Monday, 30 October 2017

Battle of Joshua's Well 1117 AD.

Last night saw the "baptism"(excuse the pun!!) of my newly painted Warrior Crusader army.
Paul and Graham were the Saracen/Moors commanders,whilst Brian and I were in charge of the Crusaders.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom one is the table before any movement.

As Paul and Brian gaze lovingly at each other over the table,Graham and I are racing towards the oasis-as Graham was lighter types,he had the advantage in speed, I had to try and get him into a melee situation-could I do it???

YEAH!!-hook,line and sinker!!!-bit of a problem though-he had the advantage of numbers-I had better watch out,he may try to out-flank me!

Spurred into action,both Paul and Brian advance,Paul using his superior fire-power to great advantage,is attacking Brian's left flank,whilst Graham is pinning him in the centre-good tactics!!

While both flanks are ablaze with action,Graham has sent his infantry crashing into mine-the melee swung both ways for a while,neither side gaining any real advantage-great stuff!!-I only hope Brian is watching my open flank(to the left) because" wily" Paul is massing his cavalry on the hill,just waiting for an opportunity to break through our lines!!

On my right,I am steadily pushing Graham's cavalry back,and the Hospitallers have now joined in,having declared for the Crusaders-hurrah!!

This gives a good idea of what is going on all over the table-however Brian is getting a bit of a hammering from Paul,and came up with an ingenious plan...........................

A gas attack!!!!-Graham is looking calm because it hasn't hit him yet!!!!-apart from that you can see that my Teutonic knights,and infantry are doing well and driving Graham's cavalry and infantry back-however,Brian is still in trouble on his flank(as well as in the trouser department!!)

Graham has given up the ghost,and has withdrawn all of his troops-hurrah!!-but what of Brian?

Well,his whole force disintegrated,leaving what was left of my knights to hold a line and stop the Saracens from getting to the oasis-consequently a draw was declared-and a fair result,I think.
Another good game,using Warrior figures,for both armies-very colourful!
Roll on next Sunday,hopefully we will have a full complement to fight with,and probably a Marlburian game.


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  2. A gas attack eh, I thought it was only me that did such low down dirty tricks.

    1. HI Paul,unfortunately it is getting to be a regular feature of Brian's tactics!!
      Maybe a change of diet might help-or he could just join another club!!
      keep the comments coming,cheers