Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Time Commanders,and club update.

For those of you who haven't heard yet,"Time Commanders" is coming back to our television screens,starting on Monday 12th December,on BBC4 @9.00pm.
This series is being hosted by the well-known chef ,Greg Wallace,who,I assume, has some interest/knowledge of military history.The pre-view I have seen on You-Tube and on BBC4 looks a million miles better than the last series,and is going to use the latest in CGI,so should be good-there is another surprise in store for us all,but I'll not let the "cat out of the bag".

We will be playing our Christmas game on the 18th of December,and I have chosen the Battle of Plataea 479BC,pitting Greeks against Persians-a very colouful affair is looked forward to!

The top photo is the "blurb" I gave to the lads last week,so that they could do some research into the battle-we won't know until the night who will be commanding what!!
The bottom photo is of 4 recently painted Hoplite units that will take part in the battle.
From the "stats" on our blog,I see that the Russians are at it again!!-we had 1172 "hits" in one day last week!!!-very strange.
Roll on next Sunday-definitely Carthaginians vs Romans.


  1. I've got the time commanders on series link and I am really looking foward to it after watching the preview on you tube, I take it by the surprise you mean the return of a 'familiar?' Face (well kind of anyway 😄) from the original , certainly surprised me ha ha,
    All the best for Christmas!

    1. Hi Neil-yes!!-I wonder what the reaction was in the Officers Mess at Sandhurst??

  2. John,
    I honestly thought you were going to announce you were on the show. I may have been dreaming but I could have sworn that there was some fella dressed as a woman presenting the show. Was that you?
    In all seriousness I wasnt dreaming was I,because between having a failed fruit and veg stallholder and a cross dresser the credibility of the show is really going to be compromised.

    1. Hi Robbie,his new name is Lynette! live and let live I say,but it will be strange I must admit-takes some guts though!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Paul,I hope it lives up to its "trailers" and gets some good viewing figures,so we'll get another few series-can you believe that the last series was 2003-2005?