Monday, 31 July 2017

Battle of Mohi 1241AD.

By way of an introduction to the Mongol invasion of Europe in the 13th Century,I put on this fascinating battle for the lads,last night.As well as the battle,I introduced some "authentic" Mongol tactics,and movement rates,to show how these people dominated the Eastern European countries at the time.

Top photo shows the battle,as per the historians,bottom is the table before any movement.
Dave was Khan Batu,I was Subutai,Paul was Rembald(Templars) Graham was Coloman(Croatian) and Brian was King Bela 4th(Hungarian)
I wanted to play the battle from the moment when the Hungarians realised that the whole Mongol army was crossing the bridge at Mohi,and not just a raiding party!!-consequently,Graham and Paul are advancing in column to assist the bridge defenders,and Brian has to decide whether or not to support them!!

As Paul and Graham advance,the bridge defenders are being hammered by catapults,throwing explosives(!!) and forced to retire,allowing the main Mongol force to cross at the bridge.

My force is now threatening Graham's flank,forcing him to turn and face me-the same is happening on Paul's flank-can the Hungarians form up in time?-and what has Brian decided??

He has decided to come out and help the allies!-with 5 units of heavy cavalry,he has a good force,and should tip the balance in favour of the Hungarians-as long as the Mongols are willing to engage,and not keep at a distance and shoot arrows at the slow moving knights(as if they would!!)

After a preliminary "bombardment" with arrows,the Mongols are slowly surrounding the hapless knights of Paul and Graham-where is King Bela 4th?

At last Brian has launched his knights against the Mongols,but Paul and Graham's forces are wiped out,and Dave is adding his victorious troops to mine,to complete the victory-it was only a matter of time now!!

As Brian is putting up a token resistance,Dave is moving his catapults into position,ready to bombard the camp,and has moved all of his troops to my assistance(what a lovely man!)

One final shot of the "de-nuded" camp,about to fall-all of the figures in the background are "casualties"
This was a rude awakening to the rest of the club,who,I hope, will now do a bit more reading on this fascinating period of history,because I do intend to keep putting the Mongol Hordes on the table-beware!!!

Graham has been busy painting Napoleonic figures,and is making a damned fine job of it too.....

Whilst Napoleonics is not my favourite period,I will put on a game if anybody asks me to(hint,hint!)


  1. Poor Brian, but a great alter ego name for him, Bella! Mind I notice you picked the best troops for yourself, Subodai was a brilliant general, and obviously rock hard. I can see why you picked his command.

    1. Robbie,I keep telling you,Brian's not poor-he's the Bill Gates of Wargaming,his army pension sees to that!!
      Old Suby was a bit of a character though wasn't he?

  2. Earned every Penny of it keeping you lot Safe.

    1. Brian,I won't mention the "Bus Incident"


  3. Nice to see the new figures in action. Not a battle I have ever heard of, so I must look into that.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld(Mike) this battle took place on the same day as the Battle of Liegnitz in Poland,and was a classic Mongol tactic-fest!!!
      More comments please,