Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Time Commanders-3rd Programme review.

Last night was the last in the "series" of this show,and to be fair,I really can't give an un-biased review because I switched it off half way through!!-why did I switch it off?-well,I can't understand why the BBC would even dream of putting people on the show who didn't have any basic idea of history or basic military terms(eg, infantry,cavalry,flanks etc!!)-the switch off moment came when "Atilla" said he had "axe guys,and sword guys",and at one point he mentioned "mounted foot soldiers"- my wife thought I was having some kind of break-down,as I leapt from my seat,swore,and proceeded to man-handle the television!!!
Wouldn't it have been a million times better to show real wargaming enthusiasts plan the battle,position their forces and then using the correct tactics from the period,fight the battle?
I honestly hope the BBC don't produce another series!
We will be playing tonight-French/Indian wars-sanity returning(I hope!)


  1. I wonder if one could get well known and well heeled wargamers like the Perry Twins and Peter Jackson to redo a version of the old Tyne Tees show, Battleground?
    Great terrain, beautiful figures and a bit of history.
    As for hosts?
    As long as it isn't Caitlin Jenner.,

    1. Hi Doug-cracking idea,and it would work,have a great 2017.

  2. Your comments, John, were far more entertaining than the show. I said to the wife that it was like putting my mam in charge of an army. The Huns did actually manage some timely troop movements, but the Romans were clueless. The series hasn't been a success :-(

    1. Hi Chris,I think you've summed up the whole show-pity!!
      Have a good 2017.