Monday, 12 December 2016

Battle of "The Gates" 218BC

Because Dave must still be suffering from "jet-lag" and Brian and Graham were feeling a bit "dicky", it was left to Paul and I to have a cracking head-to-head last night.

This is the scenario,Paul had come along on Tuesday to see the Roman dispositions,and to draw a map of the table.He then came along last night with his dispositions and a battle plan.

This is an actual photo of our Battle Site-I was on holiday here a few years ago,and the bridge in the centre of the photo is where Hannibal(and Scipio) crossed the Ebro in ancient times-I also crossed it but probably won't be remembered for it!!!!

This shows the siege part of the battle-as soon as the game started,it was deemed that the defenders left the walls,and the Romans could then concentrate on the main Carthaginian army.

For the first 3 or 4 moves both side were manoeuvering and "jockying" for position-this was great stuff,and tested the generalship of us both!!-The "crowd"(ie Graham and Brian) were in awe of the fast and efficient way we conducted this part of the game(I think???)

The armies are now in position,but apart from some minor skirmishing on the far left,nothing has taken place-but it will!!-on the right you can see a Catapult unit-this was manned by "Blind Pew and his motley crew",and managed to hit absolutely nothing in the whole game!!!

Paul is now attacking the Roman positions with gusto(and Elephants and Celts and Spanish and Numidians!)-this was always going to be bloody!

A furious assault by the Celts is under way against the Roman-held hill-but much worse is the line of Elephants awaiting their turn-help!!!-Don't the "crowd" look pleased?

With superior weapons and training,the Celts have been driven away-However,superior weapons and training are no match for a line of 3 ton Elephants!!! who trumpeted and stamped their way through the Roman lines!!!!!

Paul now threw his cavalry into the fray,only to be "bounced" by mine-however this victory was short lived,and his second unit of "heavies" smashed into my line,sowing death and destruction everywhere-woe is me!!

This is my left flank!-where are the Romans I hear you ask-bloody good question!!-a combination of Celts,Numidians and Elephants has driven them off the board,and now I am in real trouble,but my far right flank Legion hasn't be called upon to fight yet-the "crowd" still look pleased!!(there is more than a passing resemblance to the two old guys in the Muppets,I think!!)

Oh dear,how sad,never mind!!! It's all over bar the shouting,as they say-bloody Elephants I say!-with the Carthaginians moving towards my doomed right flank,I gave in and Paul was declared the winner-hurrah!!
This was a good game with lots of moves and "dash" and colour,long may it continue.
Next week we will be playing our Christmas game of Plataea,kitted out in Xmas jumpers and hats-well,'tis the season to be jolly after all!!

Don't forget to watch Time Commanders on BBC 4 tonight at 9pm!!

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