have reformed and are posing a real threat to the Heavy chariots,however they "scattered" again,and the flank was secured-hurrah for Paul!!

In the centre,the Egyptian line has fragmented,and one of my spear-armed units has advanced and touched the walls of Luxor(to the left of the statue!) ending the game!!

One final shot,showing the victorious Pa'Arasite army,and the "crestfallen" Egyptian commanders taking their beating like true gentlemen-miserable gits!!!!
This was a good game full of hilarious moments and forgettable moments,if you were an Egyptian commander!!
Roll on Thursday-probably Horse and Musket.


  1. John,
    That's a lovely looking game, and Brian seems very pleased with himself, so that must be an added bonus.

    1. Robbie,you wouldn't believe the "cock-up" he made during the game-I actually woke up laughing at 3.15AM at his antics-are wargamers supposed to enjoy their games as much as we do??